Games Inbox: Is PS Plus Extra better than Xbox Game Pass?

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass has been a huge success, offering subscribers the rights to play hundreds of games for $10 per month. Sony’s PlayStation Plus is still going strong as well with free games every month and discounts on game purchases. But which service should you subscribe to?

The “xbox game pass vs ps plus” is a question that has been asked by many people. The answer to this question is not as easy as it seems because there are many different benefits of each service.

Is Game Pass even a comparable service? (Photo courtesy of Microsoft)

One reader hopes for Crash Bandicoot 5 on the Thursday letters page, which wonders what games will be released at Star Wars Celebration.

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Explanation of the figures To be honest, I believe Sony did a good job announcing the new PlayStation Plus. They knew their critics would behave as if no first-party games on day one were a major surprise or betrayal, so they helped leak the information early (I think) and then simply released the essentials on Tuesday.

There is still a lot more information to come, but I believe they’ve done all they can to start the dialogue. It’s a bad PS Plus Extra isn’t a bit cheaper, but if it really has 400 good PlayStation 4 and 5 titles, that’s rather fantastic. However, if it turns out to be 350 independent games and two first-party games, it’s clear that it’s not exactly what it seems to be right now.

I’m going to presume Sony isn’t so foolish, and that most first-party games released in the last two years will be included, which is a lot of titles and considerably superior than Xbox’s exclusives in terms of quality. If Sony makes an announcement to that effect, I believe it will be the deciding factor in my decision to choose Extra over Game Pass. Emt

Perplexing inquiries So, the specifics of the new tiered PS Plus have been revealed, and according to one source, the basic idea seems to have leaked early in order to keep everyone’s expectations in control.

I can’t help but think that announcing it on a blog rather than a livestream, while also releasing an interview with Jim Ryan in which he categorically states that he doesn’t see services like Game Pass/PS Plus Extra as the future of gaming, indicates that Sony isn’t as committed to the service as Microsoft, but it’s good that Game Pass has a more visible competitor.

If I can stream PlayStation 5 games to my PC, I’m intrigued in the Extra or Premium levels, but the devil is in the details. How long after the service launches will PlayStation 5 titles remain available, and will they be cycled out like PS Now? DarKerR is a character in the game DarKerR (gamertag)

GC: These are all excellent questions to which no solutions are presently available.

Trigger for streaming Last week, I was on the verge of purchasing a PlayStation 5, but I decided to hold off for the time being. I’m curious whether this new PlayStation Plus tier will be able to compete with Game Pass for AAA titles on day one.

I’d be intrigued if I could stream PlayStation 5 games to my PlayStation 4 or PC. That was something I was assured would never happen with Xbox Series X/S games on Xbox One, but now we live in a world where it is possible. In fact, despite having an Xbox Series S, I now often stream games — particularly Flight Simulator, which has a particularly vexing update mechanism. EvilMoomin

GC: Unless Sony strikes a deal with a third-party title, like Microsoft periodically does, the new PlayStation Plus won’t include any game day one.

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So there you have it. My hopes for the PlayStation version of Game Pass were low, but it seems like they’ve taken PS Now and made it worse for me.

Multiplayer games do not appeal to me. The games also sound like the same 700 that are currently available on PS Now, with the exception of a few PlayStation 5 titles that you’d expect to see.

So they’ve effectively increased the price of an £8.99 service from £10.99 to £13.49.

It would have been wonderful if they had offered a promise as to when more games will be introduced. Overall, it seems to be a rebranding and price increase. Tim

GC: PS Plus Extra contains 400 exclusive PlayStation 4 and 5 titles, whilst Premium gets 340 exclusive PlayStation 1 through 3 games (and PSP). The majority of consumers will just watch Extra, which has nothing to do with PS Now or streaming.

Looking for a solution With all the Amiga chatter, there’s a game that used to frighten me when I was younger, and I’d want to know what it was so I can attempt it now and hopefully go on with my life.

