The best sports bras of 2022

In 2022, NASA’s emergency space research center will release findings on how to create a form-fitting sports bra that can be worn under any shirt and is lightweight enough for long periods of time. This discovery leads the way for other companies who are looking to turn their new discoveries into moneymaking businesses.

The “best sports bra for large chest” is a topic that is very relevant in today’s society. The best sports bras of 2022 will be discussed.

It’s no secret that a supportive and comfortable sports bra is essential for a successful exercise, whether you’re going to hot yoga, riding the Peloton, or preparing for a marathon.

We had nine reviewers examine 18 popular sports bras to help you choose the ideal one for your physique and exercise preferences. Our panel tested them through months of exercises, both low-intensity (errands) and high-intensity (running), and we came up with four bras that you should definitely acquire.

Overall, the best sports bra

The ultra-supportive Nike Dri-Fit Swoosh was the most comfortable sports bra our testers had ever worn, even those with chest sizes of 38G and 36DD. Even during high-intensity activities, the soft, breathable, sweat-wicking fabric and easy zip-front design kept everyone comfortable.

The best sports bra for running

With cushioned, adjustable, crossable straps and sweat-wicking fabric, the Lululemon Run Times high-impact sports bra lived up to the company’s reputation, keeping our testers comfortable throughout high-intensity runs.

The best sports bra for low-impact activities

Lululemon’s delicate Flow Y Nulu racerback bra, made from the same soft material as its Align leggings, is ideal for anything from leisurely strolls to Pilates reformer classes if you like low-impact exercise.

The most comfortable sports bra for lounging

The Girlfriend Paloma is a racerback sports bra with a buttery soft fabric created from 79 percent recycled plastic bottles that is as comfy as it is attractive.



The Nike Dri-Fit Swoosh Women’s Medium-Support Padded Zip-Front Sports Bra is our favorite because it has it all: fit, support, comfort, and a clever design. The Swoosh’s sweat-wicking Dri-Fit fabric, manufactured from recycled polyester fibers, was hailed by our testers as the most comfortable sports bra they’d ever worn, keeping us cool and dry exercise after workout. The mesh backing kept us cool even during our toughest workouts, and the stretch band never absorbed moisture – a major selling feature for anybody who loves to go right from the gym to running errands. This bra won’t stink or become unpleasant, and believe us when we say you’ll want to wear it all day till sleep.

With straps that uniformly distribute weight without pinching or digging, the Dri-Fit Swoosh fit all of our testers snugly, supporting bigger chest sizes just as comfortably as smaller ones. The flexible fabric and band of the bra give a compressive but not constrictive fit, ensuring that your breasts fill the bra uniformly without any air pockets or empty spaces. It comes in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL, and the dimensions were correct. One of our reviewers is a 36DD and bought a big, which was the perfect fit.

The bra’s finest feature turned out to be the zipper fastening. It’s not only very durable, but it also keeps breasts safely tucked away. You won’t have to worry about it coming undone since there’s a backup buckle concealed within the bra. After a workout, the zipper is also a lifesaver, making it easy to remove your bra – no more maneuvering sweaty fabric over your face and head as with conventional bras.

The Dri-Fit Swoosh cleaned and dried well, with the replaceable insert pads remaining in place even after several washes and dries. The bra’s simplistic design is well worth showing off in terms of style — the zipper and mesh design accents prevent it from being dull — and it goes with most Nike swoosh-adorned pants. The zipper sits flat and won’t cause any bumps beneath your tank or shirt if you don’t want to show off your sports bra.

Finally, the Dri-Fit Swoosh took first place due of its unparalleled comfort and unmatched ability to manage busts of all sizes throughout all sorts of exercises while giving optimum support. It’s also adorable.



Lululemon’s Run Times is an encapsulation-style bra designed specifically for runners that provides comprehensive support for cups B through G throughout even the most intense road or track workouts. The thick, padded straps are not only adjustable but also crossable for further support. Molded cups elevate and divide the breasts, while the thick, padded straps are not only adjustable but also crossable for added support. As a consequence, you’ll have a full-coverage bra that not only holds your bust in place but is also comfortable enough to wear all day. One of our reviewers said the straps assisted her posture throughout the day and that she forgot she was wearing a bra since it fit so beautifully.

