Quick review of UltraViewer – a free remote desktop software for Windows

UltraViewer is a free remote desktop software for Windows that allows you to connect with your PC while on the go. It offers an auto-connect feature as well, so you can use it without manual configuration.

UltraViewer is a free remote desktop software for Windows. It allows you to view and control your computer from any device with an internet connection, including tablets and mobile phones.

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I have to save certain papers on the business server since I work in the financial services area, which requires security. When I work outside of the firm, this is obviously a problem, but after learning about UltraViewer, everything has been a lot easier. This is software that allows you to operate another computer from a distance while still being able to use it as if you were sitting in front of the screen and swiftly transfer files owing to its high setup and fast data readability.


UltraViewer also offers variants for other Windows operating systems, including Windows 11, to help users in a variety of situations. It’s OK that I use Windows 10 on my laptop and that my company’s desktop is based on a Windows product.

Now I’d like to discuss some of UltraViewer’s features that I discovered while using it:

  1. High-level security

UltraViewer software has very High-level security through the design and operation with absolute encryption mode from the programmer. Best of all, this mode also makes it easier than ever to share audio or video signals.

UltraViewer will also give users with different data security assistance capabilities through a login form based on the computer’s ID with each connection. And this feature entirely aids the program in ensuring that computers only connect with each other in a restricted way without being affected by other unusual signals.

2 High-speed connection

The number of various IP addresses that may join at the same time is not restricted by this program. As a result, users may utilize the program in a variety of scenarios, and you can invite your friends and colleagues to engage with your screen remotely through conferences, lectures, or just enjoying your happy time on the beach as I did… Because it’s “remote,” speed is crucial.

3 Instant chat assistance

You may use the fast chat box to communicate with someone on the opposite side of the screen while operating the program. If you have any issues to discuss, you may write text in the chat log for the most accurate assistance, allowing users to communicate more readily in conferences, meetings, etc. with colleagues and friends.

Above all, whether you work in customer service or as an IT professional, this function is highly useful for taking care of clients and answering queries.


4 There’s no need for a lot of setting, and it’s simple to use.

UltraViewer does not need a lot of information about the computer’s setup and hardware specifications. Users may readily access it if their computer runs on the Windows operating system, and it can be utilized without any additional issues.

5 An easy-to-use interface

Furthermore, UltraViewer – remote desktop software offers a user-friendly, straightforward design that is suited for a wide range of users. You may use the program to launch and activate the remote control on any other device that is ready to use right away.


Most importantly, IT’S FREE!

They offer a price plan for you if the planned usage is greater and the features are more sophisticated. However, for a casual user like me, a free plan suffices. When compared to TeamViewer, TeamViewer is only free for basic capabilities, which restricts the number of usage, and it costs a lot more than UltraViewer to use smoothly. If you’re searching for a TeamViewer replacement, UltraViewer is an excellent choice.

So there you have it, some suggestions from me for a better method to tackle your duties. 

Keep up the good job!

Remote desktop software is a term used to describe software that allows you to access your computer from a distance. Alternative to TeamViewer software

UltraViewer is a free remote desktop software for Windows. It has some features that are similar to Teamviewer and the price is lower than it’s competitor, UltraViewer vs teamviewer. Reference: ultraviewer vs teamviewer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is UltraViewer really free?

A: Yes, UltraViewer is free and will always be free.

What is UltraViewer and is it safe?

A: UltraViewer is a program that allows you to view the content of any website. It has been reported as safe by many users, but some have said their computer crashed after running it for long periods of time or when clicking on certain links in webpages.

Do hackers use UltraViewer?

A: No, UltraViewer is not a hacking tool.

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