Alan Shearer and Ian Wright slam ‘really poor’ Chelsea star in Brighton draw

Former Premier League stars Alan Shearer and Ian Wright have slammed Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante in the wake of their 1-1 draw against Brighton. They said that he was ‘really poor’.

Alan Shearer and Ian Wright slam ‘really poor’ Chelsea star in Brighton draw. The duo were not impressed with the performance of Eden Hazard, who they believe is struggling to adapt to Maurizio Sarri’s system.

Callum Hudson-Odoi struggled to make an impact in Chelsea's draw with Brighton

In Chelsea’s 0-0 draw with Brighton, Callum Hudson-Odoi failed to make an impression (Reuters)

Callum Hudson-performance Odoi’s in Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Brighton on Tuesday has been criticized by both Alan Shearer and Ian Wright.

Chelsea took the lead via Hakim Ziyech in the first half, but Thomas Tuchel’s team looked off the pace as Brighton equalized through Adam Webster in the 60th minute.

Chelsea looked labored in their offensive phases of play once again, and Tuchel blamed weariness for his team’s performance.

Hudson-lack Odoi’s of enthusiasm, according to Shearer and Wright, contributed to Chelsea’s lackluster performance, with the winger playing the ball all the way back to defense during a promising attack in the second half.

‘Hudson-Odoi Shearer told Premier League Productions, “I felt he had an extremely awful game this evening.”

‘You were hoping for some energy, a burst of speed to go past the defender, but it never came.’

‘Things’s his [Tuchel’s] responsibility to straighten it out because we can see it happening on the field; we saw it against Manchester City on Saturday, and we saw it again against Brighton; it’s not a happy camp, no question about it.’

Alan Shearer says Callum Hudson-Odoi was 'really poor' in Chelsea's attack

Callum Hudson-Odoi was’really awful’ in Chelsea’s attack, according to Alan Shearer (Getty)

‘This was a wonderful chance,’ Wright said of the time in the second half when Hudson-Odoi opted to terminate Chelsea’s onslaught by playing the ball backwards. Take a look at Lukaku, who has his arms up in the air.

‘In that case, Hudson-Odoi has a runner outside him, he’s onside, you play it to the runner, he plays it in, and Lukaku may score, and Chelsea suddenly start going.’

‘I can’t believe what I’m watching with his choice to halt, come back, and pass it all the way back.’

Alan Shearer says Thomas Tuchel needs to sort out 'issues' in Chelsea's dressing room

Thomas Tuchel, according to Alan Shearer, has to resolve ‘problems’ in Chelsea’s dressing room (AP)

Shearer also feels that Chelsea’s lack of celebration following Ziyech’s first-half goal indicates that the players have a ‘problem’ in the dressing room.

‘It doesn’t seem to be a cheerful camp,’ Shearer remarked.

‘Too many players throwing their arms about, passing the buck, seeking for excuses, and from a Chelsea perspective, nothing near good enough in attacking positions.’

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‘I believe he has difficulties in the Chelsea dressing room that need to be addressed, and they need to be addressed quickly.’

‘It wouldn’t be the first time Chelsea has had problems in the dressing room, and we’ve seen what happens when that happens.’

‘Look at Lukaku, Hudson-Odoi, and Kante as the ball hits the back of the goal, their lack of celebration, their lack of emotion, their going back, heads down, there’s nothing in it.’

‘Considering you work all week to score goals and you’ve just scored the game’s first goal, I was blown away.’ I don’t need any more proof; that alone indicates that there is a problem in the Chelsea dressing room.’

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