The 3 Best Methods To Unlock iPhone with Broken Screen In 2021

Unlocking your iPhone without it’s passcode is a very challenging task. There are three ways to unlock an iPhone with broken screen in 2021, each one strategically different from the other and all of them will successfully restore your phone back to factory settings. Expert tip: if you don’t know how to do any of these methods then this article might help!

The “how to unlock iphone with unresponsive screen 2021” is a question that has been asked many times. The 3 best methods to unlock an iPhone with broken screen in 2021 are as follows:

Hello everyone, I’m here with another another intriguing post for you today. What’s more, guess what? Yes, the information is on how to unlock an iPhone with a cracked screen. Oops! Is the screen on your iPhone cracked? In the following information, we’ll look at the best ways to unlock your iPhone.

Before we go into that, let’s have a look at why we need this strategy in the first place. It has to be more aggravating than having your iPhone screen damaged and not being able to input the password to open it. The causes for this may change, but the end consequence is the same. We all end up with a cracked screen on our iPhones.

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This is a situation that occurs in our everyday lives with a few iPhone users. Your iPhone seems to be functional, but you were unable to enter the passcode, correct? There are no concerns with the problem. To unlock your iPhone with a damaged screen, you may use both traditional and unique ways.

You may either lose all of your data or keep it and update the firmware on your iPhone with a damaged screen. Do you get a lot of questions about how to unlock an iPhone with a damaged or unresponsive screen? That is, after all, the content’s entire function.

You can simply fix your iPhone with a damaged, crashed, or unresponsive screen using the techniques listed below. Let’s take a look at how to unlock an iPhone with a broken screen. Continue reading the tutorial below.


Why is it so difficult to unlock an iPhone with a cracked screen?

iPhone is no longer merely a brand; it has evolved into a symbol of luxury. It is particularly well-known for its proprietary operating system and the level of security it provides on its devices. The number of iPhone users is steadily growing these days.

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At the same time, the number of consumers flocking to service centers is on the rise. The reason is because the screen is broken. It might be for a variety of causes. However, the outcome and problem remain the same. In such situation, it is not simple for everyone to unlock their iPhone. Because it’s a hardware problem, it’s much more aggravating.

You could consider utilizing official programs like iTunes and iCloud to unlock your iPhone. Let’s take a look at the issues with official applications. You must sync iTunes with your device in order to utilize it. To use iTunes, the ‘Find my iPhone’ option must also be deactivated. If it goes the other way for you, this strategy will be ineffective.

Let’s look at the situation with iCloud next. The verification number will be delivered to your iPhone if you’re using two-factor authentication. The issue is that your device is not in a usable state. Next, you must activate the ‘Find my iPhone’ option; if you are unable to do so, this option will be rendered worthless.

These are some of the challenges you’ll encounter if you attempt to unlock your iPhone with a cracked screen. But there’s no need to be concerned. Continue to the next section if you’re looking for ways to unlock your smartphone.

Unlocking Your iPhone With a Broken Screen

I’ve included the best ways to unlock your iPhone with a shattered screen below. This is to protect you from being a victim of malware assaults. Because it is more vital to install third-party software from a legitimate website.

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  • 4uKey by Tenorshare
  • It’s available on iTunes.
  • Using iCloud

In the next information, we’ll look at how to unlock your smartphone using the techniques listed above.

Method 1: Using 4uKey to Unlock an iPhone With a Broken Screen

4uKey by Tenorshare is one of the best third-party software that you can use to unlock your iPhone. It uses a simple but effective method to unlock your iPhone. 4uKey is a very convenient tool to use. As of two-pronged authentication, it won’t send any code to your iPhone.

The only condition is that your iPhone be connected to the computer where 4uKey is installed. It can unlock all kinds of locks, including passcodes, Touch ID, and even face ID. 4uKey works with the most recent versions of iOS.

STEP 1: First, download and install the 4uKey software on your computer.

STEP 2: Using a data cable, connect your iPhone with a damaged screen to the computer.

STEP 3: 4uKey will recognize your device automatically. Press the ‘Start’ button.

4uKey to Unlock iPhone With Broken Screen

STEP 4: You’ll get the most recent firmware package; choose a location to store the file.

Latest Firmware download to Unlock iPhone With Broken Screen

STEP5: To install the firmware package on your device, click ‘Download.’

STEP6: When the download is complete, select ‘Unlock Now’ to activate your smartphone.


Your device will be restored to its original state in a few minutes. Even if your iPhone is damaged, you will be able to use it now.

Method 2: Using iTunes to Unlock an iPhone With a Broken Screen

Using iTunes is another tried and true way for unlocking an iPhone. It’s Apple’s official management tool for resetting your iPhone’s factory settings. There is a better chance of recovering your iPhone if you previously synced it with a computer using iTunes.

Let’s see the methods to unlock your iPhone with a broken screen It’s available on iTunes.. Continue following the steps carefully.

STEP 1: Connect your device to a computer or a Mac.

STEP 2: Open iTunes and update to the most current version.

STEP 3: From the left-hand column, choose your device.

Using iTunes to Unlock iPhone With Broken Screen

STEP 4: In the next box, choose ‘Restore iPhone.’

Finally, when you press the ‘Done’ button, your smartphone will enter factory data resetting mode. All of your data will be deleted, and you will be able to use your iPhone again.

Method 3: Using iCloud To Unlock Your iPhone

If you’ve activated the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature on your handset, you’ll have a better chance of unlocking it. Let’s have a look at how to do it in the stages below.

STEP 1: Go to ‘’ on your PC or iPad’s browser.

STEP 2: Use the iCloud credentials you synchronized with your smartphone to log in.

STEP 3: From the launchpad, choose ‘Find My iPhone.’

STEP 4: Next, pick ‘All devices’ from the drop-down menu and select your device from the list.


STEP 5: To reset your smartphone, choose ‘Erase iPhone.’ To confirm your activities, enter your passcode.

This is how you can access your iPhone with a broken screen Using iClouds.


That’s all there is to it, folks. This is how you can use a broken screen to unlock your iPhone. I hope you find the information helpful and satisfying. I’ve compiled a list of all the techniques you may use to unlock your smartphone if the screen is damaged. Use the first way if you don’t want to lose your data. The following two procedures will assist you in entirely wiping your data. Select the appropriate approaches. Maintain a steady pace and keep up with technological advancements.

The “my screen is cracked and i can’t unlock it” is a problem that many people have faced. There are 3 methods to unlock an iPhone with a broken screen in 2021.

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