The Browns Are Being Forced to Rely on Baker Mayfield and His Dodgy Shoulder to Carry the Offense Following Another Crucial Injury

The Browns are in a tough spot, with their best player on the sidelines and no other options to replace him. They’re relying on rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield to carry the offense following another crucial injury, but he’s still not 100%.

The baker mayfield height is a story about the Browns, who are now forced to rely on Baker Mayfield and his dodgy shoulder to carry the offense following another crucial injury.

The Cleveland Browns’ 2021 season has yet to completely depart the station, despite some high expectations going into the season.

First, it was discovered that Baker Mayfield, the quarterback, is dealing with a minor shoulder injury. Then there was the calf injury to standout running back Nick Chubb. The Browns will now have to prepare for life without their go-to RB2 Kareem Hunt.

When you add in a lengthy list of important role players on injured reserve with different illnesses and injuries, things for the Browns are clearly going in the wrong way.

Kareem Hunt, the Browns’ primary running back, was just lost.

According to a source, Browns running back Kareem Hunt will be sidelined for at least three weeks due to a calf injury sustained on Sunday. “Hopefully not much longer,” a source added, “but we’ll see.”

October 18, 2021 — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter)

The Browns’ dual-threat backfield is one of the greatest aspects of their attack. They have two starting-caliber running backs in Chubb and Hunt, who feed off each other’s abilities.

Hunt excels in wide space on screens, pitches, and counters, while Chubb is a ground-and-pound runner who dominates between the tackles.

Moving ahead, though, the Browns face a situation in which neither running back is available. Hunt was put on injured reserve on October 18 after suffering a severe calf injury in the Browns’ Week 6 defeat to the Arizona Cardinals.

This regulation states that Hunt must play at least three games. It may take longer depending on the severity of the damage.

Baker Mayfield, who is injured, is now under much more strain.

Jason Miller/Getty Images/Kareem Hunt

Mayfield’s life has already been made difficult by the death of Chubb. Mayfield’s work is approaching unimaginable levels of difficulty after a three-week hiatus from Hunt.

Keep in mind that Mayfield is now battling with his own ailment. Losing any semblance of a rushing game is the last thing a quarterback with an injured shoulder wants. Mayfield’s health prevents him from supporting a pass-first approach, so the Browns’ offense will have to adapt.

Mayfield will be able to choose from a wide range of pass-catchers on the Browns’ roster. Even them, though, are victims of the injury bug. Odell Beckham Jr. missed part of Sunday’s game with a shoulder injury, while Jarvis Landry is dealing with knee discomfort.

The Browns are physically and metaphorically crumbling, and Mayfield must deal with the fallout.

So, what does this imply for Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns?

The #Browns’ injuries are beginning to pile up. RB Nick Chubb and wide receiver Jarvis Landry were both inactive for Sunday’s game against the Cardinals. Jedrick Wills Jr. and Jack Conklin were both out for the Browns.

October 18, 2021 — Mark Bergin (@mdbergin)

Moving ahead, the Browns’ schedule lightens up a little, and there’s a possibility Chubb may be cleared to play in Week 7. Cleveland’s hopes aren’t totally dashed just yet.

That doesn’t change the fact that Mayfield’s (injured) shoulders are under a lot of strain. With the possibility of a contract extension looming, this is Mayfield’s chance to show that he is a franchise quarterback.

If he can carry the offense for a few weeks while the rest of the team recovers, his case for a large sum of money this summer strengthens.

On the other hand, if Mayfield suffers as a result of the absence of Hunt and perhaps Chubb, speculation about his future in Cleveland might grow. The Browns’ pressure to produce has never been greater, with the Baltimore Ravens moving away in the division and the Cincinnati Bengals on the rise.

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