Last chance to earn a Southwest Companion Pass and 30,000 bonus points with these credit card offers

If you haven’t already applied for this offer or any other credit card offers, it’s not too late. There are still plenty of opportunities to earn your Southwest Companion Pass and 30,000 bonus points with these cards.

The “southwest credit card companion pass offer 2021” is a last chance to earn a Southwest Companion Pass and 30,000 bonus points with these credit card offers.

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Want to fly for free for the rest of the year? If that’s the case, there’s a deal on all three Southwest Airlines personal credit cards right now that might be the break you’ve been looking for, but you only have a few days to take advantage of it.

The Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card, Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card, and Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Credit Card are all currently offering new cardholders a Southwest Companion Pass that is valid until February 28, 2023, as well as 30,000 bonus points after spending $5,000 on the card within the first three months of account opening.

However, these deals will only be accessible via the links on this page until 6 p.m. Eastern on Monday, March 14, 2022, so act quickly if you’re interested.

If you’re wondering, “What is a Southwest Companion Pass?” we can assure you that it isn’t a gimmick. It’s a no-strings-attached pass that lets you travel with a companion for free (plus taxes and fees) on Southwest as long as there’s at least one seat available on the aircraft. Taxes and fees are normally low, and you may utilize the benefit as many times as you like over the pass’s lifetime.

Because Southwest points are worth roughly 1.4 cents each when redeemed for the airline’s lowest “Wanna Get Away” rates, the 30,000 extra points you’ll get with these deals are worth about $420 in travel.

The worth of these deals is determined by how often you’ll use the Companion Pass. If you anticipate you’ll be flying a lot in the next year, the value will be enormous: the more you travel, the more your companion will be able to fly for free. However, if you don’t expect to travel much (or at all) between now and the beginning of 2023, this is probably not the card for you.

However, if you fly alone often and own a small company, Southwest’s business credit cards now give sign-up bonuses that are exclusively based on points. You may now get 80,000 bonus points with the Southwest® Rapid Rewards® Performance Business Credit Card after spending $5,000 in the first three months, or 60,000 bonus points with the Southwest® Rapid Rewards® Premier Business Credit Card after spending just $3,000 in the first three months.

Because Southwest’s points are typically worth around 1.4 cents apiece when redeemed for the airline’s lowest “Wanna Get Away” rates, 60,000 points are worth about $840 in flights, while 80,000 points are worth a staggering $1,120 in flights.

Aside from the sign-up incentives, which may net you a lot of points or a Companion Pass, Southwest credit cards also come with extra advantages for Southwest fliers, and new features were introduced to all of the Southwest cards late last year. If you plan on flying the airline on a frequent basis in 2023, you could find some of them incredibly beneficial.

• Points for each year’s anniversary

You’ll earn bonus points on all of Southwest’s credit cards once a year, beginning on your first anniversary (one year from the day you initially got the card) and every year after that. These points assist to drastically reduce the yearly charge for each card.

At your anniversary, the Southwest Plus card will give you 3,000 extra points, while the Southwest Premier and Southwest Premier Business cards will give you 6,000 bonus points. The Southwest Priority card gives 7,500 extra points on account anniversary, while the Southwest Performance Business card offers 9,000 bonus points on account anniversary.

When redeemed for “Wanna Get Away” airfare, Southwest points are worth around 1.4 cents each, thus these 3,000, 6,000, 7,500, and 9,000 anniversary bonus points are worth $42, $84, $105, and $126, respectively.

• Awarded an annual travel credit

A $75 travel credit is available with simply the Southwest Priority card each account year (meaning you may use the first year’s credit whenever you choose after obtaining the card). If you pay with your Southwest Priority card, you may use this travel credit for almost any Southwest transaction, including flights, taxes, and even fees when utilizing points.

The Southwest Priority card comes with a $75 yearly travel credit.

• Boarding slots have been upgraded.

Southwest operates differently than most other airlines in that there are no allocated seats. Instead, the airline offers open seating, which allows you to choose your favourite seat as you board the aircraft. The time you board is determined by your boarding position, which you get when you check in for your flight. Every passenger is assigned a boarding place between A1 and C60, with A1 being the first and C60 being the last to board.

You receive four enhanced boarding spots each year with the Southwest Priority card, which you may use on Southwest flights. This means you may buy an A1 through 15 boarding slot at the gate (if available), allowing you to board the aircraft ahead of the majority of other passengers, and you’ll get a statement credit for the money incurred.

This advantage is approximately $120 to $200 per year since an enhanced boarding position costs between $30 and $50.

