Best 6 Foosball Balls In 2022

In 2022, the foosball industry will be worth over $2.6 billion dollars globally and players from all levels of play are set to reap the benefits of a new product innovation that has been in development for just three years.

The “best foosball balls” are the most popular and best-selling foosball balls in 2022. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and weights.

In case you were wondering, not all foosball balls are created equal.

So, how do you choose the best one?

That will be determined by your skill set, preferences, and other factors.

Foosballs are one of the few items you can’t play table soccer without, so finding the one that provides you the greatest experience is crucial. And in order to accomplish so, we addressed the majority of the pertinent questions that may be orbiting your mind.

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The Best of the Best

What Foosball Ball Do You Use?

For a proper game of foosball, a particular ball is needed. This implies you won’t simply pick up any little round object in your home and use it to play foosball at the table. Foosball is the other name for these balls (similar to calling a football ball just a football for those outside of North America).

Are All Foosball Balls Created Equally?

No, they aren’t all the same. There are several factors that distinguish one ball from another. They are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and weights, and they are not all utilized for the same kind of game. Furthermore, since they are not all manufactured of the same material, their quality may vary.



On the market, there are both excellent and terrible quality balls. Of course, the latter is less costly, which is why some individuals don’t bother to look for a higher-quality alternative. A decent quality ball, on the other hand, must enable you to play the game correctly, be simple to hold, pass across the table, not easily fly off the table, and not bend or shatter in the event of a more aggressive style of play.

Versions from Europe and the United States

The balls for the game, like the foosball tables in Europe and America, vary. To begin with, European variants are more likely to have cork models. This is due to the fact that the European style of play emphasizes delicacy, and the cork type enables players to effortlessly pin the ball down. The American foosball style, on the other hand, favors rapid balls, hence they must be composed of a firm exterior surface.


How much does it set you back?

There are both very inexpensive and more expensive balls to pick from. To begin, you should be aware that they normally come in many packs, such as a 4-pack, 6-pack, 8-pack, 10-pack, or more. Depending on the material and the amount of balls contained, the packs usually cost between $10 and $20. As a result, the cost of a single ball ranges from $2 to $5.

Is It Possible To Improve Your Game With The Right Ball?

If you pick the right foosball, you’ll notice a difference in your game for a variety of reasons:

  • Easier control – if you choose the appropriate one, the ball will be easier to keep under control.
  • Easier to score – if you can maintain the ball in your hands and control it, you’ll have a better chance of scoring.
  • Create power – if you make the appropriate decision, your shots will grow more powerful and less likely to be saved from reaching the goal.
  • More pleasure – if you can make nice passes, control the ball, and get it to listen to you, you’ll get more fun out of it, which will help you develop your game even more.


What Can Go Wrong If You Use A Bad Version?

First and foremost, if you make the incorrect decision, you will not be able to enjoy yourself while playing the game. You will also get annoyed and even agitated. The ball may also fly off the table too often, bend, or shatter. If you like fast-paced games, the incorrect version will move slowly, defeating the purpose of the game.


The Best Foosball Buying Guide

When purchasing one, consider the size, material, weight, and style that you desire. More information may be found here.

Playing Techniques

You should consider your chosen style of play while selecting a ball. As a result, you’ll be able to choose the ball that best fits your style in terms of structure and qualities. You could want a cork variant for simple grasping yet great speed, for example. We’ll go over this issue in more depth later to determine which ball matches particular style.

How Many Foosball Balls Do You Need?

One ball is required for a game of foosball to be played within the playing area. If more than one ball is in play at the same moment, the game will be impossible to play.


What is the weight of it?

There are numerous different weights available on the market. Only the official ball, which must weigh roughly 0.91 ounces, is controlled (27 grams).

The Correct Dimensions

Foosball balls come in a variety of sizes on the market. The official, regulation-size one has a diameter of 1.365 inches. It’s suitable for tables that are 56 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 36 inches tall. It’s better to use a foosball that’s smaller than that for smaller tables.


