How Many Starting QBs Have the Buffalo Bills Had since Tom Brady Entered the NFL in 2000?

Buffalo Bills fans have been waiting for the team to find their next franchise quarterback since Tom Brady entered the NFL in 2000. Recently, Buffalo drafted Josh Allen, who has a lot of potential and could be great one day soon. However, this feat is not all that’s been accomplished by Buffalo quarterbacks over the past 17 years as they’ve racked up an impressive win/loss record in comparison to other teams across professional football.

The Buffalo Bills have had a total of 18 starting quarterbacks since Tom Brady entered the NFL in 2000. Read more in detail here: buffalo bills quarterbacks history.

Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to six Super Bowl championships in 20 seasons, causing anguish, sorrow, and heartache for Buffalo Bills fans. At the very least, they served chicken wings.

The Bills spent much of their time focused on finding a long-term starting quarterback, whether it was Trent Edwards or E.J. Manuel, when they weren’t eating wings. The four-time AFC champs didn’t get their dream until 2018, when Wyoming’s Josh Allen dropped into their lap with the seventh overall choice.

Since Brady, who is currently with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, debuted on the scene in 2000, how many quarterbacks have the Bills started? We’re glad you inquired.

In the twenty-first century, the Buffalo Bills have started 18 different quarterbacks, including Josh Allen.

The Buffalo Bills have started 18 different quarterbacks in the previous 22 seasons, as of Dec. 5, 2021. Given the length of time it took them to locate a franchise quarterback, that number may be lower than you think.

Allen has started 55 games since joining the league, as of this writing. He joined Ryan Fitzpatrick (53 starts between 2009 and 2012), Drew Bledsoe (48 starts between 2002 and 2004), and Tyrod Taylor (43 starts between 2015 and 2017) as the only quarterbacks to start at least 35 games for the Bills in the twenty-first century.

In five seasons, J.P. Losman, the 22nd overall pick in the loaded 2004 draft, started 33 games. Bills supporters don’t speak about him because of his 10-23 record at that period.

Among the 18 starting quarterbacks, there are a number of well-known names.

Here’s a clip from EJ Manuel’s first professional victory in 2013:

To overcome Carolina at Ralph Wilson Stadium, EJ led the #Bills on a two-minute game-winning drive that ended with a touchdown throw to @StevieJohnson13 with 2 seconds remaining.

On his way off the field, EJ embraced his father and high-fived spectators.

May 13, 2019 — Dan Fetes (@danfetes)

In the midst of the Bills’ 17-year playoff drought, it’s understandable that the team tried everything at quarterback. Buffalo’s starting quarterback in the new millennium was USC product Rob Johnson, who was replaced by CFL icon Doug Flutie halfway through the 2000 season. Johnson started 19 games this century and 26 total games in four seasons with the Bills, while battling ailments.

Flutie isn’t the only noteworthy name on this list, since he started five games that season. Trent Edwards, a third-round choice in 2007 who went 14-18 as the Bills’ starting quarterback, will be remembered by fans born in the 1990s.

Buffalo selected Florida State’s EJ Manuel, an All-ACC performer and former high school All-American, with the 16th overall choice in the 2013 NFL Draft, only months after signing Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone. In four seasons, the 6-foot-4 gunslinger finished 6-11 with 19 touchdowns and 15 picks.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards in 2009.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards in 2009. From 2007 through 2010, Trent Edwards was the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, going 14-18. Getty Images/Jim Rogash

Kyle Orton finished 7-5 in 2014, tossing 18 touchdowns versus 10 interceptions after just passing 61 passes in 2012-13. After the season, he retired, allowing Taylor, a former Baltimore Ravens draft selection, to step in and take over as the team’s starting quarterback.

Since 2000, who are the other Jets quarterbacks who have started a game? Let’s see how many of them you’re familiar with.

  • Matt Barkley (2018) and Jeff Tuel (2013) both started one game for the Bills.
  • Derek Anderson (2018) and Brian Brohm (2009-10) both started two games.
  • In 2017-18, Nathan Peterman started four games.
  • In 2013, Thad Lewis started five games.
  • Kelly Holcomb (2005) and Alex Van Pelt (2001) both started eight games.

If Van Pelt’s name seems familiar, it’s because he’s the offensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns. When the Green Bay Packers let Van Pelt go after the 2017 season, quarterback Aaron Rodgers expressed his displeasure.

Fortunately for the Bills, Allen and his MVP-caliber performance will be around for a long time.

If the Bills get a chance to rest Allen later this season, Mitchell Trubisky might push the total number of players on this list to 19. Allen, for the time being, is satisfied to keep things at 18.

Fans of the Bills are unlikely to see Trubisky unless he’s handing the ball off late in a 40-point victory. When Allen has been so wonderful in recent years, why would they want something different?

In his first 55 games, Allen completed 63 percent of his throws for 12,778 yards, 92 touchdowns, and 41 interceptions. On 5.3 yards per run, the dangerous dual-threat quarterback ran for 1,945 yards and 28 touchdowns.

A Bills-Buccaneers Super Bowl doesn’t seem too far-fetched, depending on how long Brady stays in the NFC. We apologise to Patriots supporters for instilling that notion in them. 

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Since the Steelers drafted Ben Roethlisberger in 2004, the Cleveland Browns have had how many starting quarterbacks?

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