How to Get Copyright Symbol on Keyboard [PC, Mac, Android & iOS]

The copyright symbol is not an easy one to find on your keyboard. Here are some tips for finding a key that will allow you to input the correct character.

The “how to type the copyright symbol on mac” is a question that has been asked many times before. There are two ways to get the copyright symbol on your keyboard:

How to Get Copyright Symbol on Keyboard [PC, Mac, Android & iOS]

Only the most often used special symbols are featured on the keyboard, so you won’t be able to discover all of them. The copyright sign is an example of a symbol that is seldom used. It’s a crucial sign that isn’t seen on the keyboard. However, you may utilize shortcuts to access the Copyright sign on the keyboard.

What is the Copyright Symbol?

A circular capital letter C () is a copyright sign that may be identified. Copr is the abbreviation for Copr. Anyone may signify that a work is copyright protected by using this symbol. Photographers and other content developers are the most prevalent users. Anyone who wishes to access this kind of material must first assert ownership. Despite the fact that this sign is well-known, most countries do not insist on using it. The copyright sign is immediately identifiable, and it graphically communicates to the reader that the information is protected by copyright.

How do you type the Copyright Symbol on your keyboard?

The next section will show you how to utilize the Copyright sign keyboard shortcut on various devices.

On a PC running Windows,

Check out the multiple ways in which you can insert the Copyright symbol On a PC running Windows, (10, 8, 7 & XP).

Using a Shortcut on the Keyboard

The Alt code keyboard shortcut for the Copyright symbol On a PC running Windows, works with a Numeric keyboard.

  • To acquire the Copyright sign at the necessary location, hold down the Alt key and type 0169 using the numeric keys.

Those Windows PCs without the numeric keyboard option can try the steps given below to get the Copyright symbol On a PC running Windows,.

(1). To activate Num Lock, press Fn + Num Lock.

(2). Look for numeric keys, and if there aren’t any, try this method.

(M=0, J=1, K=2, L=3, U=4, I=5, O=6, 7=7, 8=8, 9=9) (M=0, J=1, K=2, L=3, U=4, I=5, O=6, 7=7, 8=8, 9=9) This solution isn’t compatible with all Windows computers.

(3). Hold down the Alt key while typing 0169 on the numeric keys.

Note: When typing on certain desktops, users must hit and hold the Fn keys.

(4) After you have released all of the keys, look for the Copyright sign in the proper location.

Making Use Of A Character Map

(1) Type in the search bar to open Character Map.

Open Character Map-Copyright Symbol on Keyboard

(2). Simply look for the Copyright icon and double-click it.

(3) Click the Copy button when it appears in the Character to Copy area.

Select Copyright Symbol-Copyright Symbol on Keyboard

(4). To paste the Copyright sign, go to the target position and click Ctrl + V.

Using Microsoft Word’s Ribbon

(1) Open documents in Microsoft Word.

(2). Select Insert tab > Symbol.

Click on Copyright Symbol-Copyright Symbol on Keyboard

(3). Double-click the Copyright sign to activate it.

(4) Once it’s in, just choose and copy it to paste it somewhere else.

Quick Tip: Type CRT (with Caps Lock) and then press the Space bar in Microsoft Word. The Copyright emblem will be added.

You may also acquire the Copyright sign by using the Emoji keyboard. To access the Emoji keyboard, press Windows + full stop. For Windows 10 PCs, click the Heart symbol. Click the Symbols icon on a Windows 11 PC. The Copyright icon will appear.

Emoji keyboard

On Mac PC

Users using Macs may utilize the Character Viewer program or a Copyright sign keyboard shortcut.

Using Shortcuts on the Keyboard

Copyright Symbol Mac Keyboard Shortcut is

  • On macOS, hold down the Option key while pressing the g key to receive the Copyright sign.

With the Character Viewer tool, you can:

(1). Go to the Finder menu and pick Edit from the drop-down menu.

(2). Select Emoji & Symbols.

Note: Press Control + Command + Space to get Emoji & Symbols.

(3) Select the Letterlike Symbols option from the left side.

(4). Simply right-click the copyright sign and choose Copy Character Info from the drop-down menu.

(5). Copyright Symbol will now appear on the clipboard. You may paste it anywhere you like.

On the Android platform,

To acquire the Copyright symbol on Android, launch any app that supports the keyboard and follow the instructions below.

(1). Open any app with a keyboard or any installed Android keyboard app. Take, for example, Messages.

(2). Click the?123 key on the keyboard under the text message area.

(3). Now, press +< to go to the secondary symbol section and click on the Copyright symbol.

(4). Select and copy the Copyright sign that appears in the text message area. To paste it, go to the target spot.

On iOS

(1). To send a text message, open the iMessage app and choose the text message area.

(2). Click the Smiley icon on the keyboard.

(3). Select the symbol that resembles a musical note with a percentage sign.

(4). To type it, choose the Copyright sign.

(5). You may pick it and copy it to the clipboard to use it elsewhere.

It’s that simple and easy to use the Copyright symbol on any device’s keyboard. All you need is one minute of your time, and you’re done. If you know of any other easy methods to get the copyright sign, please leave a comment below. You may follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts to learn more about such content.


1. What is the correct way to write the Copyright symbol?

To type the Copyright sign, use the Alt codes or the Character Viewer toll.

2. On the keyboard, where is the Copyright symbol?

The copyright sign is not accessible on any Samsung, Apple, or Windows keyboard.

The “how to type copyright symbol iphone” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer is that the copyright symbol can be typed on an iPhone by holding down the Alt and then typing in the number 3.

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