The majority of foosballs are constructed of plastic. Choose one that is not soft beneath your touch while making your selection. Under strain or in the event of forceful, powerful hits, the ball will not bend or shatter in this manner. They may also be constructed of cork instead of plastic.

Cork & Yellow Cork

Cork balls are most often linked with European foosball. Cork is a better alternative for them since they employ a single-goalie setup and favor finesse over speed. Because they are sticky, ball control is simple. You may alternatively pick a yellow cork ball for even less noise and enhanced qualities. Both are simple to quit playing and are not the ideal option if you want a fast-paced game.



A typical table soccer ball is one that resembles a football in appearance. It’s covered with black and white pentagons. This is generally a low-cost variant, with low-cost tables for table soccer. The worst feature of conventional balls is that due to the inset lines on them, they continue to roll. This may give the impression that your foosball table isn’t level. They’re also smooth on the exterior, making them difficult to pin and handle. When they bounce about, they also produce a lot of noise.



Smooth balls, although better than conventional varieties, are nevertheless not highly recommended. They’re also overly smooth and lack the sticky feel that would allow them to be grabbed easily. Their benefit over conventional versions is that they are devoid of lines, allowing the ball to roll about the playing area more reliably.



For American Tornado or Dynamo foosball tables, textured balls are the most popular. They’re a good compromise between cork and smooth, making them an excellent option. You can grip and hold the ball down, but the firm feel also allows you to move quickly.


Version in Special Plastic

The last sort of ball available is one made of special plastic. It is red in color and hence stands out on the playing field, as opposed to green or white, which might be difficult to spot. This one is touted as the enhanced version for excellent play when compared to other plastic ones.


Factor of Friction

The friction or resistance of each ball to the playing surface varies. This is dependent on both the playing surface and the ball’s substance. Plastic balls, for example, have the lowest friction, making it difficult to pin them down. This also means you won’t be able to do many foosball-style shots. This is why you should opt for a textured ball with more friction to give a better grip and react to your strokes and tricks.


During play and upon bouncing, every ball will create at least a little thud. If you want a calm setting in which you cannot generate excessive noise. Traditional balls, for example, create a lot of noise. If you want less noise, cork balls are the way to go. If you like the delightful sound that a ball creates when it bounces, textured is the way to go.

Balls in Packs

We usually recommend purchasing several foosballs in case one is lost or destroyed. However, buying a box of several sorts of balls to discover which one works best for you and your abilities is a fantastic idea.


Is it necessary to have the same brand of balls as your foosball table?

While it is not required, it is a viable alternative. Some foosball table manufacturers, such as Tornado, also produce balls. Some manufacturers design balls to function best with their foosball tables in order to get the optimum compatibility. The only rule is to obtain a European-style ball for European tables and an American-style ball for American-style tables.

Balls that have been approved by the ITSF

The ITSF has authorized certain foosball balls (International Table Soccer Federation). Bonzini, Roberto Sport, Tornado, and Garlando are some of the most popular brands. They’re also often adorned with ITSF lettering. The balls must be 38 millimeters in diameter or larger, with a weight of roughly 0.91 ounces, to be certified by the ITSF.

1650378682_851_Best-6-Foosball-Balls-In-2022ITSF is the source of this information.

The 6 Best Foosball Balls

Once you’ve figured out what makes the greatest table soccer balls, you’ll be able to pick from a wide range of options on the market. This means you should seek for one that is the right size, weight, and material for you.

Official Foosball Tournament Balls by Tornado



Urethane is used in its entirety. Diameter: 1.365 inches NL weight

Yes, the ITSF has approved it. Noise level: low 1 to 12 balls per pack

The pink hue of these Tornado table soccer balls is common. They’re created with great care to ensure that they’re completely round, having a diameter of 1.365 inches. Because of their size, they are a popular option for Tornado competitions in the United States.

They’re manufactured of 100 percent urethane and are nearly flawlessly spherical thanks to sophisticated technology. The balls will roll better as a result, giving the player greater control. They are built to last and are resistant to surface wear.

This is an excellent option for professionals or those aspiring to be professionals. It’ll be easy to grasp and utilize on many triple-goalie American-style foosball tables because to the textured surface. To become completely prepared, you may acquire anywhere from one to twelve of the balls.


