3 easy tips if the PL2303 driver is not working in Windows 11

The PL2303 driver is a 3.3 volt TTL serial port driver that allows you to use your computer’s USB interface for serial communications, including RS-232 and the like. If this device fails to work in Windows it can be difficult to diagnose, but these three simple tips are easy fixes if everything else has failed

The “pl2303 driver windows 11 download” is a component that is required to connect your device with the computer. If you are having issues connecting your device, try these 3 easy tips.


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  • If the PL2303 driver does not function with Windows 11, it is possible that you have installed an incompatible, obsolete, or corrupt driver.
  • To begin, go to the official website and download and install the appropriate version. 
  • If the prior driver version worked properly, you may revert to it, or you could try the other options listed above.



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One of the most common cables for connecting serial devices to USB ports is the PL2303 cable. However, it, like any other device, needs a working driver to operate properly. However, according to some customers, the PL2303 driver does not function with Windows 11.

A problem with the driver might be caused by one of four things: a corrupted state, obsolete software, incompatibility, or a defect. These issues may also be readily solved with two fast and easy remedies.

If there’s a problem that causes them, you’ll need to use a different technique, as described in the previous way.

Some users also claimed to have seen Prolific PL2303 is not what you’re looking for. Please contact your provider for further information, although we’ve included it in this guide as well.

So, let’s see what you can do if the PL2303 driver in Windows 11 doesn’t function.

What can I do if the PL2303 driver in Windows 11 doesn’t work?

1. Download and install a driver that is suitable with your system.

  1. Go to the official Prolific website and click the PL2303 Prolific DriverInstaller v4.0.1 link using any fast and dependable browser. 3-easy-tips-if-the-PL2303-driver-is-not-working
  2. After you’ve downloaded the ZIP (.zip format) file, browse to the folder where it’s saved, right-click it, and choose Extract All.1650243803_451_3-easy-tips-if-the-PL2303-driver-is-not-working
  3. Now, choose Browse from the drop-down menu. 1650243807_785_3-easy-tips-if-the-PL2303-driver-is-not-working
  4. Select a folder for the extracted files and click Select at the bottom.1650243810_22_3-easy-tips-if-the-PL2303-driver-is-not-working
  5. Wait for the procedure to finish by clicking Extract at the bottom.1650243814_831_3-easy-tips-if-the-PL2303-driver-is-not-working
  6. To run the installer, double-click it.1650243818_665_3-easy-tips-if-the-PL2303-driver-is-not-working
  7. Click More details if you see the following screen.1650243821_759_3-easy-tips-if-the-PL2303-driver-is-not-working
  8. Then, whatever, click on Run.1650243825_140_3-easy-tips-if-the-PL2303-driver-is-not-working
  9. Click Yes when the UAC (User Account Control) question appears.1650243829_388_3-easy-tips-if-the-PL2303-driver-is-not-working
  10. To finish the installation, just follow the on-screen directions.1650243832_109_3-easy-tips-if-the-PL2303-driver-is-not-working

As you may have seen, we haven’t loaded the most recent version of the PL2303 driver, but rather an older one that is compatible with Windows 11 and works flawlessly without issues.

You may try installing the most recent version, but if it doesn’t work, try this one, since it has worked for the vast majority of customers experiencing PL2303 driver issues on Windows 11.

You may also utilize a trusted third-party app. We propose utilizing DriverFix, a specialist utility that will find and install the best available driver for every device connected to the system automatically.

Obtain DriverFix

2. Revert the driver update

  1. To open the Search menu, press Windows + S, type Device Manager in the top text area, and then select the appropriate search result that displays.1650243836_383_3-easy-tips-if-the-PL2303-driver-is-not-working
  2. Double-click on the Ports (COM & LPT) entry here.1650243840_212_3-easy-tips-if-the-PL2303-driver-is-not-working
  3. Select Properties from the context menu by right-clicking on the PL2303 USB-to-Serial device.1650243843_237_3-easy-tips-if-the-PL2303-driver-is-not-working
  4. Go to the Driver tab and choose the Roll Back Driver option.1650243847_653_3-easy-tips-if-the-PL2303-driver-is-not-working
  5. Choose a reason for reverting the update, then click Yes.1650243851_701_3-easy-tips-if-the-PL2303-driver-is-not-working

Reinstalling the previous version of the PL2303 driver might help repair the issue if it stopped operating in Windows 11 after an update, which may be both manual and automated through Windows Update.

More information about this subject may be found here.

3. Restore the system to its original state.

If the PL2303 driver does not function in Windows 11 after completing the procedures above, or if it stops operating after a short period of time, something may be causing the problem. All you have to do to remedy this is do a system restore.

This is a fast technique to return the system back to normal; otherwise, you’d have to spend a lot of time figuring out and removing the root problem.

One of the options described below should have repaired the Pl2303 driver not functioning issue in Windows 11 by the time you get to this section.

Find out how to install the PL2303 driver in Windows 11 if you’re having difficulties acquiring it.

In the comments area below, tell us which patch worked and how you got on with the PL2303 cable.

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The “this is not a prolific pl2303 please contact your supplier” is an error message that can appear when the PL2303 driver is not working in Windows 11. Here are 3 easy tips if you’re having trouble with it. Reference: this is not prolific pl2303 please contact your supplier.

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