Dropbox installer failed to start

If you’re trying to install Dropbox on your PC, the installation may fail. Here’s how to fix this problem and make it work properly again.

The “dropbox installer failed to start mac” is a problem that has been present for a while. The solution is to use the “Dropbox Installer Troubleshooting” article, which can be found on the Dropbox website.


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  • If you wish to sync and share files, you’ll need this program, therefore we’ll teach you what to do if the Dropbox installation fails to start.
  • You may probably repair the problem by running a scan that cleans and sorts your files.
  • The DISM tool, on the other hand, will tell you if the picture is healthy, repairable, or non-repairable.



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Dropbox is one of the most well-known and reputable cloud storage services. It has had one of the most user-friendly graphical user interfaces since its launch in 2008. As a result, we’ll teach you what to do if the Dropbox installation fails to start today.

Because of the increasing prominence of the internet and our need for convenience, cloud storage has completely removed the need to carry about physical portable storage devices.

If you often transmit and receive data to others in your local area or if you do not always have access to your own computer when traveling, the app may be really useful.

Follow along as we walk you through troubleshooting the Dropbox installation failed to start problem, as well as a more in-depth look at Dropbox’s primary features. Follow along with us!

What is the purpose of Dropbox?

Dropbox is also referred to be a cloud storage service in addition to being a file hosting service. Despite the fact that it is one of the most well-known and commonly used cloud storage systems available today, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Sync, and Google Drive are all rivals.


When you join up for Dropbox, you’ll be allocated a certain amount of storage space on an internet server known as the cloud.

Any files you maintain in your Dropbox locally will be transferred to the server, as well as the server’s backup, when you install the program on your computer or mobile device. If you make changes to these files in one place, the changes are automatically reproduced throughout the whole system.

You will be able to view your Dropbox files from any place and share them with others with more simplicity and accuracy than before by syncing them both locally and online. But first, let’s look at how to repair the Dropbox installation failing to start issue.

What can I do if the Dropbox installation won’t start?

1. Perform a fast scan with SFC.

  1. Choose Windows Terminal by right-clicking on the Windows/Start icon in your Taskbar (Admin).Dropbox-installer-failed-to-start
  2. Now write or copy-paste the command below and execute it: sfc /scannow sfc /scannow sfc /s1646979613_912_Dropbox-installer-failed-to-start

2. Execute DISM

  1. If you departed the Windows Terminal as an administrator, follow the steps above to re-enter it.
  2. Now write or paste the following instructions within it, hitting Enter after each one: ScanHealth /Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image CheckHealth /Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image 1646979613_952_Dropbox-installer-failed-to-start
  3. Based on the findings of the analysis, the DISM tool will tell if the image is healthy, repairable, or non-repairable. Assuming the picture can be fixed, enter or paste the following command into the command prompt: /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Dism /Online1646979614_698_Dropbox-installer-failed-to-start

That concludes our discussion. The Dropbox installation problem should be gone now. However, we urge that you look into other software tools that provide the same or comparable functions as Dropbox. One of them is Sync, which we use every day and encourage you to use as well.

What are some of the benefits of utilizing Dropbox?

You’ll get 2 gigabytes (GB) of storage space for your photographs and videos when you sign up for a Dropbox account.

More information about this subject may be found here.

There are no hidden costs or penalties after you start using Dropbox, and there are various methods to expand your storage space, like sending out Dropbox fan mail, linking it to social networking, and asking people to join.

There is also a premium option that will provide you 2 TB of storage space, which can be utilized to keep several backups of your hard drive.

Dropbox is easy to use, and anybody with an Internet connection may use it. The program is simple to install on both your smart devices and your PC. Every file will always be the most up-to-date version that you have access to.

To share files using Dropbox, just store them in a folder that has been designated for sharing with authorized users, and if you need to exchange information with colleagues or other stakeholders, Dropbox makes the procedure quick and uncomplicated.

Check read our article on Dropbox not syncing on Windows 11 for more information about Dropbox and possible strategies to effectively solve it.

Our post about Dropbox sync icons missing on Windows 10/11 is also an excellent source of troubleshooting tips. If you still need assistance, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

If you already have it up and running, see how to connect Dropbox to File Explorer to make your chores even faster.

Was this information useful to you? Tell us what you think in the comments area below, as well as if you have any other ideas. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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The “dropbox download” is a tool that allows users to install Dropbox on their computers. Unfortunately, the installer failed to start and there are no more options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Dropbox is not installing?

A: Unfortunately, the installation for Dropbox is currently being blocked by a copyright protection.

How do I run the Dropbox installer?

A: To run the Dropbox installer, you must first download it to your computer. Once downloaded, open up a command prompt in administrator mode and change directories into where you saved the file (usually C:\).

How do I install Dropbox on Windows 10?

A: You can install Dropbox on your computer by downloading the installer from the official website, then following its installation instructions.

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