Joel Embiid Is Salivating Over Ben Simmons’ Return to Philadelphia

After a brief trip out of the 76ers’ starting lineup, Ben Simmons has been given his spot back. Embiid is now excited for when the former No. 1 pick will be returning to action and leading Philadelphia to an NBA Championship this season.

The “where is ben simmons from” is a question that has been asked by many people. Joel Embiid, the Philadelphia 76ers’ star center, is salivating over Ben Simmons’ return to Philadelphia.

All season, Joel Embiid is a forward for the Philadelphia 76ers. had a hard time coping with Ben Simmons’ shenanigans. All the MVP frontrunner wants is to help the Philadelphia 76ers win a championship, but he realized it wouldn’t be feasible with his running mate refusing to show up for work.

The Sixers remedied this issue by trading Simmons to the Brooklyn Nets for James Harden at the NBA trade deadline, much to Embiid’s satisfaction. With Simmons and the Nets set to play in Philly on March 10, Embiid recently expressed his excitement for the highly anticipated showdown with his former colleague.

On March 10, Joel Embiid is a forward for the Philadelphia 76ers. will meet Ben Simmons in a matchup.

Joel Embiid is a forward for the Philadelphia 76ers. can't wait to play against Ben Simmons.

Joel Embiid is a forward for the Philadelphia 76ers. can't wait to play against Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid is a forward for the Philadelphia 76ers., former 76ers colleagues, react against the Chicago Bulls | Getty Images/Mitchell Leff

When it was announced that Simmons would be joining the Nets and Harden would be joining the 76ers, Embiid was overjoyed. The uber-talented center has been public about his discontent with Simmons for the last year, so he must be relieved to be free of the controversy.

Even without its second-highest-paid player competing in a single game this season, Embiid has Philadelphia in position to secure a top-three seed in the Eastern Conference. He’s also the betting favorite to win MVP right now.

Embiid, on the other hand, must have March 10 highlighted on his calendar, even if he has more pressing things on his mind right now. That’s the day Simmons will make his debut appearance in a new outfit at the Wells Fargo Center. It’s the day that 76ers fans have been waiting for for months, and Embiid already knows it won’t be like any other regular-season game.

Embiid is salivating just thinking about March 10th.

With all Simmons has put the 76ers through this season, it’s only natural for Embiid to harbor resentment against his former teammate. There’s no better way to avenge Simmons than to completely demolish his new club in Brooklyn’s next trip to Philadelphia.

On March 10, Embiid intends to accomplish just that.

Embiid expressed his excitement for the clash in a recent SportsCenter interview with Scott Van Pelt.

“Aw, guy,” says the narrator. It’s not just about that situation. It’s also about Brooklyn’s history, and, of course, getting James [Harden]. And you’re well aware of Philadelphia’s fan base. That’s going to be fantastic. It’ll be crazy, whether it’s the boos or the shouts. And we plainly know what we need to do. Even though it’s a regular-season game, we know there’ll be something special about it. I’ll be ready, and I’m confident my colleagues will be as well. It’ll be a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Joel Embiid is a forward for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Make sure to wager the over on Embiid’s point total for that game. Against his newest foe, he’ll put everything on the line.

Will Simmons even put on a suit when he returns to Philadelphia?

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Embiid is obviously eager to exact some sweet vengeance on Simmons, but there’s no guarantee he’ll be on the floor when the Nets come to the Wells Fargo Center next month. Simmons has yet to make his debut for Brooklyn because he has to be in better basketball condition first.

Given that Simmons does not want to face the fury of Philadelphia fans any time soon, it’s feasible that he may delay his debut until after the crucial March 10 match. However, if he does play, Embiid will be the least of his concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is James Harden on the 76ers?

A: James Harden is a Houston Rockets player. He currently plays for the 76ers but has not done so in over five years and is no longer on the team.

Is Ben Simmons playing tonight?

A: Ben Simmons is not playing tonight. He is suspended due to an altercation with a teammate that occurred on January 23rd, 2019 and was later sent home by the Philadelphia 76ers.

Where did Ben Simmons go?

A: Ben Simmons is a professional basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers. Do you want to know his stats?

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