Instagram (controversy and rumors) vs Pinterest (social commerce news): it’s a long

Instagram has been the center of social media controversy for a while now, with many people complaining about how pictures aren’t posted on time. With that being said, Pinterest is an up and coming social site to follow in Instagram’s footsteps.

The “snapchat, social commerce” is a long debate that has been going on for quite some time. Many believe that Instagram is the better platform to look at when it comes down to social commerce news and Pinterest.

In the last few hours, two well-known photo-sharing platforms, Instagram and Pinterest, have generated a lot of buzz, with the first being embroiled in rumors and disputes surrounding young people, and the second becoming aware of new social commerce deals. Instagram (controversy and rumors) vs Pinterest (social commerce news): it's a long-distance battle

Instagram and Pinterest, two of the most popular photo-sharing platforms at the moment, have drawn widespread attention, in the first instance due to fresh issues and speculations, and in the second case due to a new endeavor in the sphere of social commerce.

Starting with Instagram, the Meta Platforms Inc photo-sharing network has once again been accused of inflicting damage to young people, following the allegations made by the Wall Street Journal in recent months. The bearer of the “J’accuse” this time is the non-profit organization FairPlay, which has released a 21-page synopsis of the dangers of algorithms that, in suggesting what to watch, create self-referential “content bubbles,” some of which are linked to eating disorders because they contain photos and videos that frequently encourage extreme weight loss and unbalanced diets.

According to the NGO, over 90 thousand distinct accounts would have produced information in this “bubble” on eating disorders between December 2021 and January 2022, exposing approximately 20 million people to similar content on Instagram. a large number of users, some of whom would be as young as nine years old, despite the fact that anybody under the age of thirteen is prohibited from using the site. Furthermore, Meta would receive almost $ 227.9 million per year from people who follow the contents of this “bubble,” according to the organization’s estimations.

Obviously, the reaction from a Menlo Park official did not take long. According to which, aside from the fact that the complete documentation of FairPlay’s report was not available, the organization in question does not believe that removing certain contents relating to those suffering from or recovering from an eating disorder would cut these people off from the Community and worsen their situation, and that, as a result, a compromise must be found that allows these people to tell their stories. Particularly so, as the photo-sharing emphasizes, a notice is constantly shown to people seeking for certain subjects asking them to call a separate hotline.

Still on Instagram, we learn – as far as rumors go – that Meta’s photo-sharing is working on a collaborative collection function in chat that will allow you to organize and go back to the best shared posts, including the title and the name of the account with which you collaborated in the drafting of the same, according to leaker Alessandro Paluzzi. Furthermore, the platform is developing a secure surfing function that would alert you if you visit potentially dangerous websites that may steal your personal information. Furthermore, although we continue to work on the ability of reacting to posts with music stickers, it seems that the new World Earth Day conversation theme (Everyday Earth) will be introduced to the IG chats.

Moving on to competitor Pinterest, it was revealed that the equally well-known photo-sharing of inspirational boards has launched a new collaboration with WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin that allows you to create real catalogs of products to sell, thanks to which the 3.6 million merchants who use it will be able to easily convert their catalogs into purchasable Pins, and will have a new Pinterest app – within WooCommerce – from whose interface they will be able to “

The “social commerce trends” is a long-standing debate. The “Instagram (controversy and rumors) vs Pinterest (social commerce news)” is a topic that has been discussed for quite some time.

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