Risk of Rain 2 Egocentrism: What Does It Do?

Egocentrism is a psychological phenomenon that can influence how we form and maintain relationships with others. It’s also the name of the first game in this series, so I’m sure you’ll be interested to see what could happen next!

The “eulogy zero risk of rain 2” is a game that was released in 2017 and has been successful. The game focuses on the player’s ego and how they interact with other characters.



The list of new goods in Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void is long, but few are as perplexing as the new Egocentrism, a Lunar Item that drastically transforms a structure – since it offers you no other option.

This Risk of Rain 2 guide will teach you all there is to know about Egocentrism, including its gimmick and a few other helpful hints. 

In Risk of Rain 2, what is egocentrism?

Egocentrism, like every other Lunar Item, has a gimmick. Egocentrism consumes random things in your inventory for a very powerful impact, rather than modifying your health and damage, your attack type, or any of the other strange consequences of the Lunar Item pool.

When you take up Egocentrism, a bomb will spawn and circle around you, causing 360 percent damage to adjacent opponents. At any one moment, up to three orbiting you may be found at base.

This seems amazing, but there’s a catch: Egocentrism consumes a random item from your inventory every 60 seconds, converting it into another stack of Egocentrism.

It’s worth mentioning that their range isn’t very long, therefore it’s probably best to utilize it against melee survivors. Furthermore, stacking this Lunar Item has no effect on its damage. Instead, each stack decreases the time it takes for a new bomb to spawn while also increasing the number of bombs you have at any one moment.

Because Egocentrism will have you rolling in explosives and lacking in goods in a matter of minutes, you’ll want to make sure you have stacks of things required for your current build before spending your Lunar Coin on it. It’s usually ideal to start on loop rather than at the beginning of a run.

That’s all there is to know about one of Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void’s newest Lunar Items. Egocentrism is simply one of the many unexpected aspects of Hopoo’s growth. Check out some of our other Risk of Rain 2 guides on GameSkinny if you like this one.

The “defiant gouge” is a move in the game of Risk of Rain 2. It is performed by jumping and stabbing your opponent’s hand while they are attacking you. This move is risky, but can be very effective if done correctly.

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