‘SNL’ uses its version of ‘Fox and Friends’ to recap the week’s headlines, including Ginni Thomas’ text messages and the Will Smith slap

On Saturday, the satirical news show “Saturday Night Live” released a segment that recapped and reviewed some of the week’s events. One such event covered was Ginni Thomas’ text messages from her husband asking Smith to promote Trumpcare on air–a request which resulted in Smith slapping Ginni when she refused.

Mikey Day’s Fox’s Brian Kilmeade said to his co-hosts that he had downloaded former President Donald Trump’s social networking program Truth Social.

“I started the app after downloading it, and my phone instantly became very hot. Over 140 degrees, for example “Ainsley Earhardt, portrayed by Heidi Gardner, and Steve Doocy, played by Alex Moffat, were informed by Day’s Kilmeade.

The program was then joined by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, conservative activist Virginia “Ginni” Thomas. As the presenters inquired about Clarence Thomas’ recent hospital stay, the pair, represented by cast members Kenan Thompson and Kate McKinnon, embraced on the sofa.

Thompson’s Thomas is questioned, “You were just in the hospital, right?”

“That’s what they say,” he laughs before responding faintly.

Thompson’s Thomas responds with a quick, noncommittal statement when asked whether he is ill with Covid-19: “Anything is conceivable.”

According to various sources, Ginni Thomas sent repeated text messages to former White House top of staff Mark Meadows between November 2020 and January 2021 asking him to keep working to reverse Joe Biden’s 2020 win.

“Now Ginni, the left is going crazy over a few of perfectly regular messages you wrote to your mate Mark Meadows on January 6, is that right?” Kilmeade of Day poses the question.

McKinnon is beaming. “It absolutely is,” Ginni Thomas says.

“They now want the honorable judge to withdraw himself from the case. You are, after all, free to express yourself “Doocy, according to Moffat.

“Yes, and I’m not looking for any problems. I take my role as the Supreme Court’s Yoko Ono extremely seriously. All I want is a biblical revenge tidal wave to sweep the Biden criminal family all the way to Gitmo, and then we unleash the kraken “Ginni Thomas of McKinnon answers.

“Others say yes, some say no,” Thompson’s Clarence Thomas said when asked whether his wife told him about her text discussions with Meadows.

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The hosts of “Fox and Friends” then welcomed Trump by Facetime from Mar-a-Lago, asking for his thoughts on Smith hitting comic Chris Rock at the Oscars last weekend.

Trump, who is portrayed by James Austin Johnson, informs the presenters that he saw the slap and refers to Smith as his “Hitch” persona.

“I swear, I saw a smack. Slap was a fun game for me. You know, I was extremely delighted with my Hitch. Hitch has a strong arm, I’ve always known he did “Trump, according to Johnson.

“I’ll tell you what, that type of conduct isn’t going to help Kevin James get a date with Allegra Cole,” Trump says on SNL, alluding to a storyline from the 2005 comedy.

“Did you perpetrate a coup, sir?” the presenters aim their question to the former President concerning the inquiry into the January 6 insurgency.

“No, no, no. What’s more, there was no coup. It was a momentous occasion, possibly a reversal of fortune, perhaps a coup “Trump responds to Johnson’s questions.

He is then questioned about a seven-hour break in White House phone records from January 6 and if he used a burner phone.

Johnson’s Trump denies guilt even more before seeming to agree to using burner phones.

“No, that isn’t the case. I’ve never used a burner phone before. With the possible exception of January 6 throughout that seven-hour time, “he declares

The ensemble then reunites for the typical “Live, from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” routine.