‘He’s Scared to Throw the Ball’

After making a big catch, the third-year student is about to throw when his coach says “He’s scared to throw.” His team wins because he doesn’t try anything fancy and just throws it away.

The “how about those browns” is a quote from the movie “He’s Scared to Throw the Ball.” The quote describes how one of the characters feels about his situation.

The Cleveland Browns are disintegrating in front of our eyes, and Baker Mayfield is at the core of it all. The Browns are now 6-6 after a heartbreaking defeat to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday Night Football. As irritation builds, so does Mayfield’s detractors. Kareem Hunt’s father is the latest person to mock the Browns quarterback on social media.

After the Ravens’ defeat, Kareem Hunt Sr. slammed Baker Mayfield.

Browns QB Baker Mayfield looks at Kareem Hunt before a play

Browns QB Baker Mayfield looks at Kareem Hunt before a play The Cleveland Browns’ Baker Mayfield and Kareem Hunt prepare for their game against the Arizona Cardinals | Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Baker Mayfield has had worse games than the one he had against Baltimore, but he just didn’t do enough to win. Despite the fact that Kareem Hunt only played 38 percent of Cleveland’s offensive plays, his father was vocal about the game on social media.

According to Pro Football Talk, Kareem Hunt Sr. used Facebook throughout the game to trash Mayfield and the Browns’ offense.

“I’m just speaking facts about football and what we’re seeing,” Hunt remarked. “He’s hobbling, he’s afraid to throw the ball, and they know he’s wounded,” says the coach.

Hunt is unconcerned whether others disagree with his views.

“Unfriend me if you don’t like what I’m saying,” he said. “I’m not putting anything in jeopardy.” I’ve earned the right to talk. I’m not going to publish any videos. Have a wonderful day. Hopefully, the Browns will win.”

Hunt is following in the footsteps of Odell Beckham Sr., who criticized Mayfield’s on-field connection with Odell Beckham Jr. in a contentious video.

Social media is providing unwanted distractions for a team competing for a playoff place, thanks to Hunt, Beckham, and Emily Mayfield.

The Browns’ quarterback can’t seem to get a break.

The Browns’ 2021 season will be defined by how they handled Baker Mayfield’s injury.

November 21, 2021 — Ben Axelrod (@BenAxelrod)

Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns have experienced a roller coaster of emotions throughout the 2021 NFL season.

A preseason favorite to win the AFC has turned into a massive disaster in their attempt to make the playoffs. The Browns’ troubles have been exacerbated by a number of issues.

The drama of Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr. came to a climax, and the on-field chemistry was irreparable. Odell Beckham Jr. was dismissed by Cleveland, but as the weeks pass, it seems that he was only a scapegoat for the team’s early troubles.

With Beckham out of the picture, all eyes are on the fourth-year quarterback. Mayfield recently chastised Browns supporters for booing during the team’s game against the Lions in Detroit.

Throughout his career, the former Oklahoma star has been plagued by ailments, and he simply can’t seem to stay healthy. It was clear that Mayfield wasn’t himself as he faced the Ravens on Sunday Night Football. However, you have to give Mayfield credit. He certainly has a lot of heart and is willing to risk everything.

A hampered Baker Mayfield, on the other hand, is a formula for catastrophe in Cleveland.

Cleveland could consider benching Mayfield due to his injury.

One group of issues is bumps and bruises. Baker Mayfield’s problems, on the other hand, look to be much more serious.

For the most of the 2021 season, Mayfield has been struggling with a torn labrum. His knee, foot, and groin have all been injured. The consequences of their injuries became evident versus Baltimore.

The 26-year-old quarterback threw for 247 yards and one score on 18 of 37 attempts. He didn’t throw any interceptions, but he did lose a fumble that cost him a touchdown.

Mayfield wasn’t entirely to blame for the defeat, but he definitely didn’t assist their case by not being at full strength.

Head coach Kevin Stefanski will have to decide if a hampered Baker Mayfield is a better option than a healthy Case Keenum at some time.

Keenum, despite being a career journeyman, performed impressively against the Denver Broncos in his lone start.

Stefanski, according to NFL.com, has no intention of benching Mayfield.

If the offense doesn’t pick up soon, the Browns will almost certainly be watching the playoffs from their sofas.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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Baker Mayfield is a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. He was born in Austin, Texas and attended Lake Travis High School. His nickname is “Baker Mayfield.” Reference: baker mayfield nickname.

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