Ronnie O’Sullivan takes big lead over Judd Trump after arguing with referee in World Snooker Championship final

Ronnie O’Sullivan has dominated the World Snooker Championship for so long that it was always unlikely to end in any other way. The defending champion insisted he is not bothered about his rivals but rather just wants to win and make history.

Ronnie O’Sullivan took a big lead over Judd Trump after arguing with the referee in the World Snooker Championship final. Ronnie O’Sullivan won 6-4, 7-5 and will be crowned champion for a record sixth time.

Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre is the venue for this event. Dates: May 1-2
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On a tense opening day of the World Championship final, Ronnie O’Sullivan gained a dominating 12-5 lead against Judd Trump.

After receiving a formal warning, the world number one accused referee Olivier Marteel of “seeking for problems” in the first session.

When play resumed, Trump’s 73-point break sliced O’Sullivan’s 5-3 advantage in half.

But O’Sullivan seized control of the match with six half centuries and a magnificent 118.

His cue ball skill contrasted sharply with Trump’s blunder-plagued performance in the semi-final, when he, like John Higgins, failed to exert any pressure on his 46-year-old opponent. O’Sullivan is presently six frames away from equaling the modern-era record of seven titles.

Trump, who won the Crucible in 2019, got off to a good start, pulling within one frame at 5-4, but then dropped a long game that included a re-rack. The 38-time ranking event champion was among the reds after a half-hearted safety effort, but O’Sullivan quickly regained his two-frame lead with breaks of 66 and 50.

In the next frames, Trump missed a tricky black down the bottom cushion before rattling the jaws of the left-hand corner pocket with another black off its location after playing a great reverse plant.

As O’Sullivan scored his 15th century of the tournament and then a break of 97 to move 8-4 up, he was punished emphatically.

In the 13th frame, Trump had a great opportunity to make a significant contribution, but he observed a pink arc near the left centre. As he returned to his seat, he buried his head in his hands, and O’Sullivan continued to pick off stray balls, allowing him to push even farther ahead.

And when O’Sullivan took advantage of another blunder to go 10-4 ahead with an 87-run, Trump was facing his worst second-session deficit since Steve Davis led John Parrott 13-3 in the 1989 final.

With a gutsy break of 80 to clinch his first frame in six, Trump escaped that possibility, but O’Sullivan controlled the remaining two frames to go closer to Stephen Hendry’s seven victories.

Judd’s night in front of the camera was a nightmare – analysis

Shaun Murphy, the 2005 world champion, on Two

Judd Trump is capable of stringing together a series of frames, but he has a dreadful night ahead of him. Judd and his family and friends will now have to dig it out of his boots. You almost don’t want to come on Monday.

Judd has made far too many errors in his career. He’s got his opportunities, and if he wants to have a shot, he’ll have to make the most of them.

John Parrott, the 1991 world champion

The final frame was significant; Judd would have had a chance if he had just been five frames down, with it being first to 18.

It was most likely the final frame that did it. Without a question, Ronnie has been the most dominating player, but Judd has been unfortunate. He’s had a particularly terrible stretch of luck, compounded by the fact that he hasn’t been at his best.

The first session is overshadowed by an angry quarrel.

The first session was overshadowed by a series of prickly exchanges between O’Sullivan and Marteel, and instead of being able to focus fully on an enthralling clash between snooker’s different generations, the first session was overshadowed by a series of prickly exchanges between O’Sullivan and Marteel.

The Belgian, who is presiding over his second global final, chastised O’Sullivan for making an obscene gesture, causing the player to ask the official to check the footage.

Trump went on to win the election, but he seemed angered by the timing of an event that occurred during the campaign.

O’Sullivan told Eurosport, “I get a connection with the man.”

“He seems to be on the lookout for mischief. Hundreds of cameras have been deployed. I’m not having it because I believe he’s attempting to construct something.”

O’Sullivan had earlier complained about a security guard moving in his line of sight during the third frame, and he was also involved in a lengthy discussion with the referee about where the white should be placed after a miss in the fourth frame, at one point suggesting Marteel should play the shot himself.

Ronnie O'Sullivan & Olivier MarteelAfter fist-bumping Trump, O’Sullivan exited the arena without acknowledging Marteel, as is usual at the conclusion of the first session.

The WPBSA disciplinary committee has already opened an inquiry against the 46-year-old after he reportedly made a vulgar gesture after missing a black in the 13th frame of his 10-5 first-round triumph over Dave Gilbert.

By the evening, any anger had dissipated, with O’Sullivan fist pumping the official as he exited and former champion John Parrott predicting that the incident “will all go under the carpet.”

O’Sullivan takes the lead right away.

Trump won the first frame with a controlled break of 72, but was then rocked when O’Sullivan took over with two brilliant centuries and a break of 68 to reel off the following five frames, just as he did in the evening session.

In a tense finale to the round, Trump, who had his table time restricted, answered with a 97 and kept his nerve to decrease his deficits.

Trump, who had failed to convert opportunities of his own and was guilty of some bad shot selection when given a free ball, was granted a reprieve by O’Sullivan’s inability to acquire position on the yellow and following foul, and he seemed happy as he departed the stadium.

Following seeming startled by giving O’Sullivan the fourth frame of the day, missing a red, yellow, and green before dropping a free ball and losing on a re-spotted black after a cocked hat double, Trump’s ability to minimize the damage seemed crucial at that point.

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Ronnie O’Sullivan took a big lead over Judd Trump after arguing with referee in the World Snooker Championship final. Ronnie was leading 10-3 at the time, and he went on to win the match 11-5. Reference: snooker players championship 2022 schedule.

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