‘Make Him Throw the Ball’

This is the story of a boy and his ball. Every day, he leaves home with it in hand, running around to play with his friends. His mother tells him that she needs help getting dinner ready for her husband’s return from work soon (he has an important meeting). The son asks if he can take care of this chore today because tomorrow will be Saturday – when all their parents are at work and they don’t need to worry about supper. She says yes but asks one deal: “If you make your father throw the football out back before school starts, I’ll give you some extra time playing.” He agrees quickly because anything that would keep them busy until supper sounds like heaven right then!

The “12 amazing ways to pass the ball” is a book that is on Amazon. It teaches you how to pass the ball and make him throw it.

The Week 12 showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants had all the makings of an instant classic going into it. It was the Giants’ first meeting with the Eagles in 2021, and they had a score to settle after the Eagles comically ruined their season last year, pushing New York out of the postseason race at the final minute.

This year’s Eagles club, though, is substantially different from last year’s four-win squad. They have a new starting quarterback, a new head coach, and a new wide receiver in the No. 1 spot (who the Giants also wanted to draft). The Eagles were on a roll after defeating the New Orleans Saints at home, while the Giants were still fighting to get off the ground.

With so many narratives convergent at the same time, viewers were anticipating a spectacular event.

In an exceedingly boring game, the Giants defeated the Eagles 13-7.

The Eagles-Giants Week 12 matchup, unfortunately for those in person and those watching at home, was a disgraceful exhibition of football on all fronts. The two teams combined for 20 points, with the Eagles turning the ball over four times.

On this day, there were few (if any) explosive plays. The majority of the game was spent fighting for field position, as neither Philadelphia nor New York were able to piece together enough excellent plays to create lengthy, fruitful drives.

Hurts threw an interception every time the Eagles went near to the endzone. On the other side, the Giants spent very little time near the endzone. Punts stopped the majority of their drives.

DB for the Giants After the game, Julian Love took a jab at quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Despite rumors that the Eagles were warming to the notion of Jalen Hurts as their starting quarterback in 2022 before the game, the second-year pro had his worst NFL performance by a long way. Hurts completed 14 of 31 passes for 129 yards and three interceptions. It was a dreadful performance of football, showing Hurts’ true limitations as a passer.

Giants safety Julian Love wasted little time after the game remarking on Hurts’ arm. He added that the Giants’ strategy going into the game was to push Hurts to throw.

Love responded, “Make him toss the ball.” “He’s a great athlete, but we wanted to make him throw better than us.”

Despite this, Hurts had a fruitful day on the field (8 carries for 77 yards). When requested to defeat the Giants in the air, he was unable to accomplish it. When your starting quarterback throws three interceptions, it’s almost hard to win a game.

Love’s remarks might be seen as rude and demeaning. That isn’t the point, however. When everything was said and done, the Giants had a game plan and executed it flawlessly.

The Eagles’ biggest fear is Jalen Hurts failing as a quarterback.

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts.

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts. Elsa/Getty Images/Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts has received a lot of attention from the Eagles over his first 1.5 seasons. This past summer, they sacked their whole coaching staff and traded away former franchise quarterback Carson Wentz to make place for him. One might argue that Hurts’ presence affected the pick of wide receiver DeVonta Smith this past spring.

Another example of the organization catering to Hurts and his requirements is the team’s transition to a run-first offense this season.

However, as we witnessed against the Giants, quarterbacks in the NFL must regularly throw the ball to win games. Despite all of Philadelphia’s efforts to develop and nurture Hurts, he has struggled to move the ball in the air since his college days. Despite being an NFL sophomore, it has yet to turn around.

Hurts has earned the hearts and minds of his players, coaches, and the city’s fans. However, if performances like the one against the Giants continue, the Eagles will be forced to look for a new quarterback in 2022. It’s just not a good look when other defenders dare your starting quarterback to throw the ball against them.

The Eagles are expected to have three first-round selections available next summer to address the quarterback problem. This is not, however, the result the organization hoped for when they moved Wentz to make place for Hurts.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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