How to Charge Apple TV Remote & Check Battery Level [Guide]

Apple TV users have been asking themselves how to charge their remote and check the battery level of the device. Let’s dive into these topics today so you can solve your problems with ease.

The “how do i know when my apple tv remote is charged” is a question that many have asked. Luckily, there is an easy solution to this problem. You can charge your Apple TV remote by connecting it to the USB port of your computer.

How to Charge Apple TV Remote & Check Battery Level [Guide]

Apple Inc.’s products are renowned for their superior quality. Among them, Apple TV is one of the most popular streaming gadgets in the world. Furthermore, Apple TV comes in five different versions, each with its own remote controller for ease device navigation. The Siri remote is included with the current model of Apple TV (4th and 5th). You don’t need to charge the first three versions of Apple TV remotes since they use lithium 3V coin batteries. The Siri remote, on the other hand, is different from the previous one in that it has a rechargeable battery within. So, if your Siri remote’s battery is low, you may charge it. The lightning cord that comes with your Apple TV may be used to charge your Siri remote. This post will teach you how to charge the Apple TV remote and how to check the battery level.

How to Check the Battery Level on an Apple TV Remote

The Apple TV Remote is always straightforward to use since it simply has the necessary buttons. There is no physical indication on the Siri Remote that shows that it is charging. However, you may get a message on your TV, prompting you to charge it. If you wish to check the battery level manually, you must do so.

1. From your Apple TV’s home screen, go to the Settings app.


2. Select the Remotes and Devices option from the settings menu.


3. Next, on the next screen, choose Remote.


If your Siri remote is charging, the lightning bolt will appear to the right of the Remote option. If you can’t locate it, the battery icon with the charge level may be seen.

4. Now you can see the Battery Level option on the screen, along with the Siri remote’s accurate charge %.


How to Use the Remote to Fast Forward on Apple TV

What Is the Best Way to Charge the Apple TV Remote?

You may have gotten a USB cord with your Apple TV to charge your remote. You may use the cable from your iPhone/iPad if you don’t have one.

There are no batteries in the original and second-generation remote controls. If your remote no longer holds a charge, you’ll need to purchase a new. In other words, the previous remote controllers cannot be used to replace the Apple TV Remote batteries.

1. Insert one end of the USB cord into the Apple TV remote’s lightning connector.

2. Connect the opposite end of the wire to a Mac PC or Laptop’s USB Power Adapter or USB port.


3. You can operate your Apple TV using the remote while it’s charging. To check the battery level, follow the steps outlined above.

4. It takes three hours to completely charge the Siri remote.


It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t have to charge your Siri remote too frequently. The remote will function for many months after being completely charged. You may charge your remote when your TV gives you a notice that your battery is low. Alternatively, you may download the Apple TV remote app on your iOS device and use it to operate Apple TV functions. If the cord isn’t functioning, charge the remote using an Apple-certified cable. If you have any questions about this article, please post them in the comments area.

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The “how to check apple tv remote battery on iphone” is a guide that shows how to charge the Apple TV remote and also check the battery level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my Apple TV remote is charging?

A: When you first turn on your Apple TV, the remote will be charged. If it is not charging after that time, then you need to check if it is plugged into a wall outlet or power strip.

Can I charge my Apple TV remote with my iPhone charger?

A: Yes. Just plug the charger into your Apple TV remote, then plug that in to any standard USB port on a computer or iPad.

Does the Apple TV remote light up when charging?

A: Yes, the remote does light up when it is charging.

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