• Credits for checking in early

If you buy the cheapest Southwest rate, known as “Wanna Get Away” fares, you’ll have to check in for your trip beginning 24 hours ahead of time, and your boarding position will be determined by your check-in time. If you don’t want to bother about checking in as close to 24 hours ahead of time as possible, Southwest offers an add-on called EarlyBird Check-In, which automatically checks you in for your trip before the typical 24-hour threshold.

Southwest Plus, Southwest Premier, and Southwest Premier Business cards all now have two EarlyBird Check-In credits each year. EarlyBird Check-In normally costs $15 to $25 per person one-way, so if you utilize it, this advantage is worth $30 to $50 per year.

• Get a 25% discount on in-flight refreshments and Wi-Fi.


Up until recently, the Southwest Priority card had an unique perk of 20% off in-flight refreshments and Wi-Fi purchases. This bonus is now available on all five Southwest credit cards, and it has been increased to 25% back. While this isn’t a large savings, it may save you some money in the long run.

If you’re a small-business owner who travels Southwest often and pays for Wi-Fi on your flights, the Southwest Performance Business card may be worth considering, since it offers gratis Wi-Fi on nearly every Southwest trip you take – up to 365 statement credits every year.

With the Southwest Performance Business card, you may get up to 365 statement credits for in-flight Wi-Fi.

• Qualifying points for A-List status

The option to earn 1,500 tier-qualifying points toward A-List status for every $10,000 spent on a card is now accessible on the Southwest Premier, Southwest Priority, Southwest Premier Business, and Southwest Performance Business cards.

This was previously only available on a limited number of Southwest credit cards, and there was a yearly limit on how many tier-qualifying points you could earn. Now that the limit has been removed, you could potentially obtain A-List and A-List Preferred membership just by using your Southwest credit card.

It would, however, take a lot of money to go all the way to the summit without flying. To achieve A-List status, you’d have to spend more than $200,000 on your credit card. That’s almost probably not worth it unless you’re already making those kinds of purchases, but it’s still a handy bonus when combined with tier-qualifying points earned by traveling with Southwest.

• Compensation for point transfers

You may now transfer Southwest points to another individual and be reimbursed for up to $500 in fees each year if you have the Southwest Premier Business or Southwest Performance Business cards. This makes it simple to transfer points between family members or to provide Southwest points to business partners.

Southwest point transfers cost $5 for every 500 points moved, thus receiving up to $500 in reimbursements each year essentially allows you to transfer up to 50,000 points for nothing.

• TSA PreCheck or Global Entry fee credit

The Southwest Performance Business card, like many other popular travel credit cards, will refund you up to $100 for your Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application cost every four years.

Simply pay for your application using your Southwest Performance Business card, and if granted, you’ll be on your way to getting expedited TSA security checkpoint access in the United States, as well as faster admission into the nation with Global Entry after flying overseas.

You may utilize this advantage for a friend or family member who does not have Global Entry or TSA PreCheck, even if you already have it. Simply pay their application cost with your credit card – the names don’t have to match.

The greatest thing is that these deals include a Southwest Companion Pass. Normally, you must earn 125,000 tier-qualifying points in a calendar year to qualify for the pass, but with these deals, you can skip that step and acquire the pass merely by applying for one of the three Southwest personal credit cards and spending $5,000 within the first three months.

While the offer’s terms state that the sign-up bonus may take up to eight weeks to appear in your Southwest account, in our experience, Southwest sign-up bonuses — including Companion Passes earned with credit card points — have typically appeared in your Southwest account within two to five days after the credit card statement in which you meet the minimum spending requirement.

When you acquire a pass the old fashioned way, it now lasts until December 31 of the next calendar year. However, the Companion Pass obtained via these special deals will expire on February 28, 2023, which is a considerably shorter period of time – roughly a year, depending on when you apply and meet the spending threshold.

If you want to get the pass for a longer period of time, you may still do it the old fashioned way, and these extra offers can assist with that as well. The 30,000 points you earn as part of these sign-up offers will also count toward the 125,000 tier-qualifying points needed in this calendar year for a pass that lasts until the end of 2023, because the airline counts all Southwest credit card points toward the Companion Pass — including sign-up offers and regular spending on the card.

With the 30,000 additional points from both offerings, you’d just need 95,000 more points to receive a full-length pass for the remainder of 2022. There are a variety of methods to earn Companion Pass points, including utilizing the Southwest shopping site, charging your hotel and vehicle rentals to Southwest, using your Southwest credit card on a regular basis, and just flying Southwest on paid rates.

However, combining one of the personal Southwest credit cards with a Southwest corporate credit card is one of the simplest options. Although Southwest only allows you to have one personal credit card at a time, having both a personal and a business card is not restricted.


