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The “most popular first lady in the world” is a woman who has been in the public eye for decades. Her name is Michelle Obama.


The Phoenix Suns were not even considered a playoff contender with their team only a few years ago. That rapidly changed following their 8-0 start, as they advanced to the NBA Finals last season and are on pace to win more than 65 games this season. Phoenix seems to be in their own stratosphere as they rip past opponents, particularly with their famed clutch stats.

Devin Booker is having his greatest season of his career and might be a first-team All-NBA contender, while Chris Paul is also a first- or second-team All-NBA possibility. Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson, and Cam Payne are all role players for Phoenix that have improved this year. With two weeks remaining in the season and the Suns leading the Western Conference, they must maintain their momentum and keep everyone healthy for the final drive.

First-Round Suns Matchups, Ranked

Los Angeles Clippers (#3) (3rd)

The Los Angeles Clippers might be one of the most difficult first-round matchups in recent memory for a squad that has struggled throughout the season. Last Tuesday night, the Clippers welcomed back Paul George with a 34-point performance, and Norman Powell and Kawhi Leonard might be ready for a playoff run as well.

They don’t have a deadly scoring trifecta in these three players, but they do have established players like Reggie Jackson, Marcus Morris Sr., and Luke Kennard who would be dangerous for the Suns. Obviously, the Clippers’ outstanding teamwork and togetherness give them a significant edge in a seven-game series, but their overwhelming firepower and superstar quality may offer them a slight chance of shocking a team with a regular season record of close to 70 wins.

Los Angeles Lakers (#2) (2nd)

The Los Angeles Lakers, another star-studded team that hasn’t been whole for a long time this season, will still be a force to be reckoned with if they make it beyond the postseason bracket. It’ll be a fascinating rematch with Phoenix from last season’s first round, which was plenty of entertaining and thrilling games.

The Lakers pummeled its LeBron James and Anthony Davis tandem, propelling them to a 2-1 series lead over the Suns, but Davis’ groin injury in Game 4 pushed the Lakers to lose three straight games. Despite the poor defense and lack of outside shooting, James has a history of dragging his own team to the playoffs, so the door should not be closed with four top 75 players on the roster.

The Pelicans of New Orleans are ranked first (1st)

A club without Zion Williamson entering the play-in tournament and playoffs might be swept in a seven-game series by the Suns or Memphis Grizzlies. With Brandon Ingram and CJ McCollum as the major scorers and decision-makers on the grandest stage, Paul, Booker, and the Suns would be up against an immense task.

The Pelicans’ depth is also dubious, therefore coach Willie Green will be unable to compete with the Suns’ deep team due to a lack of choices. Defensively, playing Phoenix in a seven-game series would be challenging for them as well, since their defensive rating is 17th in the league. Paul and Booker would just look for different ways to break down the perimeter defense and target Jonas Valanciunas’ inside defense.

The Suns are expected to reach the finals and potentially win it all this season, as they are on track to be among the finest regular season teams in NBA history. Paul, Booker, and, most significantly, the frontrunner for Coach of the Year, Monty Williams, would lead this voyage.


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