Jackie And Shadow’s Second Bald Eagle Egg Expected To Hatch Soon At Big Bear Lake

The second egg laid by the bald eagle pair at Big Bear Lake, California has hatched. The first chick was born on December 28th and is named Jackie after the bird’s last name: Jackson. Shadow died of natural causes in January and will be buried with a full military honors ceremony next week due to his service as part of President Reagan’s National Security Council staff during World War II.

Jackie and Shadow’s second bald eagle egg is expected to hatch soon at Big Bear Lake. The pair of bald eagles have been nesting in the same tree for four years now.


Drought restrictions continue in Southern California, so here are some water conservation tips. Pat Harvey and Jeff Vaughn are joined by Bill McDonnell of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to explore how consumers may save water as drought restrictions tighten.

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What Parents Should Know About Their Children Attending School Without Masks Dr. Ashley Zucker, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente in San Bernardino, joins Serene Branson and Suzie Suh to discuss what children and parents should anticipate now that the mask rule has been repealed in most California schools.

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Republicans are attempting to put California’s gas tax on hold. As gas prices in Southern California approach $6 a gallon, Republican state senators have asked for the state’s gas tax to be suspended to lessen the burden on consumers.

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Pete Davidson Is Taking A Trip To The Moon On Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin ship, Saturday Night Live comic Pete Davidson will go to space.

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Tools to Assist Students with Special Needs Students with special needs in the San Bernardino County Unified School District now have access to new resources designed to help them improve their education and develop communication skills that they previously didn’t have.

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Two people were killed in an explosion at a restaurant in Playa del Carmen, according to police. The incident happened in the kitchen of Kool Beach Restaurant.

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Monday Mental Health: COVID Sleep All too many of us have trouble falling or staying asleep, and when we wake up, we don’t feel well rested. What is creating this sleep problem pandemic, and what can we do about it? Chris Holmstrom of CBS Los Angeles looks into the findings of a new pandemic sleep research.

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Concerts by Pearl Jam have been rescheduled for May 2020 at the Forum. After a two-year hiatus owing to the coronavirus outbreak, Pearl Jam will perform two gigs at the Forum in May.

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Residents in Monrovia must reduce their water use by 10%. The city of Monrovia agreed in March to force all residents to cut their water consumption by 10% or face penalties of $10 per month or more for egregious water wasteters. The city will compare the consumption of a household in February 2022 versus February 2020.

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Monday is a mask-free learning day for the majority of Norco Intermediate students. Tena Ezzeddine reports from the Inland Empire, where many Norco Intermediate School students chose to go mask-free on the first day when facial coverings were no longer required.

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A single-engine plane crashes near Lancaster International Airport. On Monday, a single-engine Cessna 210 crashed near Lancaster Airport. Neither of the two passengers aboard were hurt.

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The Second Bald Eagle Egg of Jackie and Shadow Is Due To Hatch Soon On the shores of Big Bear Lake Jackie and Shadow, a bald eagle pair, received one eaglet earlier this month, and the second egg is due to hatch shortly.

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For information on the murder of Michael McGarry in November 2020, a $50,000 reward is being offered. The city of Los Angeles has announced a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect or suspects sought in the deadly shooting of tow truck driver Michael McGarry, who was slain in the Fashion District in November 2021 while rescuing a stranded vehicle.

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For the first time in over two years, students are no longer required to wear masks in class. Students in California are no longer compelled to wear masks in class as of March 12. Parents and students in Southern California were both supportive and concerned about the choice. Some districts, such as LAUSD, have resisted the shift. Kara Finnstrom has the story.

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A Motorcycle Club in Los Angeles Stands Up For Children Who Have Been Abused A motorcycle gang in Los Angeles is fighting for harmed children. Amy Johnson has the story.

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Students and Parents React to the Removal of Mask Requirements in California Schools For the first time in over two years, students in California were permitted to remove their masks in class on Monday, signaling the start of a new phase in the coronavirus epidemic. Some families were ecstatic, while others were concerned about the very polarizing matter.

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As students all around California are permitted to remove their masks while in class, a health professional offers advice on how to ease kids into changing mask mandates. Experts warn that these abrupt shifts might be upsetting for the first time in over two years on Monday. Dr. Lisa Hoang of Providence Mission Hospital came in to talk about ways to make the procedure go more smoothly.

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In Palmdale, a man was fatally shot by LASD deputies. LASD Deputies fatally shot a Palmdale man Sunday evening after he repeatedly slammed into their patrol cars while attempting to exit the area where they were investigating a domestic violence incident. They eventually discovered he had nothing to do with their main probe.

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In Compton, a large crowd gathers for a street takeover. A large throng gathered in Compton on Sunday night for a street takeover.

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The Rundown on CBS News in Los Angeles (March 14 AM Edition) Here are the most recent local news and weather headlines. Every day, two updates are made.

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A $50K reward is being offered for information on Michael McGarry’s fatal shooting in November 2020. Authorities of the Los Angeles Police Department have offered a $50,000 prize to anybody who can assist them complete a murder investigation into the deadly shooting of Michael McGarry in November 2020.

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Two separate vehicles’ drivers were rescued on Saturday after becoming stranded after a collision in Shadow Hills. The drivers of two different automobiles were locked in their vehicles after they crashed in Shadow Hills on Sunday evening. Both were rescued from the wreckage by fire services on the spot before being transported for medical care.

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Amber Lee’s Predictions for the Weather (March 14) Monday’s highs will be 70 degrees along the beaches and 82 degrees in the valleys.

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Near Hansen Dam, a brush fire breaks out. A four-acre brush fire near Hansen Dam in the San Fernando Valley community of Lakeview Terrace was put out late Sunday night by dozens of firefighters.

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The “big bear eagle update” is the second egg that Jackie and Shadow, a bald eagle couple in Big Bear Lake, California, have laid. The egg should hatch soon at Big Bear Lake.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many eggs do Jackie and shadow have?

A: Jackie has two eggs, and Shadow has one.

How many days does it take for a bald eagle egg to hatch?

A: It takes anywhere from 30-35 days for a bald eagle egg to hatch.

Where is Jackie and shadows nest?

A: Shadows Nest is in the bottom left corner and Jackie is at the top of a building.

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