Gamigo Group Announces MMORPG Fractured Online

Fractured Online is a highly anticipated multiple-player online role playing game (MMORPG) set to launch in 2018. The company has partnered with nvision, the developer of Black Desert Online and Warface, as well as leading publishers such as Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., DailyGame Media GmbH & Co KG, Tencent Games Europe Ltd.

The “mmorpg meaning” is a new game that has just been announced by Gamigo Group.

Gamigo Group Announces open-world sandbox fantasy MMORPG Fractured Online

Fractured Online is a new open-world sandbox fantasy MMORPG from Gamigo Group. Gamigo Group has unveiled its first-ever isometric open-world MMORPG, thanks to a publishing deal with Dynamight Studios.

Players can expect to have complete flexibility thanks to a unique advancement system that allows them to shape and create the world in whatever manner they want: figuratively, via the economy, or physically, by building across three planets and various continents. Demons prey on the characters, which might bring the populace together or break it apart.

Humans, Wildfolk, and Demons are the three races in Fractured Online. Each race has its own gaming mechanics and will have a unique influence on the environment, such as the kind of civilization they may live in and how they interact with other players.

Gamigo Group Announces open-world sandbox fantasy MMORPG Fractured Online

Gamigo Group Announces open-world sandbox fantasy MMORPG Fractured Online

Wildfolk, for example, may live happily in a defensive society if collaboration is a key component of the game. If you play as a human, you may have free will and strive to live happily in a feudal society while avoiding breaking the rules. Demons are the race you choose if you want chaos and animosity.

“We wanted to give something more powerful and versatile than the traditional RPG levels and skill advancement system,” explains Jacopo Gallelli, Dynamight Studios’ co-founder and CEO. “Not for the hours they spent chasing rats in a cellar for some random farmers, our system rewards people who are brave and intelligent.”

Players may participate in the player-driven economy when they aren’t focused on growing their skills and talents. While most MMORPGs need you to find goods, Fractured Online requires you to make them. Every merchant, crafter, scavenger, and blacksmith plays a crucial role in the universe since they assist you in making your gear.

Fighting is also a big part in Fractured Online. Players may resolve disagreements via combat. Fighters must learn to aim, evade, and master over 400 skills and 40 distinct status effects in this fast-paced fighting system. It is completely up to the user whether these skills are deployed against PvE creatures or other players in PvP combat.

In the next months, more information about Fractured Online will be disclosed via Gamigo Group and Dynamight Studios’ social media accounts, which you can discover here.

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