Because you can currently earn 80,000 bonus points with the Southwest Performance Business card, when you combine those 80,000 points with the 30,000 bonus points earned from any of the three personal cards, as well as the points you’d earn from spending $10,000 on the two cards to earn the bonuses, you’ll have 120,000 points and be just 5,000 points shy of meeting the Companion Pass requirement.

Although paying an annual fee on two cards is required, and the Performance Business card is the most costly Southwest credit card at $199 a year, it offers premium boarding, in-flight Wi-Fi credits, the opportunity to earn A-List status, and a Global Entry or TSA PreCheck fee credit.

Fill out an application for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business card right now.

You may also combine one of the three personal cards with the Southwest Premier Business card’s 60,000 additional points. You’ll wind up with 98,000 total points if you combine that 60,000 points with the 30,000 points from the personal card offers — 90,000 points from the combined sign-up incentives and 8,000 points from spending $8,000 on the two cards. While you won’t get the pass right away, you’ll only be short by 27,000 points.

Fill out an application for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business card right now.

With five different Southwest credit cards to choose from, it’s crucial to figure out which one is ideal for you. The Southwest Plus card is the ideal option if you want to boost your Southwest Rapid Rewards points balance and earn points toward the Southwest Companion Pass. This card has the lowest annual cost of $69 and the same sign-up bonus as the others.

With the Southwest Plus card, you may earn a Companion Pass and 30,000 additional points by clicking here.

The Southwest Premier card offers identical features as the Southwest Plus card, however it comes with a higher annual cost of $99. Although you will earn extra bonus points on your card anniversary, you will not get them until you have completed your first year as a cardholder and paid your second annual fee.

However, with the Southwest Premier’s expanded features, you’ll get 3 points every dollar on Southwest purchases, compared to 2 points with the Southwest Plus. Additionally, you may now earn additional tier-qualifying points toward A-List rank with the Southwest Premier.

With the Southwest Premier card, you may earn a Companion Pass and 30,000 extra points by clicking here.

However, if you fly Southwest often throughout the year — or expect to do so once flying returns more widely in 2023 — and want a card with a lot of perks, the Southwest Priority card is your best bet. Although it costs $149, the perks alone are well worth it if you can take advantage of them.

The $75 travel credit on the Southwest Priority card reduces the card’s effective cost to only $74. You’ll also get four premium boardings per year, as well as a 25% statement credit on in-flight refreshments and Wi-Fi. You may easily be ahead in your first year if you can leverage those perks. And after you include in the 7,500 additional points you’ll get at each card anniversary, which are worth $105 in Southwest tickets, you’ll always be ahead beginning in your second year.

With the Southwest Priority card, you may earn a Companion Pass and 30,000 additional points by clicking here.

Finally, if you own a small company, you have the option of getting the Southwest Premier Business card for $99 per year or the Southwest Performance Business card for $199 per year. The more costly business card is definitely only worth it if you’ll be able to take advantage of all of the Southwest perks, such as premium boarding positions, Wi-Fi statement credits, and a credit for point transfer fees.


Our general guideline is that if you anticipate on traveling Southwest at least twice in the next year, now is an excellent time to apply for one of the cards. One of the main benefits of applying for a Southwest credit card is that you’ll be one step closer to getting the Companion Pass, which you’ll obtain as soon as you satisfy the spending threshold with this offer. There are no additional points or hoops to leap through.

If you don’t plan on traveling in 2022, we recommend delaying your application for a Southwest credit card. While you’ll still receive 30,000 additional points with both packages, the Companion Pass is the major lure, and it expires in early 2023.

So, if airline rewards aren’t working for you right now, apply for this card later this year or next year when you expect to fly again. However, if you plan to fly frequently in 2022 and want to bring a friend or family member along for the ride, apply for a personal Southwest credit card today using the links on this page before they expire at 6 p.m. on March 14, 2022, and you’ll receive a Southwest Companion Pass that you can use until February of the following year.

For personal cards, learn more about the Southwest Plus card and apply today. Learn more about the Southwest Premier card and apply today. Learn more about the Southwest Priority card and apply today.

For business cards, use the following format: Learn more about the Southwest Premier Business card and apply today. Learn more about the Southwest Performance Business card and apply today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a Southwest Companion Pass 2022?

A: You cant. A companion pass is a perk given to passengers traveling with one other person. It does not grant the individual whos accompanying someone else any benefit over anyone else, it simply grants them certain benefits as well

Is Southwest getting rid of companion pass?

A: Southwest does not offer a companion pass, which is why we dont have any information about it. The current fare for an individual ticket on the airline is $79.99

Can I get the Southwest bonus again?

A: Yes, you can get the Southwest bonus again by going to this location at 4pm.

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