In conclusion: The capacity to last:

Dimensions: Observation:

Color: : : : : : : : : : :


Approximately $4.2–$8.7, depending on internet offers (Amazon, eBay) and seasonal specials.


  • Designed for professionals
  • Long-lasting and resistant
  • Perfectly shaped

Purchase on Amazon

Cork Foosball Billiard Evolution



Cork is used as a material. 1-7/16-inch diameter, 35 mm 13-14 gram weight

No Noise: ITSF Approved It’s rather quiet. 4 balls per pack

This foosball table ball, unlike the previous one, is constructed of cork, making it appropriate for European-style tables with a single goalkeeper. They are also in a size that will accommodate most table sizes.

They are natural in color, as opposed to other balls that are white, red, pink, or yellow. This ball is compatible with Dynamo and Tornado foosball tables.

It provides adequate grip and does not go too quickly, enabling you to do a variety of feats and demonstrate your abilities. If you’re looking for a peaceful foosball game, this is the place to go.


Overall: sturdiness: sturdiness: sturdiness: sturdiness

Dimensions: Observation:

Color: : : : : : : : : : :


about $9.95 – $10.95 based on internet offers (Amazon, eBay) and seasonal sales


  • Most table sizes are accommodated.
  • Allows for a secure hold when doing stunts.

Purchase on Amazon

Soccer Balls Super Z Mini White And Black



Plastic is the material used. 36 mm (1.4 inch) in diameter 24 gram weight

No Noise: ITSF Approved 12 balls in a loud pack

This style of table soccer ball is more of a novelty option. As a result, it is not suitable for professional usage. Rather, it’s an excellent option for youngsters and those who only play foosball sometimes.

Their size makes them suitable for use on any standard-size foosball table. It’s composed of plastic and has white and black pentagons to look like a genuine football. If one breaks or your children misplace it, the 12-pack is handy.

The etched lines on the ball, on the other hand, may make it a bit uncertain where the ball will roll, making it a poor option for control.


Overall: sturdiness: sturdiness: sturdiness: sturdiness

Dimensions: Observation:

Color: : : : : : : : : : :


Approximately $6.99 – $14.99, depending on the internet offer (Amazon) and seasonal specials.


  • Excellent for children.
  • a good substitute dize


  • Not suitable for professional use.
  • It was just a fun decision.

Purchase on Amazon

Smooth White Brybelly Foosballs



Plastic is the material used. 35 mm (1.38 inch) in diameter 24 gram weight

No Noise: ITSF Approved 12 balls in a loud pack

These smooth balls are an improvement above the prior review’s standard balls. They travel and roll more reliably because to their smooth surface. If you want to make hard straight strokes and prefer to play rapidly, these are the finest option.

They also bounce strongly on the surface, which may be a little too noisy if you need to play in a quiet setting. Its white tint works well as a contrast against a green background.

You won’t have to worry about the ball becoming trapped anywhere with smooth balls like these Brybelly ones since it will likely roll about at all times. There are 12 balls in the pack, which is ideal for when they wear out and need to be replaced.


Overall: sturdiness: sturdiness: sturdiness: sturdiness

Control: Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions:

Color: : : : : : : : : : :


about $10,99 – $31,50, based on internet offers (Amazon, Walmart, eBay) and seasonal sales


  • Smooth surfaces allow for predictable rolling.
  • Affordably priced

Purchase on Amazon

Replacement Foosballs by Colonel Pickles



Plastic is the material used. 36 mm (1.4 inch) in diameter NL weight

No Noise: ITSF Approved 14 balls in a loud pack

Two black and white balls, two green and white balls, two yellow and white balls, two light blue and white balls, two dark blue and white balls, two brown and white balls, and two orange and white balls are included in this set. All of them have pentagons that approximate the shape of a football.

These balls are constructed of high-quality plastic, ensuring that they will survive for a long time. They are superior to foam foosballs due to the material used. In addition, the 36-mm dimension is ideal for most ordinary tables.

