Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry ‘not surprised at all’ by team’s 7

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors said he is “not surprised at all” by his team’s performance so far this NBA season. Curry, who has been an MVP candidate for three years straight now says that “we’re undefeated.”

The “Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry ‘not surprised at all’ by team’s 7.” is a quote from the player. The player was not surprised that his team won their first game of the season against the Sacramento Kings.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — After opening the season 7-1 and looking like the dominating two-way force they were during their championship reign, the Golden State Warriors are rapidly becoming the buzz of the NBA.

Stephen Curry, who led the Warriors to a 126-85 victory against the New Orleans Pelicans on Friday night, said he isn’t shocked by how quickly his team has begun the season.

“We’ve got players that know basketball and know how to play,” Curry added. “What we’re attempting to achieve always has good intentions, even if it doesn’t always work out….” We’re all attempting to accomplish the appropriate thing and comprehend the theory behind how we must generate photographs. Then, obviously, our defensive principles, which we must depend on every night.

“As a result, the album is fantastic. It’s only been eight games, and there’s still a lot of season left, but the way we’re succeeding and the way we’re sort of opening up games, just putting together nice streaks of basketball, I’m not shocked at all.”

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On a night when the Warriors outscored the Pelicans’ bench 57-30 and shot 52.2 percent from the floor, many of Curry’s teammates echoed his assessment. As the Warriors continue to take advantage of an eight-game homestand early in the season, a deep and talented team stocked with a mix of veterans and young players has gelled nicely.

“I’ve seen a lot and worked with a variety of coaches. I’ve worked in a variety of situations “Andre Iguodala, an experienced swingman, remarked. “Take a look around the league to observe how the teams are organized, how they play, and how the game is played. With other teams, you may get a sense of how big you are. We have two starters out [Klay Thompson and James Wiseman], so we have a chance to achieve something extraordinary, but we must continue to strive to improve every day and identify our flaws before other teams can.”

The Warriors’ start is even the more fascinating since Thompson is still rehabilitating from an ACL and Achilles ailment, while Wiseman is coming from a meniscus injury.

While both players are anticipated to return in the coming weeks, it’s evident that the Warriors’ new core, which includes Curry and veteran Draymond Green, has developed a good early rhythm. Warriors coach Steve Kerr singled out veteran Nemanja Bjelica, who scored 13 points and had a game-high plus/minus of 33 in Friday’s victory, as an example of how nicely things are coming together.

Kerr stated, “Everyone is having a great time playing together.” “Belli’s talent level is obvious, and the way we play, he becomes a focal point in the offense as a facilitator rather than simply a pick-and-pop shooter. And he enjoys passing and making plays. He grew up doing that, and you can see how good he is, so it’s the most enjoyable way to play basketball when you have a group of players who can all do it and the ball goes. So they’re all having a good time. Coaches are as well.”

Green encapsulated those emotions throughout the game, particularly after Gary Payton II’s monstrous dunk, which had the veteran forward leaping up and down off the bench and celebrating on the court.

Green shrugged off compliments from the league before Friday’s game when asked whether he was enjoying the league’s renewed interest in the Warriors.

Green said, “I don’t really pay attention to the league.” “This is the same league that stated we weren’t on our way to winning when we did.” Also, the same league that stated we were on our way to a championship and then lost. So it doesn’t really matter.

“This squad is improving, in my opinion. I believe there are several areas in which we can improve. And I believe that if we can improve on those areas, we will be a more dangerous club, but what are we at now? 6-1, 7-1? There are still a few games remaining. We must continue to improve and embrace the process…. I believe it all comes down to ongoing development, and if we can do that, I believe the sky is the limit.”

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