KingsIsle confirms new Pirate101 content for 2022 is in the works, looks back at 2021 design goals for Wizard101

With the release of Pirate101, KingsIsle took a step into an entirely new direction for its MMOs. The company recently confirmed that it is in the process of developing another installment with a 2022 release date planned. This game will be set before Pirate101 and won’t have any plans to coincide with it again.
KingsIsle also revealed other development goals for Wizard101 from 2021 which included being able to complete quests without waiting excessively long periods between them as well as adding more replayability by way of an improved AI system

KingsIsle is a company that has been around for quite some time, and they have released many games. They are best known for the game “Pirate101”. They recently confirmed that new content is coming in 2022, but also looked back at their design goals from 2021.


Let’s do a little recap before we get started on this narrative. Pirate101 fans launched a “flood the servers” community movement at the start of this year, pleading with creator KingsIsle to keep the game updated on a more frequent basis. There were early rumblings that Pirate101 would get fresh content after all, after a Gamigo takeover soon after. Fast forward to July, when the MMO received its first fresh content injection following a period of maintenance, but other than that, things have been quiet, except for a promise in an investor report that Pirate101 will find its way to European gamers.

That leads us to today, with Wizard101’s state of the game speech, which alluded to an announcement made during a December dev stream in which it was confirmed that Pirate101 will get improvements in 2022. However, the speech seeks to moderate expectations and encourages ardent followers to be patient.

“This information does not imply that anything will be released next week or next month.” We have a lot of pre-production work to perform in order to achieve this properly. We need to clean up all of those pipelines (art, design, sound, programming) and get them flowing again, which will take some time, but luckily we’ve already started working on it. The addition of additional team members will aid in the completion of the earliest stages of development.”

Players may expect new weekly and daily activities, a refresh of the game’s initial experience, and “little content drops” after the aforementioned pre-production is completed. Larger content upgrades will have to wait until KingsIsle is satisfied with the game’s new team’s abilities.

Meanwhile, the majority of the speech focuses on Wizard101’s development objectives for 2021, detailing efforts made to better development tools and processes, improve existing MMO technologies, increase subscription value, and bring players together.


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The “wizard101 paywall 2021” is a blog that confirms the new Pirate101 content for 2022. The blog also looks back at the design goals of Wizard101 in 2021.

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