How to Bypass Paywall on Chrome? (2022)

When it comes to content, whether in the form of websites or articles on news sites, paywalls are a necessary evil. However, many people with limited internet access have no way around these barriers which is where the Bypass Paywall extension for Chrome enters into play.

The “bypass paywall chrome extension” is a browser extension that allows users to bypass the paywall on Chrome. This article will teach you how to install the extension and use it.

A subscription makes sense if you are a frequent reader of one magazine. If you prefer to read a variety of articles from many sources on the internet, having a subscription to only one journal makes little sense. On Chrome, you must get around the paywall.

We’ve covered numerous methods for bypassing the paywall on Chrome in this post, as well as a list of chrome extensions that may perform the job swiftly.

How to Get Around Chrome’s Paywall

To make this procedure work, you’ll need to install the Github Chrome extension.

Now follow the instructions below:

  • To begin, use the Chrome browser.
  • Now, click on the 3 vertical dots on the top right corner and navigate to More tools > Extensions.
  • On the extensions page, enable ‘Developer Mode.’
  • Now, go to the URL above and download the chrome extension.
  • Examine the zip folder to see whether all files have been extracted correctly.
  • Drag the folder onto the Chrome extension page with your mouse.
  • As seen in the figure below, the extension will be installed.


Different types of paywalls

There are two Different types of paywallss hard and soft. A website having a soft paywall loads the complete article into your browser but then blocks it off with a popup or overlay. Websites with a hard paywall don’t load any content until you subscribe. 

Chrome Extensions to Get Around the Paywall

You can use the Chrome extensions described below to get around both hard and soft paywalls:

Bardeen is the best option for hard paywalls.

With the Bardeen Chrome plugin, you can automate most of your computer shortcuts. This plugin is quite effective at getting around paywalls.

What is the purpose of the Bardeen Extension?

When you activate the Bardeen Chrome extension, it scrapes the whole web and accesses the web archives you need.

2. Remove paywall

For everyone who enjoys reading scientific papers, Unpaywall is the ideal Chrome plugin. This Chrome addon offers a database of over 30 million articles that may be accessed with just a single click.

What is the functionality of the Unpaywall Extension?

As usual, you must do research on the articles. When you open a scholar article, however, the Unpaywall extension checks whether or not a copy of the material is accessible in its database. 

A green “unlock” symbol shows on the browser if the extension discovers a duplicate of the material in its database. Simply click the “unlock” symbol to get the full material for free.

3. ReaderMode: The Best Soft Paywall Extension

ReaderMode is the perfect addon if you want an easy approach to read material without the website’s design interrupting the text. With a single click, it eliminates paywalls (both overlays and popups).

If the website you’re attempting to visit also has a hard paywall, we suggest using the Bardeen paywall and ReaderMode extensions in tandem.

4. Avoid the Paywall

The Bypass Paywall addon is a great technique to get around paywalls on over 160 news websites. This extension’s designer has gone through all of the most popular websites and built bespoke code to get around their paywalls.

So, if you’re weary of being unable to access articles due to a paywall, give Bypass Paywall a try; it could be precisely what you’re looking for! 

How does the Paywall Bypass work?

This addon works in the same way as a regular Google search bot, unlocking content. To use this extension in Chrome, you must first activate “Developer mode” and then upload the file’s contents.

5. uBlock

The uBlock Chrome plugin is the answer if you’re weary of being inundated with popups every time you go online. Most paywall popups may be avoided using this addon. Install uBlock Origin right now to enjoy a browser without popups. 

How to Manually Get Around the Paywall

If you don’t want to utilize your browser’s addons, you may attempt the following manual techniques to get around the paywall in Chrome:

  • Browse in a private window

In incognito mode, the cookies are always fresh and clear. As a result, you may use the incognito window to manually browse the articles.

Web archives and other third-party websites may be used (also known as Wayback machine). All of the previous articles indexed in the search engines are available on this page. On this website, you may always refer to previous versions of the article.

  • Google Search using Article Title

If you want to check for the sources for your article manually, it is recommended to copy & paste the title of the article on Google search. This will show you the list of websites that have included the source of your article.


If you’re weary of getting stopped by paywalls every time you attempt to access online material, consider the suggestions above. You can use extensions to get around most paywalls, allowing you to acquire the information you need quickly.

Installing numerous extensions from the list above is recommended since each one operates differently. You’ll never have to worry about paywalls after that. 

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