The Run Times sports a soft, elastic hook-and-eye closing band that allows for even more personalization in addition to adjustable straps. The Run Times’ fit is remarkably exact, with the straps and cups almost conforming to the body, raising and supporting the chest without crushing or confining, and most of the five colours are available sizes 32B to 42G. Our testers said their bras felt like they were custom-made for them, with no gaps or odd spaces in the cups.

The front and rear perforated panels let air to circulate freely, which was a game changer for our running testers. Despite the bra’s heavy nylon/Lycra fabric, we found it to be effective in wicking perspiration away from the body during runs and high-intensity exercises.

Overall, this bra was our top option for running because it provides amazing support for chests of all sizes while also keeping users dry and cool during high-intensity runs.



During our evaluation of the Lululemon Flow Y Nulu Bra Light Support, we learned not to judge a book by its cover — or, more specifically, not to evaluate a bra by how it appears on the hanger. The compression-style bra seems flimsy at first, made of the brand’s lightweight, buttery soft, four-way stretch “Nulu” fabric (80% nylon, 20% Lycra). However, it provides enough support to keep your bust in place during a moderate-intensity exercise. Our testers, a 34C and a 36C, put the bra through its paces with a range of workouts ranging from Pilates reformer and Core Power Yoga sessions to treadmill runs and strength training, and found that it moved with their bodies and was highly supportive with no bouncing.

However, in terms of design, the wireless bra provides less coverage than others. The Flow Y manages to compress the breasts and keep them apart (removable cushions aid with this) without pinching or digging at the shoulders or band region, thanks to its slender racerback straps. While you can be confident that you’ll never flow out over the top of this bra, you should be aware that cleavage will be visible if you wear it alone. The bra’s constant support and compression, according to our testers, were too much after a few hours, so it’s not our first option for all-day usage. It performs well throughout your exercise, but we discovered that the band became too tight as the day progressed, causing us to remove it.

The fabric’s promises about wicking are accurate. We tried it out during a hot yoga session, and despite the fact that we were sweating tremendously, the bra kept us dry. Aside from that, the cloth didn’t chafe our skin and cleaned well, with no pilling after more than a dozen washes. The bra is only available in small cup sizes (A to C) in sizes 2 to 14 (roughly ranging from a 28A to a 44C), thus bigger sizes are out of the question. While both of our reviewers felt that a size 6 suited their chests well, we suggest sizing up if you’re on the fence between two sizes since the bra is tight. Available in a variety of colors and designs, you can pair it with a variety of Lululemon leggings and shorts because who doesn’t want to match?

The basic style of this bra is what jumps out the most. There are no frills here; just a soft, appealing fabric and a basic, attractive design that provides enough of support for low- and medium-impact exercises.


Girlfriend Collective is a collective of female friends.

Let’s face it, not every day is a good day for a workout. But why not wrap your body in something that is both supportive and very comfy, like the Girlfriend Paloma Racerback Bra? Yes, you may wear this bra for low-impact exercises, but our testers universally agreed that it’s better for all-day use. They put it through its paces while doing everything from resting to doing errands to Zooming from home and driving across the country.

The Paloma is a full-coverage wireless bra with a longer design than the majority of the bras we tested, with the built-in support band landing mid-torso. It also has a lovely scoop neck and sturdy racerback straps that gently distribute chest weight without digging or pinching.

The tight, supportive fit of this bra was compared by one Underscored editor to a “wonderful embrace on my chest.” The silky fabric (made from recycled plastic bottles and spandex) adheres to the body, compressing and gently supporting your breasts at the same time, with no riding up – even after 10 hours of usage.

However, the Paloma may not be suitable for everyone. While our reviewers with smaller chests (34B and 34C) found the bra’s size and fit to be ideal, our reviewer with a larger cup size (32H) battled with the fit – the medium crushed her breasts, and going up would have resulted in the band being too huge.

All of your fitness demands may be met with the four bras we suggest. From a tough-as-nails workhorse to a supportive and adaptable running bra, a slimmer yoga choice, and a comfortable, all-day necessity, there’s something for everyone. But what do you need to know before picking the finest sports bra for you?

When you workout, your breasts, no matter what size they are, need sufficient support. Although you have pectoral muscles in your chest, none of them are located in or support your breasts. Which implies you’ll need some assistance if you wish to avoid the effects of gravity while moving. First and foremost, determining the right size is critical. You may ascertain the band size by measuring around your chest, then the cup size by measuring around the biggest area of your bust. Next, think about what kind of activity you’ll be doing with it: low-impact activities like strength training, yoga, Pilates, and walking; medium-impact activities like spinning, skiing, or boxing; and high-impact activities like running, HIIT, and Zumba.

