Mum, 32, died after NHS ‘didn’t warn her about risks of natural birth’

The mother of a three-year-old boy died after she suffered complications during her natural childbirth and the NHS did not warn her about risks, according to an inquest.
The Northern Ireland woman from County Antrim was told by doctors that there was no reason for alarm when she went into labour with son MacKenzie at home in January 2017. But on February 1st she suddenly collapsed and had to be rushed to hospital where it later emerged that Mrs McAllister’s blood pressure had dropped dangerously low due to hemorrhaging after a prolonged vaginal birth. ‘,

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Lucy Howell, 32, died during the natural birth of her second daughter Pippa in March 2021 (Picture: Solent News & Photo Agency)

According to a coroner, a mother died while giving birth to her second daughter after receiving ‘conflicting’ advice from the NHS on the hazards of natural childbirth.

After attempting a normal birth, environmental engineer Lucy Howell, 32, had her uterine rupture during delivery at Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester.

As a consequence, in March 2021, new baby Pippa was born in her mother’s tummy. The baby survived, but Ms Howell died despite doctors’ efforts to revive her.

She underwent a caesarean for the birth of her daughter Rosie four years before, which needed specific surgery to fix.

Her family now believes she was given insufficient information about the dangers of giving birth to her second baby naturally, and they are seeking answers from the NHS.

A thorough inquiry is expected to determine whether Ms Howell would have lived if she had chosen a different manner of delivery, such as a C-section.

‘The shock and sadness of Lucy’s loss has been indescribable,’ said her boyfriend Matthew, who is raising their two girls alone.

Ms Howell pictured with her daughter Rosie, who was born in 2017 (Picture: Solent News & Photo Agency)

Ms Howell pictured with her daughter Rosie, who was born in 2017 (Picture: Solent News & Photo Agency)

‘She was a loving mother and a beautiful lady who will be dearly missed by so many people every day.’

‘Lucy’s family and I have a lot of concerns concerning the circumstances of her death.’

The victim was also offered ‘conflicting counsel – if it can be called that,’ according to Vanessa Cashman, the family’s lawyer, who testified during the pre-inquest review.

The hearing follows the publication of a high-profile study last week that concluded that at least 300 infants and 12 mothers died as a consequence of Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust failures.

Ms Howell died from a uterine rupture and amniotic fluid embolism, according to the autopsy.

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‘Moments before the aircraft slammed into a block of flats, the stunt pilot ejected from the plane.’

The mom underwent surgery to correct scarring after Rosie’s birth, which her family believes may have rendered her susceptible to a natural delivery, according to Winchester Coroner’s Court.

Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp, the area coroner, told the court that the testimonies provided by Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust so far did not offer a complete account of what transpired.

‘The advise offered to women who have had a caesarean is not huge,’ she said, adding that this was a ‘unusual’ case.

‘There are concerns with relation to labor management.’ The first question is whether or whether there should have been a labor, and if so, who said what to whom.

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‘The second question is whether the labor was handled adequately in light of the danger.

‘I don’t believe anybody could have helped with resuscitation.’ But I’m curious as to how we got here and if it might have been averted.

‘I believe there are concerns about the labor and if all of this might have been prevented if she hadn’t given birth vaginally.’

Mrs Rhodes-Kemp now has concerns regarding Mrs Howell’s prenatal care, labor, and whether she was given enough information to make an educated choice.

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‘For the sake of the family, the trust must demonstrate that they have learned from what occurred,’ she said.

‘However, kids can only learn from it if what occurred was explained openly and honestly.’ At the time, the statements I’ve seen don’t represent that.

‘The remarks do not represent learning or a complete comprehension of what occurred.’

Later this year, a complete inquest will be conducted.

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has been approached for comment by

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