Allen Ludden, Betty White’s Third Husband: 5 Fast Facts

Allen Ludden was a very interesting man. He met Betty White on the set of “Life with Elizabeth” and they were married for five years until his death in 1989, making him her third husband. Here are some fast facts about this eccentric actor.

Allen Ludden was a television host, actor, and producer. He is best known as the host of the CBS game show “Let’s Make a Deal” from 1963 to 1967. His wife Betty White was his third wife. She died in 2014 at age 94.

Betty White husband allen ludden

Betty White and her husband Allen Ludden in 1963, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Betty White, popularly known as the First Lady of Television, was America’s love. As she often said in her acceptance speeches, White’s real calling in life was acting in an industry she loved. White, on the other hand, had a lot of love in her heart. She had three husbands, but her third husband, Allen Ludden, was the love of her life.

According to TMZ, Betty White died on December 31, 2021, at the age of 99.

In the information below, learn more about the guy who wooed one of the most well-known ladies in the entertainment world.

1. Allen Ludden, Betty White’s husband, was best known for hosting the game show “Password.”

Play PBS | BETTY WHITE MEETS ALLEN LUDDEN | PBS | BETTY WHITE: FIRST LADY OF TELEVISION On the legendary program Password, Betty White meets the love of her life, Allen Ludden. 2018-08-17T16:23:23Z

Allen Ludden was a well-known game show host in the entertainment world. According to The New York Times, he is most known for his work as the presenter of Password, which he began in 1960. When a new version, Password Plus, premiered in 1979, Ludden returned for 160 additional episodes.

Because of the performance, Ludden met White. She was a celebrity participant on Password in 1961 and stated she was instantly drawn to Ludden. In a 2018 PBS episode on White, she was shown flirting with Ludden in video from Password. When he inquired about her summer plans, White reacted with a cheeky, “Well, what did you have in mind, Allen?”

PASSWORD PASSWORD PASSWORD PASSWORD PASSWORD PASSWORD Shelley Berman and Betty White Betty White, the attractive actress and television darling, and Shelley Berman, the skilled and thrilling Broadway and television comedy star! Charles Ross Jr. of Norfolk, Virginia is one of the contestants. Plainfield, NJ resident Marian Schaeffer Lincoln, Nebraska’s John Baldwin New York City’s Shelby Howitz Oklahoma City, OK’s Ken Doucet Lynn Fisher of Westfield, New Jersey Take a look at our… 2016-09-28T03:00:02Z

Ludden’s first significant position before joining Password was as the host of CBS’s G.E. College Bowl. It was a trivia game in which students from several colleges competed for a chance to earn scholarship money. Between 1959 and 1962, Ludden presented eight episodes. According to the Television Academy Foundation, he departed College Bowl to work full-time on Password.

Ludden also hosted series including Win with the Stars, Stumpers, and Allen Ludden’s Gallery, according to his IMDB page. On series like The Match Game, What’s My Line, The Mike Douglas Show, and The Tonight Show, he appeared as a guest or panelist. Ludden’s acting credits include roles on The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Batman, and the 1975 television film It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane, It’s a Plane, It’s a Plane It’s the Man of Steel himself, Superman!

2. Ludden Produced Shows For Troops In The Pacific During WWII & Landed After The War

allen ludden

Sul Ross State University is located in Sul Ross, Texas. In the 1930s, Allen Ludden attended Sul Ross State University.

Ludden was born Allen Ellsworth on October 5, 1917, in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. In 1919, his father died as a result of the influenza outbreak. Ludden officially changed his last name to that of his stepfather when his mother remarried, according to writer David Baber in Television Game Show Hosts: Biographies of 32 Stars. Ludden was nine years old when his family relocated to Corpus Christi, Texas.

Ludden originally attended Sul Ross State in Alpine, Texas, after graduating from high school. Ludden majored in Speech and was a member of the Theta Gamma music club, the student government, and a theatre group called Mask and Slipper, according to the school’s library archives.

Ludden enrolled at the University of Texas as an English major in 1938. Prior to the outbreak of World War II, he received both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from the university.

During WWII, Ludden enlisted in the Army, where he was able to put his acting skills to good use. Ludden was appointed in command of entertainment in the Pacific theater, according to his obituary in the New York Times. As part of the Army Special Services in Hawaii, he planned entertainment and social gatherings for troops.

During his service, Ludden made close friends with British actor Maurice Evans. After the war, Ludden took over the role of Evans’ manager. He also stepped in for Evans on occasion on lecture trips. Ludden got his first break as a performer as a result of one of these events. Ludden was engaged by WTIC Radio to anchor an adolescent show called Mind Your Manners. For the program, Ludden received an honorable mention Peabody award.

