Fractured Online, now under Gamigo’s banner, talks up its three racial factions

The world of Fractured Online is one where a group of people, who have been cast out from society after being deemed too dangerous to live with the rest of humanity, are left to survive on their own while fighting for dominance over the land. There’s three distinct factions in this game: The humans, called Scavvers; an alien race called Seekers; and finally there’s the Zeds. Every faction has its strengths and weaknesses that can be utilized by players using tactics based around these strengths or weaknesses.


In the early days of the sandbox MMORPG Fractured Online, one of the most notable features was the ability for users to select between three distinct races, each of which governed their gameplay, ranging from peaceful and cooperative to FFA PvP-filled. Because the game is basically being reintroduced to players after its publishing contract with Gamigo, it seems to reason that the Dynamight Studios programmers would want to clarify the design point one more time just in case anybody is new to the title.

The preview article discusses the three ethnic groupings and their gaming styles: demons are always at war and have no repercussions for open killing, humans have free will and have both good and evil alignments, as well as a legal system to match, and wildfolk are more peaceful and pastoral. The text goes on to describe each race’s affinity for magic or technical learning, as well as unique racial characteristics such as demons’ ability to conquer human or wildfolk worlds for a limited period or wildfolk getting a battle advantage while fighting on their native territory.

There isn’t much in the piece that will be new to you if you’ve been following the development of Fractured previously, but it does give a thorough refresher.


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