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A growing trend in Tamil Nadu of Jallikattu, a traditional bull running event that is centuries old. This ancient tradition has been banned by many states across the globe as it leads to animal cruelty and injuries. While Hinduism believes that animals have souls just like humans, some people argue this practice goes against religious beliefs because it hurts an animal’s life unnecessarily

The “Jallikattu case summary” is a essay that discusses the Jallikattu case. The essay explains the history of the sport and how it fits into modern day society.




Jallikattu is a Tamilnadu-based traditional festival that takes place in India. It is an event that has been performed in Tamilnadu since ancient times in which all of the players attempt to hug a bull while the bull tries to knock them off. The bulls utilized by the people are Kangayam breeds, and they are unleashed into a throng of people, with several individuals attempting to grasp the big hump on the bull’s back with both arms and hold on to it.


People must remove a flag that has been attached to the bull’s horn either riding the bull or gripping its hump, but the primary goal of the event is to take the flag from the bull’s horn. This event dates back approximately 2500 years and takes place on the third day of the Pongal festival, which is known in Tamil as Mattu Pongal.

Jallikattu’s History


This festival of Jallikattu was known to be practiced during the Tamil classic period, and it was common among the ancient people who lived in the Tamil country division. Later, it evolved into a platform for people to demonstrate their bravery, with those who win receiving prize money and participation encouragement.


There are also many paintings in Tamil Nadu caves depicting a man attempting to tame a bull, and this picture was created about 1500 years ago and portrays this practice. To play this game, a player must grip the bulls hump and try to obtain the flag tide, with only one person attempting at a time. It is played in the Tamilnadu districts of Madurai, Theni, Thanjavur, and Salem.

Not only may a person win by removing the flag, but he can also win by tossing the Bull or allowing the Bull to tumble down, as well as by gripping the Bull’s hump for 30 seconds or until he reaches 15 meters. After the event is finished and no one can win, the bulls that win are sold into the market at high prices in order to sell them. Most individuals have their bulls trained before participating in this sport.

The Consequences of This Event


As this game of Jallikattu is enjoyed by everyone, between the years of 2008 and 2014, many people have been murdered by bulls, with 43 people dead and four bulls killed by humans. As a result, the government has banned this practice of Jallikattu.

Because the lives of people and animals are being jeopardized, the Supreme Court has banned this tradition due to animal welfare concerns, and it has become a tradition for the people of Tamilnadu. The youth have protested against the ban, and about 2 million people have demonstrated against the ban, and the Supreme Court has ordered that the festival of Jai be held. The people of Tamil Nadu celebrate the Jallikattu festival every three years.

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“Jallikattu game” is a traditional Tamil sport. It is also called as “bull-taming”. The sport was banned by the Supreme Court of India in 2014. Reference: jallikattu game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of Jallikattu?

A: Jallikattu is a Tamil tradition in which bulls are released into open fields, and the men attempting to capture them run after the animals. Another festival that shares many similarities with jallikattu is San Juan Festival where both men and horses chase an animal called El Morro Oficioso out of town.

What is special in Jallikattu?

A: The Jallikattu is a traditional bull-taming sport which has been practiced for centuries in Tamil Nadu, India. It involves catching the animal by its hump and holding it immobile on the ground so that people can then jump over it. The popularity of this event is due to cultural significance attached with the event as well as religious rites performed before and after each game

What is Jallikattu movement?

A: Jallikattu movement is a traditional bull taming sport in which the participant attempts to ride a wild ox or bull without using any equipment. It was traditionally practiced by Tamil people in southern India, but has been banned since 2011 due to animal cruelty laws that are now strictly enforced.

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