Finally, you’ll have to pick between three distinct sports bra styles. Encapsulation bras employ independent cups to raise breasts and keep them separate, while compression bras limit breast mobility by compressing them against your chest. A combined compression/encapsulation bra provides additional support via a variety of methods, which is especially beneficial for bigger cup sizes.

There are a lot of things that go into making a good sports bra. We had nine Underscored workers analyze each bra at least four times over the course of many months to grade them and see how they operated across a broad variety of sizes. In addition to a thorough “lounge” examination, our testers took each bra through low-, medium-, and high-intensity exercises. To find the top sports bras, we looked at the following categories and subcategories:


  • Support: The most crucial aspect in a sports bra, perhaps, is support – does it properly prevent breast movement during exercise?
  • Versatility: Can the bra accommodate a wide range of breast sizes? Is it capable of doing so over the whole exercise spectrum? If not, what kinds of exercises does it work best for?
  • Wicking: A bra that keeps you cool even during the most strenuous exercise is the one you want to choose, which is why we tested each bra’s fabric to see how efficiently it wicks perspiration away from the body while remaining dry.
  • How long would you want to wear this bra for? Is it something you’d want to take off after the exercise is done, or is it something you’d like to have on all day?
  • Is there any stretch in the material? Is it able to keep its stretch without getting slack? What does it feel like on your skin?
  • What is the fit of the bra on your body? Is it comfortable and supportive without being confining? Was anything pinched or dug into the straps or band? Do the cups mold to the body if it’s encapsulation? Are there any holes or voids?


  • Adjustability: Being able to modify a bra on the go is a significant plus, which is why we looked closely to see whether our candidates had any adjustable straps or bands, and how well they worked inside the bra.
  • Covering: Does the bra provide you enough coverage to get the most out of your workout? Is there any cleavage? Where does the band go on the torso?
  • Innovative details: We like a bra that goes above and above, which may include a mesh backing, vented fabric, an adjustable band, or J-hooks that transform U-backed bras to racerbacks.
  • Pads: Are there any pads that can be removed? If so, do they remain stationary or do they move around?


  • Was the size chart provided by the brand accurate? Was the bra size comparable to what reviewers usually order? If not, did the bra come in a medium or large size?


  • Is the bra attractive enough to be flaunted? Is it just practical and better kept hidden under a T-shirt? Is it available in a range of colors and patterns? Is there a pair of matching leggings or bike shorts to go with it?


  • Is the price of the bra justified? Is it worth the money if it costs more than $50?

This bra was a strong candidate for best overall since it provided exactly the appropriate amount of coverage. The mesh backing provided excellent ventilation, as did the compression-style support (which never felt constrictive) and the soft, sweat-wicking material. The bra is presently available in nine attractive colours and designs, each with corresponding leggings and cycling shorts, in sizes XXS to XXXL. There were a few drawbacks, including the lack of customizable components and the fact that the rear band was not as soft as the front band.

The bra is exceptionally comfortable (enough for all-day use) and supportive, especially when tested during high-intensity runs, and it comes in sizes 30A to 38G. The cushioned, adjustable shoulder straps that can be used to turn the bra into a racerback with a J-hook, the hook-and-eye closure, and the fact that it’s a compression/encapsulation bra with molded cups and excellent support were all things we liked. More to know: The vented fabric in the bra genuinely works; we kept dry even throughout the most intense exercises. The bra did get wet when we were sweaty, and the design was more function-inspired than form-inspired, which meant we wished it was a little bit nicer, like all of Sweaty Betty’s beautiful items.

Bandier All Access Chorus Bra (originally $58; ($24.97;

This compression bra has tiny and attractive spaghetti straps and a Y-back, as well as a concealed elastic band on the inside of the bra, making it ideal for low-impact activities like yoga and Pilates. We like the bra’s heavy support and sweat-wicking fabric that kept us dry at all times. However, it provides less coverage than other sports bras, so if you’re concerned about cleavage, this isn’t the sports bra for you. And if you have a larger bust, it won’t provide adequate support for a strenuous exercise.