It was side-scrolling, and the soundtrack from The Apprentice was playing. There were bats right at the start, and if you were hit, you dropped to your knees and turned to dust.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Shootin’ and Dancin’

On the Amiga, Prokofiev’s Dance of the Knights? That doesn’t sound familiar to us.

There’s a lot to rejoice about. Although GC said that just four Star Wars games have been released in the previous nine years, I believe we are ready for a flurry of announcements soon. Fallen Order 2 has been a well-kept secret for a long time, and Eclipse, developed by the Heavy Rain crew, had a fantastic trailer that indicated they’d put a lot of effort into it.

Then there’s the remake of Knights Of The Old Republic and three (!) Respawn games. That’s a lot, and you’ve got Star Wars Day coming up shortly, so we’ll probably see at least some of them there.

The one I’m most excited about is the Ubisoft one, not because I think highly of Ubisoft, but because it’s a bounty hunter game, and as many have mentioned, we’ve been waiting a long time for one of these. The trouble is that that one seems to be the furthest away, so we’ll have to wait an eternity for it. Dougall

The sequel to GC: Fallen Order will very probably be unveiled during Star Wars Celebration in May, whereas the Ubisoft game will almost certainly not. We’d also expect to see a recreation of Knights Of The Old Republic, although we’re not so sure about Eclipse. It’s tough to know where the Respawn games stand right now.

Turned off I got a Wii U to play on the tablet screen with the kids. I assumed that all of the games would work with it, but it seems that they mostly need the television. I’m primarily interested in the Lego games.

Is it possible that I’m missing something, or is watching TV the only option? I’m a little perplexed since it appears in every Mario game. Bobwallett

GC: Only games that enable Off-TV Play may be played without the need of a television. A list of them may be found here.

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A standard delay, I believe there’s nothing Nintendo can do right now to avoid being accused of preparing for the Switch 2. The Switch is clearly getting on in years, but it’s far from obsolete, and if sales have decreased, it’s only by a tiny margin. Personally, I don’t think we’ll see a complete sequel for at least three years. It would be hard to make them, and the fact that people still desire the present Switch indicates that they aren’t in dire need of anything new.

I could envision Zelda being prepared to debut with a Switch Pro, but even that seems unlikely. You’re back to the question of whether they can make enough and that it hasn’t been long since the OLED Model, which will irritate some people who invested into it.

A delay is sometimes simply a delay, and I believe that’s what’s going on with Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2. Bug checking on the game must be an utter pain, and I’m shocked the first one ever got done, especially without a pandemic to make things even more difficult for people. Ferdie

Kudos to the Loop Hero developers for promoting piracy and speaking out against the war, according to the Inbox also-rans. I believe we’ve all seen on the news what it means for Russians. As a consequence, I’m going to purchase their game on Steam, regardless of whether I enjoy it or not. Leonidas

I’m hoping Microsoft approves a new Crash Bandicoot game. I loved the remakes and the new game, but Activision appeared to lose interest as soon as they weren’t the box office smashes they expected. Crash 4 was maybe a little conservative, but they could have easily followed it up with a more contemporary platformer, which I hope they do. Grant

The topic for this week’s Hot Topic is Reader Xane proposed the topic for this weekend’s Inbox, asking, “What is your favorite classic video game format?”

We want to know what’s your favorite vintage format of all time, assuming that retro implies anything up to and including the Xbox 360 period, thanks to TheA500 Mini generating a spike of interest in the Amiga 500. Any gaming device, including consoles (both home and portable), personal computers, and the PC, is eligible. Please be explicit about the time period in question if it’s the PC.

What do you enjoy about the format, and how important is nostalgia in your decision? What were the finest games in the format, and is there anything you miss from newer devices?

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The “free games on ps5” is a question that has been asked by many people. There are pros and cons to both services, so it’s best to do some research before you decide which one to sign up for.

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