Derek Carr Reveals Directive to Agent Had Raiders Not Signed Him

In the NFL, teams are free to give players as much or little in contract offers. One team that’s used this freedom is the Oakland Raiders, who were able to sign Derek Carr for a fraction of what he later signed with the Denver Broncos. Carr has been outspoken about how his decision was based on being close to family and wanting stability more than anything else.

Derek Carr has revealed that he told his agent to not sign him with the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders ended up signing him and the two sides have since made up. Read more in detail here: derek carr contract extension 2022.

derek carr

Derek Carr, quarterback of the Las Vegas Raiders, is shown.

Derek Carr has always indicated that he intends to play with the Raiders for the remainder of his career, and he has followed through on that promise. He was about to reach the last year of his contract, but with a new head coach and general manager on the way, it was conceivable they wouldn’t extend it. Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler swiftly decided to put an end to the speculations by extending the quarterback’s contract for another three years.

Teams like the Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns were said to be interested in dealing for Carr, but the Raiders were adamant about not doing so. Carr maintained that he would not have played for another club and made it known to his agent, so it probably wouldn’t have mattered.

Carr remarked when the news broke, “I’ve just ever wanted to be a Raider.” “And I told my agent, ‘I’m either going to be a Raider or I’m going to play golf,’ as if I didn’t want to play anyplace else.” That is how important this area is to me.”

Carr got what he wanted in the end, and he should be able to conclude his career in Vegas.

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Raider Nation Gets a Message from Carr

There is a segment of the fan base that believes Carr is not the appropriate person to lead the squad. He’s only taken the club to the playoffs twice and has failed to win a game in the postseason. The Raiders, on the other hand, have been one of the most dysfunctional teams in the NFL over the last two decades. He’s been one of the team’s few reliable components. While there is a vocal minority of supporters who want him to go, the great majority of fans are delighted that he will remain. After signing his deal, he addressed a message to Raider Nation.

“Raider Nation, I am ecstatic that I can be a Raider once and for all,” Carr stated. “I’m delighted we’ll be able to keep this continuing.” We still have a lot of work to do. We need to build on what we’ve accomplished in the previous several years. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.”

Was it the right decision to extend Carr’s contract?

The Raiders would be among the favorites to win practically every other NFL division if they were in it. Unfortunately, they are in the AFC West, which has four teams capable of winning the Super Bowl. Carr is probably the division’s fourth best quarterback, but it doesn’t mean the Raiders shouldn’t have re-signed him.

Despite usually having a poorer roster to work with, he’s demonstrated during his career that he can outdue Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert. That’s not to imply he’s a superior quarterback, but it does suggest that the gap between them may not be as wide as many would like to believe. Carr’s extension was required. Before drafting him, the Raiders were a complete mess at quarterback. Now that he has excellent talent surrounding him, he has the skills to lead the club to a Super Bowl.

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Derek Carr Reveals Directive to Agent Had Raiders Not Signed Him. Derek Carr reveals that if the Oakland Raiders had not signed him, he would have gone back to his old team, the Houston Texans. Reference: derek carr age.

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