‘If They Feel Weakness, They Pounce on You’

I’m just a human being. I don’t want to be part of this, but you know what? It’s happening. So if they feel weakness, they pounce on you and it becomes your turn to fight back.

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The 2021 NFL season for the Buffalo Bills has been everything but expected. When the Bills are on their game, they seem unstoppable. When they turn up unfocused, though, it might appear like a train crash. That’s why Colin Cowherd’s comparison of the Buffalo Bills to famous boxer Mike Tyson is so accurate. And now, this Tyson-like squad is gearing up for the most important battle of the season.

The Buffalo Bills’ 2021 season has been a rollercoaster.

Josh Allen, Mike Tyson (L-R) of the Buffalo Bills | Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images; Focus on Sport via Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills were one of the preseason favorites to make the Super Bowl in Los Angeles in 2021 and maybe win it.

With a 23-16 defeat to the now-5-5-1 Pittsburgh Steelers on opening day, head coach Seam McDermott, quarterback Josh Allen, and the rest of the AFC favorites got off to a bad start. After that, the team turned things around, winning four straight blowout games against the Miami Dolphins (35-0), Washington Football Team (43-21), Houston Texans (40-0), and Kansas City Chiefs (38-20).

With a healthy Derrick Henry, a three-point setback to the Tennessee Titans in Week 6 was nothing to be embarrassed of.

However, the team’s next two losses — a startling 6-9 Week 9 defeat to the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars and a 41-15 thrashing by the Indianapolis Colts — exposed fundamental weaknesses.

The Bills have gotten too reliant on Allen, and it’s a concern when he’s not at his best (which he doesn’t appear to be every other week). They also don’t have much of a rushing game, and their offensive line is disorganized and, at times, untalented.

When things are going well for the Buffalo Bills, they are going well. It doesn’t work when it doesn’t.

Colin Cowherd’s cross-sport comparison regarding Buffalo is fascinating because of this relationship.

Colin Cowherd ranked the Bills as the NFL’s sixth greatest team, comparing them to Mike Tyson.

Despite their ups and downs this season, most experts believe the Buffalo Bills will be a top 10 NFL club in 2021. This week, Colin Cowherd ranks them sixth in the league in his “Herd Hierarchy” section on The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

Cowherd found a wonderful parallel for Josh Allen and his team because of the Bills’ power and the erratic nature of their performances this season:

Buffalo is an intriguing club, and a part of me believes they are the greatest in football. Every one of their victories has been by a margin of 15 points or more. There’s a Mike Tyson vibe going on here. They will pounce on you if they sense your vulnerability. But they don’t pass block, don’t have a running game, and with Josh Allen, they’re really one-dimensional, but they’re so brilliantly dynamic that you can’t look at them as anything other than Kansas City terrific. Because if your offensive line is poor, you’ll be forced to run all day against their defensive front.

Mike Tyson is played by Colin Cowherd of the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills, as Cowherd points out, may be the greatest team in the NFL when they’re at their best. They may just as easily be knocked out by Buster Douglas if they come up and don’t want to play (aka the Jaguars).

In Week 13, the Bills will face their own version of Michael Spinks vs. Tyson… assuming Spinks were more like Muhammad Ali.

The Western New York squad will play its most important game of the season on Monday night.

To add to Colin Cowherd’s Mike Tyson parallel, Josh Allen had a James Tillis, Mitch “Blood” Green, and Marvis Frazier phase early in his career. Allen’s 2018 and 2019 seasons were all on establishing his potential and becoming better.

The Bills’ Trevor Berbick/Larry Holmes era in 2020 was one in which they established they were for genuine and had NFL lasting power.

This week’s Monday Night Football matchup pits the Buffalo Bills against the New England Patriots. It’s not the Brady/Belichick Patriots (aka Muhammad Ali), but it is one of the finest teams in the NFL right now, with Michael Spinks as the quarterback in 1988.

The two AFC East rivals bring heavyweight defenses to the table. They are now ranked first and second in the NFL in terms of scoring defense, and they are tied for second in the league in terms of turnovers with 25 each. Buffalo ranks eighth in passing yards and 13th in rushing yards on offense. New England ranks ninth in the running game and tenth in the passing game.

The game will take place at Orchard Park, and the temperature is expected to be in the 20s at start. There’s even the possibility of snow.

If the Bills win — like Tyson did against Spinks in 91 seconds — they will reclaim first place in the East and reclaim their status as legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

If the Bills turn up distracted and undisciplined, like Tyson did in Japan against Buster Douglas in 1990, the result might be the same as in that notorious Tyson fight: Buffalo may never recover from this thrashing.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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