Because you’ll receive 6 extra balls in this pack than in ordinary packs, you’ll be set for a while. Furthermore, these balls are designed to provide you with enough texture to allow you to manage the game.


Overall: sturdiness: sturdiness: sturdiness: sturdiness

Control: Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions:

Color: : : : : : : : : : :


about $7.95 – $9.95 decided by seasonal discounts and internet offers (Amazon, Walmart, etc.)


  • Various hues are available.
  • Big pack
  • Models that are superior than foam models

Purchase on Amazon

Set of Brybelly Glow-in-the-Dark Foosballs



Plastic is the material used. 35 mm (1.38 inch) in diameter 24 gram weight

No Noise: ITSF Approved 6 balls in a loud pack

Consider this ball set if you are less concerned with how well your table soccer ball performs and more concerned with having a fun time while playing the game. It has glow-in-the-dark balls so you can always see them, even in dimly lit areas or while playing at night.

When the light is turned on, the balls remain white, but when the light is turned out, They are luminescent in the dark.. With the dark light, they even glimmer. They’re also fantastic for black light or glow parties.

This style of foosball is also a fantastic small present for any babyfoot fan! The balls charge in both natural and artificial light, and may then glow in the dark for hours.


Overall: sturdiness: sturdiness: sturdiness: sturdiness

Control: Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions:

Color: : : : : : : : : : :


Approximately $11–$12, depending on the internet offer (Amazon, Walmart, eBay) and seasonal promotions.


  • They are luminescent in the dark.
  • Constantly visible


  • This is not a professional decision.

Purchase on Amazon

What Table Soccer Balls Should You Stay Away From?

Balls with a gleaming finish should be avoided at all costs. Plastic balls and smooth balls behave in the same way. Some tables come with these, particularly those that are less expensive and of inferior quality. However, if you make a replacement purchase, you may upgrade to a better one.


Can You Play Foosball With Ping Pong Balls?

We do not advocate playing foosball using ping pong balls. Especially if you want to learn how to play correctly and play a decent game. These balls are much too light and are not composed of the toughest plastic available.


How Do You Make Your Own Ball?

You won’t be able to manufacture a foosball yourself unless you have a lot of experience with materials and necessary tools. Similarly, building one yourself may be more expensive than purchasing a pack of high-quality balls.

When Should A Foosball Table Ball Be Replaced?

It’ll be time to replace the ball whenever it’s been misused and seems scratched, changes color, becomes too filthy, or is worn out. When it wears out, it may lose its tacky quality, which is a warning that it needs to be replaced.

What Else Should You Be Aware Of?

When it comes to foosball and balls, there are a few more queries you could have.

Is it permissible to spin in a game of foosball?

In foosball, spinning is prohibited. This implies that after contacting the ball, you should not rotate the rod 360 degrees.

In Foosball, Do Own Goals Count?

In foosball, own goals do count. If a player scores in his or her own goal, the goal is counted for the other side.

In foosball, how many points do you need to win?

To win a game, you normally have to score five goals before your opponent does. Without breaching any regulations, all five goals must go into the opponent’s goal.


What Happens If The Ball Doesn’t Make It Into The Goal?

If the ball bounces out of the goal and onto the playing surface, the score is not tallied. In reality, it will continue to be used.

What Is The Best Way To Keep The Ball Clean?

The majority of balls, particularly those made of hard materials like plastic, are simple to clean with a dry towel. If there are any stains on it, adding some alcohol to the fabric will almost certainly remove them. When it comes to cork balls, avoid getting them too wet; instead, clean them with a dry or gently moist towel.

The Final Word

You should find a foosball that has The Correct Dimensions and weight for your type of foosball table. Moreover, also pay attention to the material it is made from. Textured will be a good choice for something between a cork one that is slower and a smooth one that is essentially faster. That is why we would recommend the Official Foosball Tournament Balls by Tornado. They are textured and thus offer you a good grip. They come in a standard pink color and are tournament approved.

The “tornado foosball table” is a fun and exciting game to play. It has been designed with the best of technology, making it one of the best games on the market.

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