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In a heavy men’s final, the underdog University of Alabama had to beat one of their toughest opponents yet. The team was down by two games with just five matches left in the season and needed four straight wins for a chance at the title. They got off to an early start – winning three games in a row before falling behind again against North Carolina State. With only moments remaining on game night, they fought back once more to win 4-3 and secure their first ever NCAA Volleyball Championship

The “2021 ncaa volleyball championship” is the upcoming championship for NCAA women’s volleyball. It will be held in New York City from May 23-27, 2021.

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Wisconsin won the 2021 NCAA volleyball title on Saturday, becoming the sport’s second new champion this calendar year.

When the autumn 2020 season was postponed to the spring of 2021 due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Kentucky won the national championship in April. The Wildcats’ reign as champions, however, was short-lived, since the season resumed to its customary slot in the autumn.

The route to the Badgers’ first title was not simple. They upset Nebraska in a five-set thriller in front of an NCAA championship record crowd of 18,755 at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, after outlasting previously unbeaten Louisville in the semifinals.

Our experts dissect the final four and the health of the sport, as well as look forward to the 2022 season.

What was the most important factor in Wisconsin’s championship victory?

Mechelle Voepel: In both the semifinal and final triumphs, the Badgers’ defense was victorious. Coach Kelly Sheffield said that Wisconsin could not have won either game without playing at such a high defensive level.

Missy Whittemore: This was such a tight match that it might have gone any way. Both sides of the net had some of the finest defense I’ve ever seen in a game. The Badgers’ block undoubtedly helped them gain an edge, but it was the lead they took in the fifth set that sealed the deal. The comeback by Nebraska to close the distance was one of the most spectacular I’ve ever seen, but Wisconsin held on in the end.

Paul Sunderland: I went with a Wisconsin-Nebraska final, and the decisive set might have occurred in the second. The Cornhuskers had four set points but were unable to finish the game. They served two balls into the net, relieving the Badgers of a lot of strain. There was a complete 180-degree turn in the contest. Wisconsin has always seemed to me to be the somewhat superior team, therefore the longer the game lasts, the better.

Jen Hoffman: Nebraska couldn’t handle Wisconsin’s record-breaking defense in the final match.



Dana Rettke comes up with two big-time blocks at the net to tie the game at one set each.

What was the tournament’s highlight for you?

Voepel: The championship match’s second set was such exciting volleyball; it seemed like everything was on the line. Nebraska was attempting to take what seemed to be an unassailable 2-0 lead, while Wisconsin was battling its way out of a massive deficit. Dana Rettke’s final three points in the Badgers’ 31-29 set triumph were a case of the national player of the year stepping up in the most important match of her career.

Whittemore: Being asked to work the semifinals and finals was a pleasure for me. This was one of the most thrilling championships I’ve ever watched. I felt like the luckiest person on the planet to be a part of those matches and to witness all of the incredible athletes from Pittsburgh, Louisville, Nebraska, and Wisconsin compete for a national championship.

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Salima Rockwell: The amazing finish was the tournament’s highlight, as it should have been. We were all thrilled to name volleyball our sport as two of the country’s premier programs competed on the national stage. Wisconsin also demonstrated that two lines of defense are better than one: 24 team blocks and 31 Lauren Barnes digs.

Sunderland: It was a record 18,755 spectators for the finals, apart from the continuously greatest standard of play I’ve seen in many years, owing in large part to so many excellent seniors. What will the attendance be like in Omaha next year?

Hoffman: Seeing Louisville’s victory was without a doubt the highlight of the tournament. Although Louisville is my alma university, Wisconsin had to fight hard for their title, despite the Cardinals’ failure to complete their flawless season.

What is the status of the ACC, despite the fact that it did not have a team in the title game?

Voepel: It’s never been this good. Louisville and Pitt are legitimate national title contenders, and will remain such as long as Dani Busboom Kelly and Dan Fisher are in charge of their respective schools. They’ve both done so much in such a short amount of time. And those two clubs’ success will continue to motivate the rest of the league.

