The Boston Celtics Have Hit a New Low by Claiming Moral Victory over Stephen Curry and the Warriors

The Boston Celtics are in a moral victory over the Golden State Warriors after claiming to have beaten them on their own court. It’s not that common for teams to publicly admit defeat, but it was important for Boston to do so and show solidarity with LeBron James’ decision.

The Boston Celtics have hit a new low by claiming moral victory over Stephen Curry and the Warriors. The Celtics are currently in second place with a record of 27-14, while the Warriors are struggling to stay afloat at 24-19.

On Friday, the Boston Celtics gave it their all against Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. They were defeated by a score of 111-107. They are presently 14-15, one year after ending the season with a 36-36 record. Unless you consider moral wins, Boston’s victories aren’t stacking up like they used to.

The Boston Celtics are having a hard time figuring out what they’re doing.


Boston-Celtics-Warriors-1-1024x682 On December 17, 2021, in Boston, Massachusetts, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors passes the ball against the Boston Celtics at TD Garden. | Getty Images/Maddie Malhotra

To put it another way, the Celtics are underachievers. They were all like that last year, and they are all like that this year. The squad must prove it is more than ordinary with two young All-Stars in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Maybe the Celtics aren’t as good as everyone thinks.

This summer, the Celtics underwent a massive reorganization. Danny Ainge, the front office’s key guy for the last 18 seasons, is no longer with the team. Brad Stevens, who resigned his coaching post to take over for Ainge, is no longer with the team. Ime Udoka, who had no prior head-coaching experience, was called in to replace Stevens.

Kemba Walker, the experienced point guard, was shipped out on the floor. Al Horford and Enes Kanter (Freedom) returned to the squad for their second tenure. Despite the tremendous changes, they are still the Celtics of old.

They’ve been accused of not putting out their utmost effort all of the time. Tatum and Brown were chastised by Marcus Smart for being self-centered. It’s been a dreadful start to the season, with no signs of improvement in sight.

By boasting of a moral win, the Boston Celtics set a new low.

We pushed the league’s best team to the limit on Friday night, gaining some great momentum in the second half that we intend to continue into the second game of our back-to-back against the Knicks.

December 18, 2021 — Boston Celtics (@celtics)

On Friday, the Celtics were small underdogs against the Warriors at home. With Horford, Grant Williams, Jabari Parker, Sam Hauser, and Juancho Hernangomez in the NBA’s COVID-19 procedures, they were short-handed. With Jordan Poole also in the protocols, the Warriors were also without a critical element of their starting five.

Curry arrived in town only one game after setting the NBA record for most 3-pointers made in a career. With the four-point triumph, the Warriors improved to a league-best record of 24-5, thanks to his 30 points and five additional 3-pointers.

Curry scored 16 points in the first quarter, and the Warriors led by 20 points in the second before the Celtics launched a furious second-half comeback.

According to, Udoka remarked after the game, “I like the fight and effort overall.” “Shorthanded or not, we put talented men out there, and we thought we defended at the appropriate level in the second half — a 43-point half with a 14-point third quarter.” That’s a big-time defense, but it’s something we need to deliver from the start.”

It’s not an issue for Udoka to compliment the effort. He is accurate in stating that the team need a 48-minute effort. On the team’s official Twitter account, the Celtics reached an ugly new low. It was something a 10-year-old basketball coach could say to his players.

The Celtics stated, “We pushed the league’s best team to the wire Friday night and built some great momentum in the second half, which we aim to continue into the second game of our back-to-back against the Knicks.”

Have the Celtics really sunk to this depth?

It’s bad enough that the Celtics are 14-15. It’s a lot worse to brag about how close you came to winning.

The Indianapolis Colts were mocked by Patriots supporters in Boston for flying a “2014 AFC Finals” banner from the rafters after losing 45-7 to New England in the AFC Championship Game in January 2015. Although the stakes aren’t nearly as high, the Celtics took a leaf from the Indianapolis Colts’ playbook on Friday night.

Although no banner was erected, the message was clear: We lost, but we gave it our all against a formidable opponent.

The Celtics still have a lot of work ahead of them. They must improve their consistency. They are often down by 15-20 points and are forced to claw their way back.

Boston, too, must make a change. Something has to be done, whether it’s adding another little component or shaking things up. This squad, as it now stands, is doomed to fail.

They should also tone down the rah-rah, see how close we came mentality. The Celtics, not the players, said it – just look at their Twitter account.

Paul Pierce Is Direct About What the Boston Celtics Should Do With Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown: ‘My Theory Is Correct’

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The Boston Celtics have hit a new low by claiming moral victory over Stephen Curry and the Warriors. The Celtics are now in last place in the Eastern Conference, with only 25 wins on the season. Reference: steph curry boston holey moley.

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