Movie production company plans to have an operating studio orbiting in space by 2024

Hollywood movie production company Paramount Pictures is planning to have a satellite-based film studio in space by 2024. The new facility will be called “Paramount Space”, and plans for it include 12 sound stages, multiple cameras, and the ability to produce three movies simultaneously.

The “moonfall” is a movie production company that plans to have an operating studio orbiting in space by 2024. The company’s goal is to create a film that will be shot from the perspective of the moon, and they are planning on launching their first project within the next four years.



Since the Space Race, space travel has perhaps never been more important. After a quiet of many years, government activity on the issue has exploded, with further trips to the moon and beyond on the horizon.

The rising participation of the private sector in space, though, may be much more significant. Many commercial space trips have already taken place, and many more are scheduled in the near future. Other businesses, including as the film industry, have shown an interest in leaving their imprint in space.

By 2024, a movie studio hopes to be in orbit.

The Space Entertainment Enterprise, often known as ‘SEE,’ has begun work on a new project. It has hired Axiom Space to build a module that will be used as a studio for filming movies in space. The studio, dubbed SEE-1, is expected to be finished and operational by December 2024, according to CNBC. It is hoped that, in addition to filmmaking, it would be able to hold other activities such as athletic events and concerts.

According to Spaceflight Insider, SEE-1 will first be linked to the International Space Station. The module is currently designed to be inflated and spherically shaped. SEE-1 would be around 20 feet in diameter when fully expanded.

It, like with other Axiom inventions, would eventually depart from the ISS. They’d split off and form the Axiom Station, a new orbiting spaceship.

Last year, Space Entertainment Enterprise was formally established. Dmitry and Elena Lesnevsky, a husband and wife production duo, own it. SEE is going to shoot a film in space shortly in conjunction with NASA.

On Eunomia, you may discuss this news.

It’s unclear whether or not this will happen before their studio opens. The title of the next film is yet to be revealed.

Axiom Space is one of a number of enterprises vying for a piece of the booming space tourism pie. The business isn’t alone in its desire to build and operate a private space station in orbit.

Blue Origin, Northrop Grumman, and Nanoracks are among the companies that have taken efforts in this regard.

It’s uncertain when any or all of the private-sector space stations will be ready to launch. Authorities, on the other hand, seem to be hopeful that it will happen before 2030.

Previously, portions of a Russian film was filmed in space.

SEE most certainly believed that their film would be the first written production of its sort to be at least partly created in space, giving it a unique historical significance. Although the final result would definitely be stunning, it would not be the first.

A Russian film team successfully entered the ISS in 2021. They worked on their film, which will be released in 2022 and is titled “The Challenge” or “Doctor’s House Call” in English.

The storyline of the film is said to revolve on doing emergency heart surgery in space.

Cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, who led the mission to the ISS, is set to appear in the film. One of Russia’s biggest talents, actress Yulia Peresild, was among those who took part in the space voyage. Veteran cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky, who is slated to play a key part in “The Challenge,” was also there. Mark T. Vande Hei, an American astronaut, and Pyotr Dubrov, a Russian cosmonaut, are among them. When the movie crew landed on the ISS, both were on board and assisted with the production.


The “space entertainment enterprise stock” is a company that plans to have an operating studio orbiting in space by 2024. The company has released their financial report for the last quarter of 2018 and they are doing well.

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