2 76ers players who would make great WWE Superstars

The Sixers have had a lot of success in the NBA, but they haven’t been able to find that big superstar like LeBron James or Kevin Durant. While there are some good candidates for Superstar status here, we pick our top 2 76ers who could excel as WWE Superstars with their particular skill set
1) Joel Embiid: He has all-around skills and charisma which would make him one of the most popular wrestlers today

The “nba players in wwe” is a question that has been asked many times. You can find 2 76ers players who would make great WWE Superstars by looking at the list of NBA players who have participated in the WWE.


In the past, the NBA has ventured into various areas of entertainment. NBA players have starred in great films, released music albums, and much more. Today’s NBA player goes beyond the game and into other aspects of society. As a result, it’s no wonder that they’ve taken up wrestling.

WWE, the world’s largest wrestling entertainment organization, has previously featured a number of NBA players. Because it has been positively received, an NBA player transferring to the WWE is a possibility in the future. The Philadelphia 76ers squad may have potential candidates for this position, so here are two Sixers players that might make excellent WWE Superstars.

WWE Superstars in the horizon for the 76ers

Joel Embiid is a forward for the Philadelphia 76ers. 

Joel Embiid screams WWE from every pore on his body. The Sixers’ star is charming, hyper-entertaining, and a massive presence on the court. If he hadn’t chosen to pursue basketball, there’s little question he’d be on his way to the WWE without difficulty. Embiid, with his massive personality, is a natural match for the WWE for a variety of reasons.

To begin, there is Joel Embiid’s background. Because the WWE boasts a large number of American wrestlers and artists, it is oftentimes the foreign talent that attracts the most attention. As a result of his Cameroonian heritage, something he is immensely proud of, the Sixers center may have a slew of tales written about him. He could create a whole persona based on his African roots, which would be a huge hit with WWE fans. With an accent and a generally captivating personality, Embiid would have the whole WWE on his strings. Kofi Kingston was a confirmed fan favorite portraying a Jamaican heritage, so with an accent and a generally charismatic demeanor, Embiid would have the entire WWE on his strings.

Joel Embiid, who has a charming demeanor, has that going for him as well. While some could label him divisive since many Sixers’ competitors despise him, Embiid is universally adored. He was well-known for engaging in a variety of non-basketball activities in the NBA, including memorably dancing with the Sixers cheerleaders in 2017. WWE fans, on the whole, like personalities, and Embiid has a lot of them. He also has the ability to switch sides and become a face or a heel, giving WWE writers even more stories to work with.

The Sixers star’s mic performance is the single most important component in determining his WWE potential. Joel Embiid is a player who does not hold back when it comes to stating his mind. He also enjoys trolls, both from his own squad and from the rest of the league. His most renowned antics include publicly waving farewell to Sixers players who have been dismissed. This may lead to a WWE career, where Embiid would excel at energizing the audience. That is a talent that is valued in professional wrestling, therefore it is not a stretch to believe that Embiid might be a good fit for the WWE.

Simmons, Ben 

There are a number of intriguing players on the Sixers’ roster who may fill in for Ben Simmons. Andre Drummond is a powerful presence, while Seth Curry can play the tough underdog. Ben Simmons, on the other hand, would make the ideal perpetual heel based on his antics this summer. Other reasons exist for Simmons to be a future WWE Superstar, therefore he really deserves to be here.

It’s his almost troll-like demeanor that earns him a position. The Sixers forward isn’t known for having a popular personality in the NBA. Ben Simmons has been criticized for his softness, and some Sixers supporters have expressed their displeasure with the way he behaves and plays. That puts him in a great position to be a consistent villain in the WWE. Simmons could follow Chris Jericho, an outstanding performer who had small moments and phases of being a hero but spent the most of his career as a real villain, if he were a little more vocal.

Furthermore, Ben Simmons is widely despised, which is beneficial to WWE’s success. His actions last summer, which included asking a trade from the Sixers and failing to report to the club, drew widespread outrage from NBA fans, not just Sixers supporters. Simmons would have been the story of the wrestling world if it had been a WWE plot rather than a real-life happening in the NBA. It’s a bummer for his NBA future, but it might lead to other opportunities for him outside of basketball.

As previously said, the Sixers have a plethora of players that would be perfect for their respective positions and personalities in the NBA. Some, like Drummond, deserve honorable mentions, but Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are without a doubt the greatest two.



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The “wwf wrestlers” are 76ers players who would make great WWE Superstars. They have the size, the athleticism and the personality to be a big hit in the ring.

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