This ultra-soft and comfy bra from American Eagle and Aerie’s exercise brand, Offline, is best suited for relaxing or low-impact workouts. The bra is available in four basic colors and sizes ranging from XXS to XXL (gray, black, navy and green). Leggings and joggers that match are also available. The most significant flaw we discovered was that the bra’s band absorbed moisture and often became wet during our sweatiest exercises.

For the victory, Target! For two reasons, this sports bra is a no-brainer: first, it has crisscrossable adjustable straps and an adjustable hook-and-eye closure band. Second, it’ll only set you back $24. We really like how versatile it is (34B to 40DD), how comfy it is, and how much support it gives for a medium-impact activity. However, be aware that the sizing runs small, so if you’re on the fence, size bigger.

We like most Brooks goods — its running shoes are among of our faves — so it’s no surprise that this running bra is up to par. The encapsulation-style bra comes in sizes 30B to 44F and features adjustable straps and a hook-and-eye back clasp. Molded cups separate and support the breasts. The bra’s tight band and looser cups resulted for an uncomfortable fit, particularly when compared to the bras at the top of our list.

This bra for bigger busts has over 1,500 Amazon reviews, and we can see why: it has a lot of adjusting choices (strap lengths, J-hook for racerback option, ultra-wide hook-and-eye closure) and delivers a consistent fit. We particularly enjoy how supportive it is, and how one of our reviewers characterized it as “totally comfortable enough for all-day use.” Another reviewer, on the other hand, found the bra’s band to be so tight that it left red scars around her rib cage, and she expressed her desire to never wear it again. The good news is that sizes range from 28D to 40G; the bad news is that the bra isn’t very attractive on its own.

This underwire alternative offers two molded cups that surround each breast like a typical bra, as well as various customizable choices including straps that can convert to a racerback with a J-hook and a hook-and-eye closure for fuller-busted persons – cup sizes range up to a KK. Unlike many other alternatives for larger chests, this one is rather attractive, and it performed a fantastic job of wicking perspiration away during tough exercises. The bra’s major flaw was its difficult fitting owing to the UK size chart, which we eventually managed to get around thanks to adjustable straps (for example, we tested a 32H when a 32FF would have been a better fit).

The Catalyst is an excellent choice for medium- to high-intensity exercises for a range of bust sizes — it can support sizes 32A to 42F — and has over 3,000 reviews on Knix’s website with a 4.7-star rating. The encapsulation bra has adjustable straps and a hook-and-eye fastening, as well as molded cups that separate and support the breasts. We discovered that it provides excellent support for bigger busts during strenuous exercises while still being quite comfortable and suited for all-day usage. The price — while it’s now on sale, the bra usually costs $89 — and the fact that the band’s breadth might be a little wider, with more hook-and-eye closures, are also drawbacks. More information: Our smaller-busted reviewer said the sizing was incorrect and the support was lacking.

This bra is a fantastic value for money for low- to medium-impact exercises. The charming design includes a scoop neck, wide cross-back straps, and a sweat-wicking fabric that keeps you cool. We suggest ordering a size bigger, and we wish the fabric was a little softer — it remained hard even after numerous washes, causing some chafing around the band.

This Dri-Fit option has a one-piece pad that is placed into a pocket at the top of the bra, similar to our best overall bra from Nike. The bra is available in over 15 colors and sizes XS to 2XL, making it ideal for medium-impact exercises. We suggest sizing down since it runs large. The most serious fault we discovered was that the bra’s front pocket often gaped open, resulting in an uncomfortable fit.

The Advance Bra, which has almost 900 ratings on the Athleta website, is a bestseller for a few reasons. The compression bra features plenty of airflow owing to the open back and sweat-wicking and quick-drying fabric, in addition to an adjustable band and straps. The major issue for us was fit — the band was too tight on all of our testers, and we didn’t like having to pull the bra over your head and tighten the band with hook-and-eye clasps in order to get it on.

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Which brand sports bra is best?

A: I do not know which brand of sports bra is best, but guidelines for what you should be wearing while playing Beat Saber are as follows:
– A sports bra with a front closure and no underwire.
– An athletic shirt that doesnt rely on holding the fabric together like a tank top or leotard to provide support.

Which sports bra is best for daily use?

A: A sports bra is the best option for daily use at any time.

What are the best sports bras for large breasts?

A: Though not necessarily a sports bra, the best bras for large breasts are going to be ones that have thick straps, wide bands and deep cups.

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