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Today, the population of India is 1.3 billion which makes it a fourth most populous country in the world. There are many people living in urban areas which has led to problems like overpopulation and pollution

The essay on population of India in 100 words is an introduction to the topic. The essay will discuss the population of India and what it means for students and children.




The population may be defined as a collection of people living together in a certain region, and it varies by nation, with India having a higher population than some of the other countries. India is considered to be the world’s second most populous nation, owing to the fact that it is home to many different kinds of faiths.


The population is believed to be growing at a quicker pace than the food supply. The population of India has been growing in recent years due to an increase in the birth rate and a decrease in the proportion of deaths, and as a result, the population of India has grown to about 1 to 2 billion people. And it is estimated that, if population growth continues at its current rate, India’s population will approach 3-4 billion in the near future, making it the world’s most populous nation.

India’s Population Growth Rate


According to the census, India is the world’s second most populous nation, occupying 2.41 percent of the world’s geographical area and accounting for about 18 percent of the global population.

India’s population is growing since there are many states and many various kinds of religious people living there, as there are many different faiths to choose from. It has been observed that although India has a large population, the majority of its citizens are impoverished and live in villages, with just a small percentage of the population living in cities. And, as a result of the poverty and overcrowding, it has become a significant issue in India.


The birth rate is increasing in India, while the death rate is decreasing, and the majority of the population is between the ages of 7 and 25, with the remainder between the ages of 40 and above. Because the death rate is decreasing and the birth rate is increasing, India faces an overpopulation problem.

As we can see, in most other countries, only two or three religions are practiced, whereas in India, there are approximately many religions that are united, and there are many people in each religion, resulting in overpopulation in our country because all of these religions have different types of traditions and things that are celebrated equally.

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Because India is a densely populated country, there may be major problems in our country as a result of the overpopulation. In India, there are many poor people compared to rich people, and as a result of the government and the rules that have been enacted, the rich get more money and the poor get no money to eat, and as a result of this overpopulation and unequal distribution of wealth, there may be major problems in our country.

To keep the overcrowding under control The Indian government is also taking steps to manage overpopulation, which will aid in the nation’s development by ensuring that there is no overcrowding and that all people in the country have equitable access to resources.

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A: A population essay is a type of academic writing that asks you to describe the demographic, social and economic characteristics of an entire nation. It can be seen as a comparison that compares two different societies

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A: The population of a paragraph is the number of words in that paragraph.

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