Seahawks Rumors: NFL Execs Expect DK Metcalf Trade

The NFL is always in the know, and they’re talking about a Seattle Seahawks trade. The latest buzz around the league has them looking to acquire Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. However, there are other options on their board that could be dangled as well if necessary.

The “new york jets trade rumors” is a rumor that has been circulating for a while. NFL execs expect the Seahawks to trade for wide receiver D.K Metcalf.

Getty The Seahawks, led by Pete Carroll, say they are pleased with rookie quarterback Drew Lock.

The Seattle Seahawks are said to be considering a trade for DK Metcalf, according to reports in the NFL. People in the NFL are “almost confident” that the Seahawks will move Metcalf before the season begins, according to Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson.

During a March 31, 2022 episode of “You Pod to Win the Game,” Robinson noted, “A lot of teams persuaded that DK Metcalf isn’t going to be a Seattle Seahawk when the season begins next year.” “A number of clubs are wondering, ‘Are they willing to trade him?’ What really is the situation? Are they actively looking for a buyer for him? Is he a member of a pocket listing? Do we need to make a phone call to find out? Is he already being discussed with teams?’ And it’s hilarious because the two teams that everyone puts up are the Packers and the Chiefs, and everyone assumes that they’re talking to [Seahawks general manager] John Schneider. They’re attempting to get rid of that person.’

Why would the Seahawks part with perhaps their most skilled player on the roster? Metcalf, who is in the penultimate year of his contract and earning $3.98 million, is poised for a significant boost in his next contract. Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams both got new contracts this offseason, with an average yearly salary of almost $30 million.

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When it comes to finding a franchise quarterback, are the Seahawks prepared to purchase a home in this same neighborhood? Despite the Seahawks’ assurance that they want to get a new contract done with Metcalf, considering the situation of their present squad, there is plenty of doubt around the NFL.

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According to a report, NFL executives believe the Seahawks would trade Metcalf for the ‘right price.’

Head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider used phrases like “want” to re-sign Metcalf at the NFL owners meetings. Some Seahawks fans are concerned, since they used similar terms to predict Wilson’s future only days before he was sent to the Broncos.

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, NFL insiders think the Seahawks would deal Metcalf for the “appropriate price.” Metcalf has been assured by the Seahawks “that they want to retain him in their long-term plans,” according to Fowler.

“This begins with DK Metcalf right now,” Fowler said on “SportsCenter” on April 3. “He’s a name that’s been buzzing around league circles in a big manner.” “I’ve spoken with several executives who believe he would welcome a change, or that Seattle would be prepared to transfer him for the proper price.”

“On the other hand, the club has said publicly that they want to re-sign him, and I’m told Metcalf has received some behind-the-scenes signs that they want to retain him in their long-term plans.” As a result, something needs to give, but it all boils down to the contract. He’s a year away from free agency, and he’d command a lot of money.”

Metcalf might be traded by the Seahawks on draft day, according to an insider.

As the Seahawks begin their rebuilding process, only time will tell whether they are prepared to pay Metcalf a large sum of money. If a club like the Packers or Chiefs fails to get one of the talented wideouts they are pursuing, Robinson stated that the Seahawks may consider making a draft day deal with Metcalf. The amount of clubs convinced that DK Metcalf will not be there, according to the NFL source, is “certainly extraordinary.”

“It’s remarkable how many people feel virtually convinced that he’ll be traded, if not before the draft, then on the day,” Robinson said. “Perhaps the Chiefs or Packers don’t have the first-round option they believe they have, so they’re like, ‘You know what, we need to have an offer lined up with the Seahawks in advance that’s predicated on how our draft board falls.’

“Then it’s a draft day deal where they get Metcalf, perhaps even on the board when everything is going on.” The amount of teams that are convinced that DK Metcalf will not be present is very amazing.”

The “jetsblog post” is a rumor that NFL executives expect the Jets to trade wide receiver D.K Metcalf for a draft pick.

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