New World Trial of the Gladiator Quest Guide – How to

The new World Trial of the Gladiator Quest guide is now available, giving players an in-depth look at how to tackle this challenging content. This article will give you all the tips and tricks that every player needs to know before they jump into any game’s trial with both feet!

The “New World Trial of the Gladiator Quest Guide” is a guide that will help you get through the trial of the gladiator quest. It includes all the information you need to know about this new world trial.

In New World, players may select between three factions: the Marauders, the Covenant, and the Syndicate. Each has objectives and prizes, but the major distinctions are cosmetics and whatever character you choose to battle as in PvP.

Tokens collected for missions and your faction rank are required to unlock these prizes. Each rank unlocks higher-level items that may be obtained by accumulating enough reputation to unlock progression quests. The Trial of the Gladiator is the first of these if you’re a Marauder.

The Gladiator Quest’s New World Trial

New World Trial of the Gladiator Quest Guide - How to gain the rank of Gladiator

New World Trial of the Gladiator Quest Guide - How to gain the rank of Gladiator

The first thing to keep in mind regarding the Trial of the Gladiator is that the level requirement is obligatory, not optional. As a result, you won’t be able to start the quest properly until you reach level 24.

However, after you’ve reached the necessary level and faction reputation, you may talk with your faction representative in Cutlass Keys. He will offer you the task to fight Lost Pirate Hamidou in the Nautilus of Nunez shipwreck, so don’t worry about being in a higher-level location.

This site is located in the bottom left corner of Monarch’s Bluff and is just a short distance from Cutlass Keys Village if you approach the Monarch’s Bluff region through the north exit.

The task itself is simple, but you may find yourself surrounded by opponents, as is usually the case. Hamidou is an explosive boss in his own right, so stay moving whenever you can. Return to Ravager Silas (your representative) in Cutlass Keys once he has been slain to complete the task and earn the status of Gladiator.

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The “cutlass keys trial of the gladiator location” is a trial that can be done in New World. This guide will tell you how to complete it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do the trial of Gladiator New World?

A: To get the trial you should go to and enter your email address, then click on SIGN UP FOR TRIAL.

How do you get Gladiator rank in New World?

A: To get Gladiator rank, you have to first play the game on any difficulty so that your experience bar is full. From there, simply go into New World and enter a quick match with bots of different difficulties. If youre new to this mode its best not to try anything too difficult as they are more likely to kill at higher levels then normal due to how high their health will be set. Once in the arena click Quick Match followed by Find Opponents.

Where is the gladiator Quest in New World?

A: Gladiator Quest is available as a DLC pack for New World.

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