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If you love Pokemon, this article will help you to catch the Leafeon VMax and Inteleon deck in Pokemon TCG Online.

The “best theme deck pokemon tcg online 2021” is a guide that provides information on how to build the best decks for playing Pokemon TCG Online.

We’ve been having an intriguing meta recently, with Grass and Psychic Pokemon having a chance. TPC hasn’t paid much attention to grass decks in years, with the exception of the Alolan Rowlett Tag Team deck, which was good in the 2020/21 format. The Leafeon and Inteleon VMAX deck is one of the greatest in the 2021/2022 format of Pokemon TCG Online, and completing it is simple if you already have the Inteleon (which you should, given it’s so versatile).

This deck made our list of the Top 10 Standard decks for 2022, and it doesn’t have any hard counters, so it’s worth a look. There are no fire decks in sight, and Leafeon will continue to do well in tournaments for a long time.

Decklists for Leafeon VMAX and Inteleon – Pokemon TCG Online

In Pokemon TCG Online, the best Standard decklist for the Leafeon VMAX and Inteleon deck is shown below. In recent Standard tournaments, decks with comparable components have performed well, with some even reaching the top 5.

****** Deck List for the Pokémon Trading Card Game ******

##Pokémon – 18 ##Pokémon – 18 ##Pokémon

* 1 Crobat V SHF 44 * 3 Leafeon V EVS 7 * 3 Leafeon VMAX EVS 8 * 4 Sobble CRE 41 * 4 Drizzile SSH 56 * 1 Inteleon SSH 58 * 2 Inteleon CRE 43 * 1 Inteleon SSH 58 * 2 Inteleon CRE 43 * 1 Inteleon SSH 58 * 2 Inteleon CRE 43

##Cards for Trainers – 33

* 3 Boss’s Orders RCL 189 * 3 Marnie CPA 56 * 3 Professor’s Research SHF 60 * 1 Cheryl BST 123 * 1 Raihan EVS 152 * 4 Quick Ball SSH 216 * 4 Incense of Evolution SSH 163 * 3 Level Ball BST 129 * 1 Changing the Energy Source SSH 162 * 1 Pal Pad SSH 172 * 1 Switch SSH 183 * 1 Tool Scrapper RCL 208 4 Mine Galar RCL 160 * 1 Scoop Up Net RCL 165 * 1 Tool Jammer BST 136

##Energy – 9 ##Energy – 9 ##Energy

DAA 201 * 6 Grass Energy Energy 1 * 3 Capture Energy

60 total cards

Actually, none of the Pokemon in this deck are optional. Your primary attacker is Leafeon VMAX, and you’ll need the complete Inteleon team to keep the deck rolling. You could do without the Tool Jammer, Tool Scrapper, and Pal Pad from the Trainer cards, which you’ll only need if you’re playing competitive matches. You may play around with those Trainer cards and, if necessary, gain extra Switch or Energy Switch cards.

The main ones here (besides from basics like Quick Ball and Marnie) are Galar Mine, Evolution Incense, and Cheryl, and you should definitely have all of them in your deck. Multiple Energy Switch and Searching for Energy cards will come in handy if you have extra copies of Cheryl.

There are a few players that use the psychic Marshadow with this deck, but unless you’re looking for competitive play, I wouldn’t advocate it. Tech cards like that merely dilute the deck even more, and you’ll be irritated if you see Marshadow on turn one instead of a Leafeon V or Sobble in your hand.

Leafeon V and Leafeon VMAX are Leafeon V and Leafeon VMAX, respectively.

Greening Cells, Leafeon V’s ability, effectively powers itself up. It allows you to find and attach Grass Energy to your Pokemon, which you may then utilize to fuel your attacks. The good news is that, unlike comparable cards like Zacian V, this does not terminate your turn. Based on the result of the coin flip, Leaf Blade can provide good damage, but the VMAX is what you really want to get in play as soon as possible.

Leafeon V and VMAX Pokemon TCG Online The Pokemon Company provided this image.

