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“Know” is a word that has many synonyms. “To know” is one of the most commonly used synonyms for this word.

I have a difficult time accepting suggestions. I eagerly welcome advise from individuals with considerably more expertise than me, but I stop listening when people start teaching me how to accomplish something they’ve never done before.

%E2%80%A2%E2%80%A2KEEP%E2%80%A2%E2%80%A2Lee-Pitts_MugLee Pitts is a columnist for The and Paso Robles Press who can be reached at [email protected].

On the other hand, I’ve always found it irritating when true specialists in their fields go out of their way to keep their secrets hidden. I’ve had dozens of some of the greatest saddle makers and engravers in the nation in my shop over the years, and I can count on one hand the times one of them has taught me one of their secrets on how to do anything in all the years I’ve been striving to become a better leatherworker and engraver.

My wife and I have always been savers rather than spenders, so we began off by living in some less-than-desirable communities with less-than-desirable neighbors to save money. One of my next-door neighbors was a portly man with a weed-infested yard, an ancient boat moored in the front yard, and a home that looked like it might come down in the next earthquake. On the other hand, we maintained the property neat, and whenever I started a new project, whether it was painting the home or working on my vehicle, an unwelcome neighbor would come over and begin instructing me. Free counsel, I rapidly discovered, was the most expensive.

We rented a run-down ranch because it was inexpensive when we eventually got enough money to acquire 100 cows. I wasn’t going to squander any of our money on upgrades since I wasn’t willing to spend it on another man’s house. When I ran across a certain cattleman, he always told me I needed to improve my fences and create a better loading chute. He also informed me that my bulls weren’t up to par and that I needed to supplement. All of this from a man whose weaning calves wouldn’t weigh more than 400 pounds.

We’re going to get through this together, Atascadero


I had a wonderful buddy who was a skilled carpenter but had never dealt with leather before. He requested if I could build him two similar soft-sided briefcases after I’d created him numerous helpful products that he appreciated. He was in my shop every day for the following week, instructing me on how to tool and manufacture them. “I want to tell you an ancient tale that I believe is significant and topical,” I sat him down one day when I’d had enough.

“An elderly cowboy was resting on his horse by the side of the road when a man comes up in a nice Mercedes, sporting a pair of $500 sunglasses and a fine Italian outfit,” the story went. He poked his head out the window and struck up a cordial conversation with the cowboy. ‘I bet I can tell you precisely how many animals you have without leaving my vehicle, and if I can, would you give me a calf?’ asks the fellow, hoping to wow the cowboy.

“Why not?” answers the elderly cowboy, pondering the notion. So the guy takes out his PC, connects it to his phone, and goes to the NASA website on the Internet. He gets an accurate fix on the property using a satellite navigation system, which then instructs a NASA spacecraft to survey the region in ultra-high resolution. After that, he enters the data into a specific computer that counts the creatures. “You have precisely 1,505 animals on your property,” the man continues.

“That’s absolutely true,” the cowboys exclaim, as he stares at the stranger in awe. “I suppose you’ll be getting one of my calves.” As the man attempts to put the little animal into his Mercedes, the cowboy stands by and watches. “Will you give me back my calf if I can tell you precisely what business you’re in?” the cowboy says.

“Why not?” the man asks.

“You’re a representative of the United States government.”

“Wow. “How did you know?” the man inquired.

“I know because you came here despite the fact that no one had phoned; you want to be paid for a response I already knew, to a question I never asked.” You attempted to prove how much wiser you are than me, but you have no idea what a cow is… this is a group of sheep. Please return my puppy to me.”

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“is know” is a verb. Reference: is know a verb.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mean of know?

A: A mean of know is a mode of knowing, which often refers to the underlying assumption that knowledge will be made manifest in some definite way.

What can I say instead of know?

A: Its not a word.

How do you use know?

A: I use know to answer questions.

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