Here’s Everything You Missed in “Armageddon, Part 5”

“Armageddon, Part 5” was a huge episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as we saw nearly every major character die in it. And while not everyone got to see these deaths on screen, they were all killed off-screen and are now being brought back for an upcoming season 10.

The “Armageddon, Part 5” is the fifth and final episode of the movie “Armageddon”. It was released on December 21st, 2014.



Hello, and welcome back. Joe

Joe is on the phone with Barry (the call from Part 4) as the show begins, and Barry rushes over to the West residence to embrace him. Barry tells Joe what occurred and how Thawne took his life and screwed up the chronology, including Joe’s “death,” through a Reverse Flashpoint. Joe tells him that he is still here and will not be leaving. The scene is interrupted, however, when Damien Dark appears. Damien may have been momentarily attracted to 2021 as a result of his connection to the time stone Barry used to put things right. He doesn’t sure how much longer he has, but all he wants to do is see his daughter.

Meanwhile, Reverse Flash appears at the CCPD, antagonizing them but claiming that he is not yet ready to die. Barry attempts to explain the strange chronology to Team Flash at STAR, including showing Chester the technology that his future self-created that saved the timeline in the end. They do receive a news notice that Thawne is at CCPD, however. Thawne is attempting to entice The Flash, but he is not successful. Instead, Green Arrow — Mia Queen — appears. She begs to know where William is, but Thawne refuses to tell her, and she begins to lose track of time. Thawne intends to murder Mia, but The Flash saves her. Thawne then requests that Barry rescue him.



Mia is brought up to speed at STAR, and she reveals that she accidentally located Thawne while monitoring someone else. When Barry undid Thawne’s modifications, he also put in motion the process of Thawne’s permanent erasure. Mia believes it’s a huge error to even contemplate rescuing Thawne. Iris approaches her to speak with her. Mia informs her that she has come to locate William, who has gone missing. Mia summarizes the events of the Green Arrow and the Canaries pilot. It turns out she hasn’t seen him in almost two years, and she discovered temporal energy at the murder site, which brought her here. The Queen family hozen is all she has left. Iris asks whether she’s approached Felicity for assistance, but Mia claims her mother wouldn’t understand what she’s gone through to come to this point – Iris informs her that her father finally realized that murdering wasn’t the best solution. Mia believes Iris should be a woman and murder Thawne.


Allow Thawne to perish?

Caitlin inquires about Thawne, who attempts to get into her thoughts by reminding her of where she was eight years ago – with Ronnie, then the particle accelerator explosion. Rather than moving on with her life, Thawne warns her she’s trapped. Caitlin refuses to accept the bait, telling him that death is a part of life and that he will not be able to dodge what is coming for him. She also informs Thawne that she despises him and that she will not be the one to rescue him. Caitlin then approaches to Barry and informs him that Thawne must die.

Barry approaches Thawne to talk with him. He is curious as to why Thawne engineered a Reverse Flashpoint and why ruining his life is such a significant concern for him. Barry is curious as to what he done to Thawne. Thawne informs him. They meet for the first time in 200 years. Thawne gains speed and prepares to reveal himself to the world, but The Flash arrives on the scene to investigate a case and dazzles — and rescues — the audience before he can. Thawne was embarrassed by Barry, who had been his idol, and his answer was to speed up and kill him. He also reveals that if Barry rescues him, Thawne would merely keep trying to murder him in various ways.


A choice is made

Later, Despero appears and informs Barry that if he doesn’t let Thawne die, there’s no way to assure that Armageddon is really avoided. Despero also claims that he can’t murder him since there’s no other way to guarantee Thawne’s death. All they have to do now is let him die. Caitlin, Barry, and Iris are now on board with letting Thawne die, but Chester and Allegra are against it. Cecile praises Iris for telling them they don’t have a say, and Iris tells them they should think about it. Joe, on the other hand, arrives and informs Barry and Iris that they need to speak. Joe isn’t thrilled with the prospect of letting Thawne die. He informs them that they owe it to him to help him since he has come for assistance. Joe says that he wants him dead as well, but they must defend everyone, not just “nice people,” since “heroes protect everyone.” Joe becomes enraged and tells them that they have a choice at all times. It turns out that Barry has already worked out how to rescue Thawne: slow him down.

Despero resolves to take matters into his own hands after making the choice to rescue Thawne. He has Mia’s thoughts under his control.


Despero’s real story

To rescue Thawne, the idea is simple: take away his speed, and Argus will take him into prison. Despero appears to inform him that they are making a mistake and that Thawne may regain his abilities. He makes a threat to The Flash, and suddenly they both vanish. Mia stops the crew from going to defend Thawne.

Despero is told by The Flash that he has never been a hero and that he is lying about his own background. It turns out that Despero was the dictator in his origin myth all along, and that he’d been mistaken all along. The antagonist is Despero. They are at odds. While Barry and Despero battle on the streets of Central City, Mia goes after the rest of Team Flash, shooting Caitlin in the leg and planning to murder Iris. Iris and Cecile try to reason with Mia and break Despero’s hold on her. They’ve succeeded in reuniting Mia.


Boots in gold

After Despero declares that Barry will be the world’s hero, Barry returns to STAR Labs. He intends to destroy the whole city in order to assassinate Thawne. As time runs out, Team Flash must act quickly to take away Thawne’s speed. They plan to cope with Py’tar’s flame by giving Flash his Gold Boots, a PED from the future. The boots enable The Flash to scatter the Flame, allowing him to destroy Despero by cutting off his connection to it. Despero promises to pay and then vanishes. Barry rushes back to STAR Labs with just a few seconds left. He slams tremendous quantities of energy into Thawne, disconnecting him from his speed and preserving his life but making him immobile. Thawne, on the other hand, claims that his speed was his life and that Barry has just left him in hell.


Is the timetable back on track?

Team Flash joins Mia in celebrating the day’s success, when Damien Dark appears. Mia makes a move to murder him, but she backs off as Damien seems to accept his destiny, and he’s startled he’s still alive. Damien is really baffled as to why he is still alive. Iris speaks with Mia and provides her with information regarding William. Mia resolves to go meet her mother after all, having decided to be a hero, and it turns out she has a lead on the symbols on the selected. Iris asks her to come back more regularly while she’s in 2021. Chester goes out of his way to flirt with Allegra, thanks to Frost’s encouragement. Joe travels to see Damien, father to father. Joe expresses his gratitude for his assistance to Barry. Damien is still perplexed as to why he’s still there, and Joe indicates that he could have some more work to do. He gives Joe the time stone and then vanishes — Damien is perplexed, but he eventually locates Nora. They have a short reunion, and he gets to tell her once more that he loves her. Nora comes in Damien’s place at the bar after it’s finished, unsure of what occurred, but Barry knows. The chronology has been corrected. Thanks to Damien, Nora is alive and well again. Joe consoles her and leads her away from the group to give her the tale.

Barry makes a toast to the team at the conclusion of the episode, however at the CCPD, a picture on the wall from 2014 has been changed to show Bart and Nora in the background.


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“Armageddon, Part 5” is the final episode of “The Walking Dead”. The episode concludes a long-running story arc that has been building since the first episode. In this article, I will discuss all of the things you missed in “Armageddon, Part 5.” Reference: mk armageddon.

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