League of Legends: Mythic Content Overhaul Begins!

An update for League of Legends that includes mythic content will soon be released. This has been long overdue, as the old system was tedious and made the game feel outdated. In this blog post you’ll find a breakdown of what to expect from this new update, including lore changes and more!

The “mythic shop rotation” is a new feature that will be implemented in League of Legends. The update will begin on the 22nd of October and it will be live for all players.


Patch 12.6 brings “Phase 1” of the previously mentioned Mythic Content Overhaul, which eliminates Prestige Points from the game and introduces a new method for obtaining premier skins.

Essence of Myth

Gemstones and Prestige Points are combining into a single new currency that never expires: Essence of Myth! Essence of Myth—ME for short—can be obtained everywhere Gemstones or Prestige Points were previously earned. You can spend Essence of Myth in the The Mythic Store for special skins, accessories, and more.

  • All players will receive a one-time mission on March 31, 2022 that rewards 10 Essence of Myth to celebrate the launch of the new system! This mission will expire on May 2, 2022.
  • All Gemstones in player inventories have been converted to 10 Essence of Myth each.
  • On March 24, 2022, Prestige Points (2020) expired and were withdrawn from inventory.
  • Essence of Myth drop rates from Masterwork Chests have been increased to offset the removal of Prestige Points from chest bundles.

The Mythic Store

The new The Mythic Store features content that rotates on a regular basis, including the return of past Prestige skins!

Mythic Skins & Accessories

Mythic skins and accessories in the The Mythic Store will rotate every three months (every 6 patches). New Mythic skins debut at 100 ME and will cost 125 ME in future unvaults. Legacy Mythic skins that were once purchasable via Gemstones (such as Hextech Annie, Soulstealer Vayne, etc.) will also be available in the shop and cost 100 ME on first unvault, and 125 ME on future ones. Here’s what’s on offer for this patch rotation, as well as other options that will be available year-round.

Mythic Skins & Accessories (Patch 12.6-12.12 Rotation)

  • Pyke, the Ashen Knight (100 ME)
  • Pyke Ember, the Ashen Knight, has awoken. Pyke Summoner Icon in Chrome + Ashen Knight (40 ME)
  • Emote “I’m Coming For Ya” (25 ME)
  • Annie Hextech (100 ME)
  • Amumu Hextech (100 ME)

Mythic Skins & Other Options (Available Year-Round)

  • Ward of the Ashen (50 ME)
  • Skin shards at random (10 ME)
  • 50 Orange Essential Oil (1 ME)
  • Blue Essence 150 (1 ME)

Prestige Skins that haven’t been elevated

Prestige skins can only appear in the The Mythic Store at least one year after their original release. They’ll cost 125 ME the first time they’re offered in the The Mythic Store, 150 ME on the second, and 200 ME if they’ve been unvaulted three or more times.*

Usually two Prestige skins will be unvaulted at a time and will be available in the The Mythic Store for one month (2 patches). However, to celebrate the new shop’s launch, we’re unvaulting six Prestige skins that will be available for three months (6 patches)!

  • Zoe, the Prestige Arcanist (125 ME)
  • Teemo Prestige Spirit Blossom (125 ME)
  • Diana, the prestigious Battle Queen (125 ME)
  • Irelia is a prestige project (150 ME)
  • Pulsefire Thresh Prestige (150 ME)
  • Kai’Sa Prestige K/DA (200 ME)

Prestige Skins with a Meaning

To recognize the higher investment required to obtain Prestige skins in 2018 and 2019, players who owned these skins before patch 12.5 will receive additional, exclusive 2022 editions of these skins. Prestige Skins with a Meaning will never be available via shops, loot, or rerolls. The following skins will be gradually distributed to original owners over the next month: 

  • Aatrox Blood Moon Prestige (2022)
  • Ahri K/DA Prestige (2022)
  • Akali Prestige K/DA (2022)
  • Caitlyn from the Prestige Arcade (2022)
  • Evelynn, Prestige K/DA (2022)
  • Fuzz Fizz Prestige (2022)
  • Kai’Sa Prestige K/DA (2022)
  • Lee Sin, the Prestige Nightbringer (2022)
  • Luxurious Battle Academia (2022)
  • Miss Fortune’s Bewitching Prestige (2022)
  • Neeko, the Prestige Star Guardian (2022)
  • Vayne, the Prestige Firecracker (2022)
  • Irelia is a prestige project (2022)
  • Riven Prestige Valiant Sword (2022)
  • Pulsefire Thresh Prestige (2022)
  • Qiyana, Qiyana, Qiyana, Qiyana, Qiyana, Q (2022)

Debuts of Mythic and Prestige Skins

To highlight the release of new Mythic and Prestige skins, limited edition loading screen borders and summoner icons can now only be obtained by purchasing the skin in the The Mythic Store or event Token Shop during the skin’s initial debut period.

When a Mythic or Prestige skin is no longer available in these stores, it will be added to the standard loot drop and skin shard reroll pools, sans the limited edition loading screen border and summoner emblem. This implies that Mythic and Prestige skins may still be acquired via loot drops or skin rerolls after their premiere time has ended, but only after they have lost their matching borders and icons.

Update for Phase 2

The Showcase and Masterwork Milestones in Phase 2 were also updated, according to the League of Legends developers. What they had to say was as follows:

“All of the aforementioned announcements are just the first phase of the Mythic Content Overhaul!” While Phase 2 isn’t yet live, we do have one important update to share about Showcase and Masterwork Milestones, which are reward tracks that will take the place of most of what was previously available via Prestige Points.

We’ve adjusted our plans for Showcase Milestones, and Prestige skins that debut during Showcases will be available for purchase in the The Mythic Store for 125 ME rather than as the final reward of a Showcase Milestone track! Once the Showcase ends, the Prestige skin will immediately retire from the The Mythic Store and become available via loot drops and rerolls without its border and icon, just like other vaulted Prestige skins. We’ll be adjusting the Showcase milestone rewards track to accommodate this update.

Last but not least, don’t forget that the Mythic Content Overhaul is now in Phase 3! More information will be released later this year.”

Hextech Rentals is a company that rents out technology.

Because “almost no one utilized the rental system,” the ability to activate loot shards to rent champions, skins, and ward skins for 7 days has been deleted. Any rentals that are now active will remain so for the remainder of their term. Other shard-related activities are unaffected.

With League of Legends Patch 12.6 comes Phase 1 of the Mythic Content Overhaul. Check out this post for the complete patch notes.


The “league of legends gemstone rework” is a new update that is going to be released soon. The update will include changes to the way gems work, and more mythic content than ever before.

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