Model Drift in Machine Learning

Machine learning models are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to understand. This is a problem that has been plaguing the machine learning field for some time now, but it seems like no one has taken meaningful steps towards solving this issue. In this essay, we consider how model drift can be mitigated in machine learning algorithms by introducing a set of helpful measures in the data science process.

Model drift is a term that refers to the difference in performance of an algorithm as it changes over time. Evaluating model drift in machine learning algorithms can be difficult.

While 10 years ago, owning a regular phone was the norm, the demand for smartphones has altered tremendously. Companies who failed to adapt to this change in customer behavior bore the brunt of the consequences.

Machine Learning Model Drift

Machine Learning Model Drift

As we get closer to a future governed by data and analytics, machine learning monitoring has become the primary engine of management choices. Due to a technical phenomena known as ‘Model Drift,’ these models, like any other company strategy, must be modified over time.

In essence, the relationship between the input variables and the predictor variable changes with time. The model becomes unstable as a result of this drift, and the estimations grow more inaccurate over time.

What options do you have for dealing with this?

Keeping re-fitting the models is the best technique to cope with this issue. Based on prior experiences, an estimate of when drift starts to seep into the model may be made. To limit the hazards of drift, the model might be actively re-developed. 

Financial models that utilize current transactions to calculate parameters might incorporate elements that give newer transactions more weight and older transactions less. 

This not only ensures that such a model is stable, but also that it is correct. Modeling the change is a more involved approach to dealing with model drift and machine learning monitoring. 

  • The phrase “concept drift” is used to explain how ideas evolve through time. When the statistical characteristics of the desired property are present. The original model is maintained and utilized as a starting point. As a result of the viewpoint in recent data, new models may be created to change the estimations of this test set.
  • This occurs as a result of change. If the description of the statistic that is being sought to predict changes, this may be noticed. The model will no longer function properly.
  • The phrase ‘data drift’ describes how data changes over time. This happens when the statistical properties of the predictors change. If the large underlying inconsistencies are not addressed, the model will very certainly fail.

While waiting for a problem to occur isn’t the most elegant solution, it’s the only one available when employing contemporary technology and machine learning monitoring and there’s no way to foresee when things will go wrong based on historical data. 

When an issue develops, an investigation into what occurred may be conducted, and changes can be implemented to prevent similar problems from happening in the future. The machine learning monitoring should be retrained throughout these seasons. 

Credit-lending institutions, for example, must have particular strategies in place to cope with the considerable population shift that occurs around the holidays. One example is when one’s own preferences alter, like in the phone scenario stated previously.

Alarms and notifications are generated whenever unexpected abnormalities are found in the machine learning monitoring mode, which may be human or automated. 


This brings us to the end of this essay. As the popular quote goes, “Change is the only constant.” Keeping this in mind, the companies who are willing to embrace and handle these changes will thrive.

Model drift is a problem that occurs when the model’s predictions change over time. There are several causes of model drift, including changes in data and algorithm updates. Reference: model drift wiki.

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