How to download Microsoft Money Sunset on Windows 11

Microsoft Money is a personal finance management software for Windows computers. This program offers you the opportunity of doing your account bookkeeping and managing your money in an organized way. In order to run Microsoft Money on computer, it requires certain files from MSMoney.msi file which can be downloaded from this page

Microsoft Money Sunset is a discontinued software program that was released by Microsoft. The software will no longer be supported and users need to download the latest version of Microsoft Money from their website.


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  • Despite the fact that Microsoft Money has been discontinued, it still retains a sizable user base due to its well-designed interface.
  • Users have reported a variety of problems with several products since the introduction of Windows 11, and Money was no exception.
  • You’ll learn how to edit the Windows Registry to address any difficulties that happen after you’ve completed the Microsoft Money installation.



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Microsoft Money Plus Sunset is still one of the most popular financial programs on Windows 11, despite the fact that it is no longer being developed.

Microsoft discontinued selling Money on June 30, 2009, and in January 2011, it limited existing Money installations’ access to internet services.

People could read and modify Money data files using Microsoft Money Plus Sunset, a replacement version launched in 2010, but it lacked any online capabilities or support.

There were two editions available: Deluxe and Home & Business. Money was relaunched as a Windows Store app in 2012, but this time as a news aggregator for personal finance, investing, and real estate.

Because the program is no longer being maintained, users have experienced issues installing or running it on the most current Windows versions; this page will assist you with this.

MS Money’s publications

  • Microsoft Money 2007, version 16.0, was the first version of the application to need product activation for copies obtained through installation files.
  • The last retail release of Microsoft Money Plus was version On copies installed from a CD, this was the first and only version that required product activation.
  • Money Plus Sunset, version of the application, was subsequently published by Microsoft as an edition of Money Plus that did not need activation.
  • Then came the Windows 8 edition, which was published in 2012 and is version 18.0 of the program, and it was at this time that they chose to replace the core software with MSN: Money.
  • Finally, there’s the Windows 10 version, which is essentially the same as MSN: Money but optimized for Windows 10.

What should I know about the various Microsoft Money versions?

Microsoft Money is available in translated versions for the United Kingdom, France, Japan, and Canada, as well as an International English edition for other English-speaking countries.

Russia, Brazil, Germany, and Italy, for example, have their own editions. These versions, however, were phased out.

Later, Microsoft made available a free, limited-time trial edition of Microsoft Money Plus for download.

This trial version could import data files from the Canadian edition of Money, but not from other non-US versions.

Users who are upgrading from non-US versions must export and reimport their accounts manually, and certain information may need to be re-entered.

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And now, for the most part, you’re looking for answers. Below are a few alternative methods for installing Microsoft Money on Windows 11 and resolving any difficulties or bugs that may arise.

How can I download and install Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Home & Business on Windows 11?

  1. Microsoft Money 2010 is available for download. 
  2. To begin the installation, double-click the downloaded file
  3. On the following screen, go through the whole license agreement and then click I Accept to continue the installation.1649243419_106_How-to-download-Microsoft-Money-Sunset-on-Windows-11
  4. When the installation is finished, which shouldn’t take long, you’ll be sent to the completion page. Click Finish to complete the process, and you should be set to go.1649243420_772_How-to-download-Microsoft-Money-Sunset-on-Windows-11
  1. When you click the Start button and put money into the search box, the Microsoft Money icon will display. Simply click on Microsoft Money to proceed.1649243421_210_How-to-download-Microsoft-Money-Sunset-on-Windows-11
  1. If the screen below appears, choose Create a New File and then click Next. Then click OK after selecting a place for the money file.1649243421_803_How-to-download-Microsoft-Money-Sunset-on-Windows-11
  1. Microsoft Money will now provide you with assurances about keeping track of your funds via the internet, but none of them are legitimate anymore. By hitting the Next button, you may continue.1649243422_141_How-to-download-Microsoft-Money-Sunset-on-Windows-11
  1. Money offers to make your financial records more safe by encrypting the data file with a password. If you don’t want to use a password, select the box that reads I don’t want to use one, then click Next.1649243423_864_How-to-download-Microsoft-Money-Sunset-on-Windows-11
  1. They then ask you to submit your personal information so that your money file may be properly customized. You should probably just click Skip and move on.1649243424_959_How-to-download-Microsoft-Money-Sunset-on-Windows-11
  1. Money used to be able to link directly to bank accounts and do miracles by consuming transactional data. Banking security has improved, and we are certain that no financial institution would accept this any longer. If your bank still allows you to export.qif or.ofx files, you may import these into Microsoft Money Sunset. If you don’t want to set up an account, just select Skip Account Setup.1649243424_662_How-to-download-Microsoft-Money-Sunset-on-Windows-11
  1. Finally, the message is visible. You have completed the creation of your money file. Your money file is complete, and you can go to the next step by clicking Finish.1649243425_626_How-to-download-Microsoft-Money-Sunset-on-Windows-11
  1. It’s here. After you’ve installed Microsoft Money on your Windows 11 computer, you’re ready to start.1649243426_772_How-to-download-Microsoft-Money-Sunset-on-Windows-11

What would you do if Microsoft Money Sunset didn’t come out with Windows 11?

  1. In your Windows 11 taskbar, click the search button and type Registry Editor, then press Enter.
  1. HKEY LOCAL MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432NodeMicrosoftInternet ExplorerHKEY LOCAL MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432NodeMicrosoftInternet Explorer
  2. When you locate the folder, click on Version on the right side and update the value to 9.11.10240.0 before clicking OK.1649243427_943_How-to-download-Microsoft-Money-Sunset-on-Windows-11
  3. After that, close the registry and reboot your computer. You should now be ready to go.

Microsoft Money is an out-of-date program that works with other out-of-date programs, including the now-defunct Internet Explorer.

Many Money users have reported that the program periodically fails to launch, needing a quick registry tweak. The methods outlined above should be followed to resolve the difficulties.

Because the issue might be caused by your computer’s operating system, we also propose that you utilize a PC repair tool like Restoro.

This program will examine your computer for damaged files and replace them, addressing Microsoft Money Sunset issues.

Obtain Restoro

As a consequence of the development’s termination, many of the elements that made it so tempting back then have been rendered unworkable.

Despite the fact that it is almost a decade old, Microsoft Money continues to have a big user base.

So, if you don’t mind manually entering or importing data, it’s still a great method to keep track of your personal money. 

Take a look at this post if you’re seeking for another kind of financial software.

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Microsoft Money is the personal finance management software that was developed by Microsoft. It is a desktop application for Windows computers. The “microsoft money 2021” is a downloadable version of the software that allows users to manage their finances on their computer and sync with other devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Microsoft Money run on Windows 11?

A: Unfortunately, Microsoft Money cannot run on Windows versions under 11. This is due to not being able to support the software that came with Windows 11 and newer.

Does Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Work Windows 11?

A: Microsoft Money Plus sunset is a scam. Its not an actual program, it only takes 30 minutes of your life and doesnt actually do anything for you.

Can you still download Microsoft Money Sunset?

A: Unfortunately, Microsoft does not allow users to download their discontinued software anymore.

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