Tesla Is the Latest Entrant Into the Carpool Karaoke Competition

The latest karaoke streaming company to enter the fray is Tesla. A few years ago, nobody would have guessed that this tech-savvy car manufacturer would be involved in a singing competition. The fact of the matter is that these days it’s hard for anyone not named Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift to compete with them in terms of fame and market share.

Tesla is the latest entrant into the carpool karaoke competition. Tesla has released a new feature that allows drivers to sing along with their favorite songs while they’re driving. The feature also includes a “karaoke mode” so you can sing your heart out without worrying about getting pulled over by the police.



Tesla Inc., TSLA 2.08 percent, a new vendor of karaoke mics for singing in automobiles, received a standing ovation from Chinese customers on Friday.

The TeslaMic sold out in less than an hour after the Austin, Texas-based corporation began selling the wireless device for $188 a pair on its official Chinese website.

The mics are compatible with a Tesla software update that was issued in China on Friday and features karaoke tunes and movies similar to those seen in karaoke booths.

People sitting in a Tesla vehicle while it isn’t moving may utilize the whole system with video to replace a karaoke booth as they unwind after a long day of driving or take a break on the side of the road.

Other EV producers beat Tesla to the market with similar combinations of software and hardware for in-car karaoke in the karaoke-crazed country, and many of them beat Tesla to the market with similar combinations of software and hardware for in-car karaoke.

Singing karaoke is one of China’s most popular pleasures, attracting both the musically inclined and the tone-deaf. Before the pandemic, solo karaoke booths sprung up in Chinese malls, libraries, and airports, until the coronavirus put a stop to public activities.

According to the research company iiMedia Research Group, almost 500 million individuals in China utilized online karaoke services last year.

According to the company’s website, the TeslaMic “provides you with a mobile private karaoke room, enabling you to roam the sea of music and sing to your heart’s delight.”

Customers who missed out on buying a TeslaMic on Friday will have to wait until the end of February, according to a notification on the website.

A video posted to Tesla’s official social media account shows a young couple singing a Chinese song called “Little Happiness” inside a vehicle parked at a campground, both holding a TeslaMic.

Tesla, although being a pioneer in electric vehicles, is lagging behind in karaoke.

BYD Co. 1211 -9.02 percent, backed by Warren Buffett, and Xpeng Inc. XPEV -1.41 percent, both supported by Warren Buffett, have been extensively promoting their karaoke sets, which include software to imitate the feeling of singing in a karaoke club and hardware like microphones and headphones.

“I was envious that BYD customers could sing karaoke in their vehicles,” Jiang Xin, 49, a Tesla Model Y owner, remarked.

Kevin Xu, Mr. Jiang’s acquaintance, has a BYD and likes singing in it with the doors shut and the windows rolled up. “It’s a great way to pass the time on a vacation,” Mr. Xu remarked. “And you’re not going to be heard at all,” says the narrator.

Automobiles currently have high-tech features and collect vast amounts of data to train algorithms. The Wall Street Journal examines the implications for Tesla and other multinational businesses that are now compelled to maintain data inside China as China tightens rules on emerging technology. Tesla (screenshot) China

Tesla isn’t the first person to try karaoke. Caraoke, a tool that plays songs and shows song lyrics on the control panel, was incorporated in software for worldwide users a few years ago. However, there were no karaoke-style movies or Tesla-branded devices, such as microphones, included in that package.

Tesla’s advertising movie reveals that its software is provided by Thunderstone Technology Ltd., a Beijing-based karaoke service provider that also provides music videos. Thunderstone’s technology is already in use in a number of Chinese EV manufacturers.

According to a Thunderstone representative, “the area inside a vehicle gives users with considerable privacy, making it a perfect spot for karaoke.” A request for comment from Tesla was not returned.

According to the China Passenger Car Association, Tesla’s EV facility in Shanghai produced over 470,000 cars last year, accounting for almost half of the company’s worldwide total.

The firm received backlash last month after building a shop in Xinjiang, where the government’s treatment of largely Muslim minority has sparked worldwide outrage.

China and Tesla

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Tesla is the latest entrant into the carpool karaoke competition. The company’s new electric semi-truck can hold up to 18 passengers and has a range of 800 miles on a single charge. Reference: tesla karaoke gone.

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