Chris Taylor Helps Build Playground Set For Young Girl With Cancer

A local girl with cancer is building a playground in her hometown, and this GoFundMe campaign aims to raise enough money for the scaffolding.

Chris Taylor, a young girl with cancer, was given the opportunity to build her own playground in her backyard. The set is made of wood and plastic pieces that Chris helped put together.

After missing COP26, Governor Gavin Newsom makes a public appearance. Governor Gavin Newsom was set to attend the World Climate Conference in Europe, but he canceled shortly before the event.

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Chris Taylor assists with the construction of a playground set for a young cancer patient. Dodger Chris Taylor assisted in the construction of a playground equipment for a cancer-stricken Los Alamitos youngster. Two of Taylor’s close pals died of childhood cancer.

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Exclusive: In-N-Out Burger has so far refused to ask customers for proof of vaccination. Chris Holmstrom reports from Hollywood on whether In-N-Out Burger would follow the City of Los Angeles’ new legislation requiring all customers accessing the interior areas of restaurants, bars, gyms, hairdressers, and coffee shops to produce evidence of vaccination. The burger company in San Francisco declined to ask customers for immunization documentation and closed its doors.

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In Bellflower, there was a fire at a storage facility. Stacey Butler reports from Bellflower on LA County Fire’s ongoing attempts to put out a wildfire at a storage facility that began about 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday and lasted late into the night.

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Middle schoolers are surprised by Chargers linebackers. Linebackers Kenneth Murray Jr. and Uchenna Nwosu of the Los Angeles Chargers surprised middle schools on Tuesday as part of their continuing mental health program.

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In Baldwin Park, a warehouse fire is raging. At 9 p.m. Tuesday, an auto repair business in Baldwin Park went up in flames.

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Gavin Newsom is the governor of California. Returning to the Public Eye Governor Gavin Newsom has resurfaced after being out in the public spotlight for some weeks, according to Tom Wait.

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Bob Murray is the General Manager of the Ducks. Administrative Leave is in effect. Due to a continuing investigation into his actions, the Anaheim Ducks put executive vice president and general manager Bob Murray on leave on Tuesday.

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Firefighters in Bellflower are still battling a fire at a storage facility. Stacey Butler is reporting from Bellflower, where firefighters are fighting a wildfire at a storage facility that is threatening other neighboring properties.

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Entrepreneurs Succeeding In The Business World: Veterans’ Voices Never underestimate the difficulty of making the transition from military to civilian life. Our veterans sometimes need additional assistance. This episode of Veterans’ Voices focuses on a non-profit veteran who helps entrepreneurs thrive in business. Suzanne Marques contributed to this story. Suzanne Marques is a writer and a poet.

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A local non-profit assists county business owners in locating grant funding. Serene Branson profiles the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, a nonprofit comprised of public and private partnerships that aims to assist companies in growing and overcoming obstacles.

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The Rundown on CBSNLA (Nov. 9 PM Edition) Here are the most recent local news and weather headlines. Every day, two updates are made.

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Traditional grading is abandoned by a teacher. Josh Moreno, an English teacher at Alhambra High School, is attempting to correlate grades with what pupils are learning rather than conduct, deadlines, or work amount.

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Firefighters continue to battle a blaze at a storage facility in Bellflower. Desmond Shaw of Sky2 reports from Bellflower, where firefighters from LA County have been fighting a wildfire at a storage facility for more than two and a half hours.

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Experts Discuss Potential Conflicts As A Result Of Mask and Vaccine Requirements Daron Wyatt and Jonathan F. Harris join the broadcast to talk about the new regulations and what they mean for local companies and employees.

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St. Johns Well Child And Family Center Launches ‘Vaccine Roadshow’ To Vaccinate Children Ages 5-11 Kandiss Crone reports from Compton, where the school system partnered with a community health clinic to provide immunizations to students in underserved neighborhoods.

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Convicted drug dealers will be prosecuted for murder in Orange County. As fentanyl-related fatalities continue to climb, the Orange County District Attorney’s office will begin prosecuting convicted drug traffickers for murder. 

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In a drive-by shooting in South Los Angeles, a woman was killed and a man was injured. In a drive-by shooting in South Los Angeles on Tuesday, a 28-year-old woman was murdered and a 20-year-old male was injured.

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Business Owners Are Concerned About Enforcing LA’s Vaccine Law Jeff Nguyen reports from Woodland Hills, where at least one company has devised a strategy for coping with the city’s newest vaccination regulation, which requires all customers to be COVID-19-vaccinated before entering an establishment’s indoor facilities.

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A massive fire broke out at a storage facility in Bellflower. Desmond Shaw of Sky9 reports from above a fire at a storage facility in Bellflower between Artesia Boulevard and Woodruff Avenue. Firefighters have been battling the flames for more than an hour now.

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Starting Nov. 26, the Dodgers Holiday Festival will bring an ice skating rink to Center Field. From November 26 to December 31, the event will be open from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekends.

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The Rams take on the Titans at SoFi Stadium. On Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams took on the Tennessee Titans at SoFi Stadium. Jake Reiner brings you live updates from the stadium.

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A Northern California man wanted in connection with the Capitol Insurgency has applied for asylum in Belarus. According to Belarus’ official television, a Northern California man facing criminal charges in connection with the Jan. 6 incident at the US Capitol is requesting refuge in the nation. Katie Johnston has the story.

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For certain workers, the City of LA’s Vaccine Proof Mandate raises concerns about enforcement. Some companies and workers are worried about the city of Los Angeles’ vaccination proof mandate’s implementation. Kara Finnstrom has the story.

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