Whittemore: The ACC is in great condition right now and for the foreseeable future. With six teams reaching the tournament this year — Louisville, Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech, Miami, Florida State, and North Carolina — they have shown that they are not just excellent at the top but are also becoming into one of the greatest conferences in the nation.

Rockwell: The ACC’s combined success is excellent for the sport as well as the conference. With so many really dangerous teams on the rise in the ACC and elsewhere, parity will only increase throughout the country as recruits find it more difficult to select where they want to attend college.

Sunderland: The Atlantic Coast Conference has proven to be the second-best conference in the nation and is on a very good track. Pitt, Louisville, and Georgia Tech will all lose a lot of skill, but Miami, like Florida State, is on the rise.

Because of Louisville and Pittsburgh, the league will only become better. With the appropriate collection of players and correct scheduling, the ACC can likely continue to have teams compete for national titles.



After a five-set thriller over No. 1 seeded Louisville, Wisconsin advances to their fourth national title.

What a relief it was to see the tournament resume its regular schedule in December.

Voepel: It was fantastic. Volleyball’s final four seems to be an unavoidable element of the end-of-year celebrations. We all have cherished recollections of the amazing NCAA tournament matchups and athletes we’ve seen around this time of year. I was traveling to the championship match when Mariah Carey’s voice came on the radio “When I heard “All I Want for Christmas Is You” on the radio, I thought to myself, “Yes! This seems eerily familiar.” By the way, the “you” in that song is the national championship trophy for volleyball players.

Whittemore: It was nothing short of incredible to witness the record-breaking audience in Columbus this year. I was ecstatic for them because they got to experience what it’s like to play on volleyball’s greatest stage.

Rockwell: It was good to see the season end on time for those competitors who competed in both the autumn and spring (knowing that many of these ladies are long overdue for a much-needed rest). Not to add, with the Christmas season approaching, there’s something special about witnessing the confetti fall in December.

Hoffman: Having the tournament return to the winter generated enthusiasm and a feeling of regularity, despite the fact that it coincided with college football bowl games.

Which of the exiting seniors/super seniors would you miss the most?

Dana Rettke of Wisconsin is Voepel. She just comes across as a bright young lady with an engaging personality and a great sense of humour, and she is definitely a great teammate. It’s a lot of joy to watch her play on the net. We’re hoping to see her on the US national squad.

Whittemore: It’s difficult to choose just one player since there are so many outstanding ones, but Lauren Barnes has been a joy to watch throughout the years and embodies what it means to play with guts and passion.

Rockwell: All of the great seniors contributed to one of the most competitive seasons in school history, but Nebraska’s Amber Stivrins will be missed the most. Over the last five seasons, her offense has become a household name. To be honest, I’m going to miss being able to exclaim, “The Stivrins slide!” as an announcer.

Hoffman: It’s incredible to witness Anna Stevenson soar in such a powerful manner up close. Her incredible blocking abilities will be much missed at the collegiate level.

What’s your way-too-early forecast for 2022?

Voepel: With the final four back in Omaha and the outstanding freshman we witnessed from Nebraska this season, the Huskers could win their sixth NCAA championship in 2022.

Whittemore: I believe the field will once again become wide open, but for different reasons, with so many terrific seniors going on and depleting their eligibility. My sole prediction is that it will be another tumultuous season with a wide range of outcomes!

Rockwell: I believe the transfer portal will drastically alter the perspective for next season, and another first-time champion will emerge in 2022.

Sunderland: The favorites for next year have to be Texas, Nebraska, and, yes, Wisconsin, despite the fact that the Badgers are losing so much seasoned skill. Keep an eye out for Stanford, who will be right there with you. Who utilizes the transfer portal and who uses their additional year during the COVID-19 epidemic is the wild card.

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The “ncaa volleyball tournament 2021 dates” is the upcoming NCAA Volleyball Championship. The event will be held in March of 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who won the NCAA volleyball Championship 2021?

A: Cal Poly Pomona

Where is the NCAA Volleyball Championship 2021?

A: The NCAA Volleyball Championship 2021 takes place in Columbus, Ohio.

Where is the NCAA Volleyball Tournament 2022?

A: The most recent NCAA Volleyball Tournament was held in October of 2022.

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