VMAX Leafeon has two powerful attacks. Max Leaf can heal you for 30 damage while doing 170 to the opponent, while Grass Knot may deal more damage according on the Retreat Cost of your opponent. Grass Knot will do 120 damage if your opponent’s Pokemon has a Retreat Cost of 2 Energy. While this may not seem to be much, there is a method to enhance your opponent’s Retreat Cost, and hence the damage that Grass Knot does.

Getting the most out of your Leafeon VMAX

The Stadium Card Galar Mine may be used to enhance your opponent’s Retreat Cost.

0iu3-8-1024x677Galar Mine Leafeon Inteleon The Pokemon Company provided this image.

Galar Mine (60*2) suddenly gives you a +120 damage increase, and you’re now doing 240 damage against Pokemon with a Retreat Cost of 2. That’s pretty much all of the Pokemon in the meta right now, and 240 will knock them down to half their HP. You also have Cheryl, who can cure your Leafeon’s injury at the expense of all of its Energy.

That’s OK since Grass Knot costs just 2 Energy and you still have Energy Switch in your deck. If you use Cheryl on your Leafeon VMAX and it loses all of its energy, you may use your second Leafeon V from the Bench to acquire one Energy, transfer it to your VMAX using Energy Switch, and put a second Energy on your VMAX to attack the next turn.

The Inteleon processor

You have the Shady Dealings ability, which allows you to grab Trainer cards at will, so you can get your critical Trainer cards. The following cards are the ones you’ll need the most from this deck:

  • Marnie/Research
  • Cheryl
  • Level Ball/Quick Ball
  • Evolution Incense
  • Energy Switch
  • Energy Search
  • Galar Mine

You may also use Quick Shooting to distribute damage and increase the 300 damage (against Pokemon with a Retreat Cost of 3) to 320, knocking out some of the game’s greatest Pokemon.

0iu3-9-1024x461Inteleon Pokemon TCG Online The Pokemon Company provided this image.

Using the correct Trainer Cards and properly setting up

The deck’s main approach is simple: maintain the Leafeon VMAX in the Active place, Inteleon(s) on the Bench, and start powering up another Leafeon V/VMAX on the Bench. However, the Trainer Cards you use to get this arrangement up and running will have a big impact on how well it works.

To activate your Leafeon V, use your Quick Balls, and your Level Ball to activate the Inteleon. Use Evolution Incense on Leafeon VMAX, Drizzile, or Inteleon and complete the evolutions as quickly as possible, since they will let you to get additional Trainer cards. To compensate for Cheryl’s healing, use Energy Swap, or just switch to another Leafeon.

Pal Pad is always beneficial to have in this deck since you don’t afraid to utilize Professor’s Research and discard your hand quite frequently. Make the most of your Capture Energy early on in the game, as it will help you swiftly fill up your Bench. If you have the Leafeon V on your Bench, only develop it if it is really necessary. Many battles will let you to just utilize it to power up your Pokemon before evolving it and losing the ability.

In Pokemon TCG Online, how good is the Leafeon Inteleon deck?

One of the greatest Grass decks we’ve ever seen in Pokemon TCG Online is Leafeon VMAX with Inteleon (barring the absolutely broken ones from the FOGP era.) It has performed well in tournaments, despite the fact that it is not the kind of deck that would win one. There’s nothing wrong with it; it’s reliable and powerful, but it’s not powerful enough to climb to the top. Calyrex, Dragapult, and Urshifu decks are still top-tier and superior choices if you’re playing competitive Standard matches, but Leafeon VMAX with Inteleon is a wonderful option that won’t disappoint if you’re simply playing the Ladder casually.

The only thing we can hope for is that Fire decks remain out of the game for a long, since they always become really popular and render Grass obsolete.

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The “pokémon tcg deck builder” is a website that allows players to create and share decks for the popular Pokemon Trading Card Game. It has been updated with Leafeon VMAX and Inteleon cards.

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