Russell Westbrook Didn’t Want To Answer A Question About Joining The Clippers And Kawhi Leonard In 2019

Russell Westbrook has been named the 2019 NBA MVP and will be staying with the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2020. The team is expected to win 50 games next season, but they’re not expecting Kawhi Leonard or Blake Griffin to join them on that roster.

Russell Westbrook didn’t want to answer a question about joining the Clippers and Kawhi Leonard in 2019. The Thunder star said he would rather talk about basketball than his personal life. Read more in detail here: nba news.

The Oklahoma City Thunder, headed by Russell Westbrook and Paul George, had an intriguing 2019 summer, as they concluded an era by moving the two All-Stars after a couple of lackluster seasons. 

While George moved to Los Angeles to join the Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard, Westbrook moved to Houston to join a familiar face in James Harden. Westbrook was moved to the Washington Wizards then, more recently, to the Los Angeles Lakers when that experiment failed. 

He might have returned to Los Angeles two years ago and replaced Paul George on the Clippers. According to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, Kawhi Leonard refused to work with Russ, which led to PG13 joining The Klaw in Southern California. 

In an interview with The Athletic’s Bill Oram (via Zoom), Westbrook went off on the media and claims that he approached Leonard and was turned down. 

Through Clutch Points: 

Oram: Hey, Russ, on the point guard front, there was some speculation that you were interested in teaming up with Kawhi before he signed with the Clippers. I’m just interested how you feel about it now, and how you believe the narrative has progressed for the two of you since then.

Russ: Reports from whom, exactly?

Oram: I believe there have been a handful of stories during the summer that you had some contacts with Kawhi and that this was utilized to aid PG’s move to the Clippers.

Russ: I understand. You didn’t say where it came from. I can’t answer the question if you can’t tell me where you obtained it.

Oram: What outlets do you mean?

Russ: That’s right. I’m curious as to where you obtained it.

Oram: There was an ESPN report, and there was an Athletic report, I believe. It’s been out there for a while.

Russ: I understand. But who is it, exactly?

Oram: Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh I’m afraid I don’t have the in—

Russ: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa So, I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for you either. If you won’t tell me where you obtained it, I won’t believe you.

Oram: Isn’t that correct?

Russ: I asked you where you got it, and you can’t tell me, can you? You need to come up with a new query.

Oram: No, it wasn’t the question.

Russ: Well, Bill, my apologies.

Oram: Is it correct?

Russ: Where did you obtain the idea for your question? What’s the source of your information?

Oram: I learned about it when reading about the NBA.

Russ: OK, and do you know where they got it from?

Oram: It came from the folks they spoke with.

Russ: Who was it, exactly?

Oram: It might have been you, for all I know. Was it you who did it?

Russ (laughs): I can’t be myself if I speak to the media.

(Los Angeles Times’ Dan Woike): Were you interested in playing in Los Angeles alongside Kawhi Leonard?

Westbrook’s rant against the media continued, and he made it obvious that no one should speak on his behalf. He said he hasn’t spoken with any media outlets, which has made things even more bizarre for the 2017 NBA MVP. 

Russ: You posed a question to me based on a tale that someone else had written, but you have no idea where they obtained it or whether it’s accurate.

Woike: I believe this is due to the deterioration of ties between athletes and media.

Russ: I’m referring to myself. I’m not sure what anybody else does. I have no relationships with any media outlets where they approach me and say, “Russ, I’ve got a source for you.” That’s not my style, and you already know that.

Reporter: I see what you’re saying. As I previously stated, I believe that’s where people speak for you or around you, and that’s what happens.

Russ: I’m not going to let anybody speak for me. ‘Don’t go along until you hear it from me,’ the insider stated. You’ll get into problems if you use sources.

SCNG’s Kyle Goon: Do you think it’s fair that we come to you and ask now that the reports are out there?

Russ: You’re welcome to inquire. It’s all in how you pose the question, however. It’s all in the how you phrase the question. Where did you obtain it? That is really crucial. It’s different how you ask it; it’s more straightforward. Bill posed the question with a slew of b*llshit. There is a distinction to be made. ‘Hey, you know duh duh duh?’ you say bluntly. Simple. I have the option of telling you ‘no’ or keeping it to myself.

Woike: To be honest, you didn’t actually answer the question in the first place.

Russ: Neither did I, and he didn’t respond to mine. So, if Bill doesn’t know where he got his query, where he got his source, I assume I don’t either.

Reporter: It’s simply that when we’re dealing with agents and something like that, that’s when all of this nonsense arises. It’s almost as though this is a part of it.

There was a lot of chit-chat and laughing going on in the room.

Russ: It’s just vital that you understand where your information comes from. I’m aware that there are several sources. A story concerning Kawhi was reported by Ramona. Ramona was the one person I never spoke to. 

Finally, someone suggested to Westbrook that the information may have come from a different source, such as the other player engaged in the rumor. He didn’t believe it and turned off the system. 

Reporter: What if Kawhi was the one to say it?

Russ: I don’t think so.

Westbrook was allegedly close to joining up with Kawhi Leonard in 2019, but only in Toronto. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Raptors considered dealing for Russell Westbrook and Paul George in order to retain Kawhi Leonard on the club, but nothing came of it. 

Russ had no desire to join the Clippers, who lost Kawhi Leonard to a catastrophic injury in the 2021 playoffs, according to the Washington Wizards’ general manager in September. But the point guard promptly shot down that notion, stating unequivocally that he wanted to play for the Lakers. 

With that in mind, and based on what Westbrook said to reporters, it seems that he never attempted to play with Kawhi Leonard, much less join the Clippers. He’s finally found his stride with the Los Angeles Lakers, and he’s getting better with each game. Tonight’s game pits the Lakers against the Clippers, and Russ will almost certainly attempt to send a statement about how much he despises the Clippers. 

The Lakers are in desperate need of wins, and a win against their crosstown rivals would be fantastic. 

Russell Westbrook didn’t want to answer a question about joining the Clippers and Kawhi Leonard in 2019. He said that he won’t be answering any questions about it. Reference: kawhi leonard height.

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