Back 4 Blood – How To Update in XBOX App/Store

Microsoft has released a new update to the Xbox app/store which is causing crashes for many players. Here’s how you can safely update your game manually in order to avoid the crashing issue.

The “back 4 blood microsoft store” is a game released on the Xbox App/Store. It’s an action-adventure game that takes place in a fictional future where vampires have taken over the world.

On October 12, 2021, Back 4 Blood will be published globally. For both XBOX and PC users, the game is available for download via the XBOX App. To take advantage of the opportunity of playing the game early, PC players must have the Gold Standard membership. One of the issues I was having was that I couldn’t seem to locate a method to get the Patch update. The game kept asking whether I wanted to “Exit To Desktop” or click OK to sign back in.

“There is a Patch available.” “Please Update to Take Advantage of New Features” keeps appearing. I discovered a solution to this problem after a lot of thinking and study. There was a 900+ MB update, and after that, my game worked well. I’ll teach you how to accomplish that in this brief article. If you’re stuck on the XBOX App Store like me, this article may assist, so keep reading…

Back 4 Blood Patch Update on XBOX App/PC: How To Update/Fix

The first step is to use the Windows search bar to look for “Microsoft Store.” It should come up top in the search results. If it doesn’t appear, scroll down to find it. You should be able to locate it eventually:


Select the three dots […] in the top-right of the screen once you’ve opened the shop. Select “Downloads and Updates” from the following submenu, as follows:


You should now be able to view a list of applications that have recently been used. If you’ve recently started Back 4 Blood, it should appear in the top window. Simply click on the Back 4 Blood Icon to get started. It will lead you to the official Back 4 Blood website, where you can download the most current patch and development upgrades. I’m not sure why this option isn’t enabled by default as it is in other applications. Auto-updates are enabled by default on Steam, Uplay, and Origin, for example. Here’s how to use the Microsoft/XBOX App Store to update Back 4 Blood:


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How do I activate Microsoft Store auto-updates?

To do so, go to the Microsoft Store and choose the three dots in the top-right corner. Simply click on the settings option after that. Toggling Automatic Updates ON or OFF should be the first choice you see. If it’s turned off, toggle it back on and you should be ready to go. It’s worth noting that mine was already turned on, but it didn’t immediately update the game. I believe this is a problem that the developers should address as soon as possible. Otherwise, as I’ve demonstrated above, you’ll have to manually update each patch.

What Is The Best Way To Update Windows Apps Without Using The Store?

There is a workaround if you can’t locate the XBOX App but still want to upgrade Back 4 Blood. To begin, choose Settings from the Windows Start menu. Select Update & security and For developers from the drop-down menus. Next to ‘Sideload applications,’ click the button. You should be fine to go after selecting Yes to consent to sideloading. Now, ideally, you will be able to download applications directly from the store.

That’s all I have to say about How To Update Back 4 Blood on the XBOX App/Microsoft Store on PC in this article. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you find this article helpful in the comments section below. Also, I’ll be posting more Back 4 Blood material, so keep an eye out for that. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you again soon!

The “back 4 blood release date ps4” is a horror game that was released on the PlayStation 4. The game has been getting excellent reviews from critics and gamers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you update the Xbox app store?

A: The Xbox app store can be updated by going to the console settings on your device and navigating down to update apps.

Can you download updates from Xbox app?

A: No, Microsoft does not offer a way to update directly from the Xbox app. Updates must be downloaded through your console or Windows Store apps.

Is Xbox Live required to play back 4 blood?

A: No, you do not need Xbox Live to play back 4 blood.

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