Mitchell Trubisky Is Foolishly Being Viewed as a Starting-Caliber QB

Mitchell Trubisky has a lot to prove before he can be considered the future of football. It may seem like that now, but history repeats itself and in time we will see how much progress he’s made.

The “mitchell trubisky trade” is a topic that has been in the news recently. The Chicago Bears traded Mitchell Trubisky to the San Francisco 49ers for a second-round pick and some other pieces of draft picks.

This offseason, the NFL is in an odd situation when it comes to quarterbacks. Several clubs are on the lookout for a new starting quarterback. However, since there are only so many alternatives, clubs are really considering giving Mitchell Trubisky another starting position.

Trubisky is coming off a disappointing 2021 NFL season in which he spent the year as Josh Allen’s backup. He now looks to be poised to take advantage of a depressed quarterback market. His starting experience with the Chicago Bears apparently makes him an appealing option for clubs in need of a new quarterback1.

Here are several reasons why NFL front offices should abandon this mindset.

Mitchell Trubisky is being pursued by a number of organizations.

Before delving into why Trubisky being named a QB1 in 2022 is a poor idea, it’s necessary to find out which clubs will be interested in the squandered first-round selection.

The Washington Commanders, Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts, Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and New Orleans Saints seem to be the NFL’s most QB-dependent teams at first appearance. In 2022, none of them have a clear option to start games as quarterback.

Another sleeper team to consider is the New York Giants. Joe Schoen, the new general manager, knows Trubisky from their time together in Buffalo, and it’s hard to envision him being completely convinced on Daniel Jones after three disappointing seasons in New York. According to a recent report, the Giants are set to join the Trubisky market.

In any case, that’s seven clubs in need of a quarterback. Sure, each of these clubs would love to sign Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers in the next offseason. However, if that doesn’t happen, they’ll have little choice but to go with Plan B, which is Trubisky.

Seven clubs showing interest in you is terrific news for a free agent no matter how you slice it.

Why should we think Mitchell Trubisky has improved?

This week, I’ve spoken with more NFL clubs on Mitchell Trubisky than the whole QB class of 22.

That, I believe, says a lot.

— Matt Miller (@nfldraftscout) March 1, 2022

In the NFL, quarterback talent is in short supply. Trubisky has that working for him. It’s difficult to find people who have started and won games.

When people argue that Trubisky has progressed during his lone season with the Bills, the reasoning for all of the Trubisky excitement begins to disappear. There’s no footage of him doing well with the Bills or increasing his passing ability. For the whole year, he sat on the bench as the QB2.

There’s little indication that Trubisky’s accuracy or ability to read defenses has improved much. It’s crucial to remember how much he suffered with the Chicago Bears in his last season. He was allowed to depart in free agency for a reason.

Teams interested in signing should be aware of the low ceiling of such a deal.

Mitchell Trubisky.

Mitchell Trubisky. Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images Mitchell Trubisky

This offseason, Trubisky will almost certainly earn a starting job. There are far too many franchises looking for someone who can perform even the most basic of passes.

However, these organizations must recognize that such a deal has a limited ceiling. Adding Trubisky to your roster will not turn you into a Super Bowl contender. In fact, it’s possible that it won’t even get you into the playoffs.

The Colts, Commanders, Broncos, and Panthers all believe they are only one quarterback away from contending. They need to trade for a star or pick a youngster to take a huge swing at the position. Alternatively, they must embrace 2022 as a bridge year with Trubisky as quarterback.

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