Ludden started working for the New York City Board of Education in 1952. Inside Our Schools and On the Carousel are two educational shows he developed and presented. The latter program, advertised as a children’s news magazine, aired on CBS on Saturday mornings.

3. Ludden married Margaret McGloin, his high school sweetheart, in 1943, and she died of cancer in 1961.

allen ludden on password

Commons Wikimedia Commons The television show The Odd Couple stars Allen Ludden, Jack Klugman as Oscar, and Tony Randall as Felix. Oscar and Felix appear on the television game program Password in this episode.

According to the memoir The Life (and Wife) of Allen Ludden, Ludden met his childhood love, Margaret Frances McGloin, at Corpus Christi High School. McGloin’s family had extensive roots in Texas, according to biographer Adam Nedeff, and she was renowned for throwing “lavish parties and luncheons that garnered write-ups in the social section of the local newspaper.”

Ludden received his secondary school diploma in 1934. He took a year off before starting college in 1936, at his stepfather’s urging. During those two years off, he worked as a salesperson. Meanwhile, McGloin was a student at Corpus Christi Junior College.

Before WWII, Ludden had completed his education and worked as a high school teacher. He joined the army and was stationed in Fargo, North Dakota, for basic training. He proposed to McGloin and they married on October 11, 1943, just before he left for the Pacific.

Ludden and McGloin had two daughters, Martha and Sarah, and one son, David. McGloin died on October 30, 1961, after a long fight with cancer. She was just 45 years old at the time.

Ludden began conducting the program Password when his wife was dying of cancer, according to White in a 2010 interview. He’d arrive on set after paying a visit to his wife in the hospital. McGloin died the same week White first appeared on the game show, according to White, who discovered out years later.

4. Ludden’s marriage proposal was first rejected by White.

On Allen Ludden, play Betty White – Visit for the whole interview with Betty White. 2010-03-24T21:45:02Z

White and Ludden met on the set of Password, but it wasn’t until they appeared in a play together that they genuinely connected. In a 2010 interview, White revealed that their respective agencies secured them roles on a play called Critic’s Choice in Cape Cod, Massachusetts the following summer.

During that summer, White claimed she got to know Ludden’s three children and introduced them to her two dogs. “We were immediate buddies in some strange way.” Ludden stopped saying “hello” to White after three weeks of working on the play and instead asked, “Will you marry me?” White said. It started off as a joke, according to White, and she laughed it off. “I fell in love with her opening night,” Ludden subsequently revealed to Closer Weekly.

After the play, Ludden and White returned to New York and Los Angeles, respectively. Despite the distance, Ludden pursued White and would go to California to see her whenever he had time off from Password. White rejected refused his marriage offers on many occasions. Ludden even purchased a ring and wore it around his neck as a symbol of his desire to marry her. Ludden sent White a plush rabbit for Easter with a message that said, “Please say yes.” White ultimately accepted. On June 14, 1963, they married in Las Vegas.

Years later, White said that rejecting down Ludden was her greatest regret in life. “I squandered a full year that Allen and I might have spent together, saying, ‘No, I wouldn’t marry him,” she told Oprah in 2015. No, I’m not going to do that. No way am I leaving California. I’m not moving to New York.’ I squandered a year we might have spent together.”

5. In 1981, Ludden died of stomach cancer.

Betty White and Allen Ludden

YouTube Allen Ludden and Betty White

At the end of his life, Ludden fought stomach cancer for nearly a year and a half. According to UPI, Ludden temporarily went into a coma in the autumn of 1980 due to a “imbalance” caused by his cancer treatment. He awoke, but he didn’t go back to work after that. Ludden died on June 9, 1981, at the age of 63. He was laid to rest at Mineral Point, Wisconsin, where he was born.

‘None of Your Business,’ says Betty White on her love life. Subscribe to our YouTube channel at center?add user=anderson “Do you date?” Anderson inquires of Betty White. “I don’t believe that’s any of your business,” the legendary TV actress said. “I was in love with the love of my life… Allen Ludden is a well-known author “Betty expresses herself. “You don’t need the rest if you’ve got the greatest.” Betty married the presenter of “Password” in 1963 and… 2011-12-05T18:22:17Z

In 1988, Ludden received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. According to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, his star is positioned at 6743 Hollywood Boulevard. Ludden’s and White’s stars are close to each other.

White had been married before before meeting Ludden, but when he died, she resolved to never marry again. “I had the love of my life,” she told Anderson Cooper in 2011. I certainly did. Allen Ludden is a… “Who needs the rest when you’ve got the best?”

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Allen Ludden was born on January 19, 1922 and died at the age of 88. He is best known for his role as Major Don West in the television show M*A*S*H. He was married to Betty White from 1952-1961. Reference: allen ludden grave.

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